Scream a Little Dream - Recap

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The scene opens with Kenzie screaming from getting a splinter. Bo says she is cleaning away the smell of Dyson. Kenzie says that she doesn’t like to clean. Meanwhile, a woman by the name of Mrs. Farlingler walks outside and the doorman asks if she is alright. She quotes a Shakespeare play and runs into a wall and dies. The doorman looks up and sees that there are others doing the same daze and are looking around. Kenzie and Bo meet with him later and he introduces himself as Frank. He says that he is Light Fae and he says that all the people at the hotel have gone crazy and says that he thinks that it is Dark Fae. He says that he tried to talk to the New Ash, Lachlan, and he told him that it is his problem and that they were not getting involved in it. He says that he doesn’t know what else to do.

Later, Kenzie goes to the bar and talks to Trick. She tells that Bo is making her clean. A man comes up and says that he is Mumphert, a “Brownie” which is a cleaning Fae. Kenzie asks Trick if the Brownie is a good creature to take home and he says that he is, but tells her that the Brownie likes to eat cereal. Mumphert goes up to Kenzie and says that he will clean for free. She likes the idea and tells that he is hired. Lauren and Bo arrive at the hotel and Lauren looks at the people affected with something, but she can’t find out what it is. Bo asks if Lauren is “free” since the Ash no longer has a hold on her. However, she says that it is complicated. Bo gets home to find Kenzie there. Mumphert comes up and Bo is confused. Kenzie says that he is their new live-in help and all they have to do is keep up the cereal. Later that night, Mumphert is cleaning when he hears a noise. Bo wakes up and grabs a dagger. She goes to the bathroom to find Dyson there. He says that pipes were broken at his place and asks her to join him. They kiss and he tells her to turn around. He scratches her and she asks why they are like that. He says that it is so that he can rip her heart out. However, it is a dream and a creature is on top of Bo. Kenzie comes in and tries to kill it, but it disappears. Bo says that she thinks that she found what has been making the people go crazy at the hotel. She says that she has to talk to Trick.

Bo and Kenzie get up in the morning and Kenzie compliments their Brownie again and they have their morning coffee which Mumphert made. They are surprised and Kenzie says that there is no cereal because Brownies eat that. Bo tells Kenzie that she had nightmares all last night and says that she is going to find more information on it. She goes to Trick who says that it sounds like a Mare, as in nightmare. Trick is confused because they usually are not that toxic. He says that Bo needs to stay awake. He says that he will look through his books. Lauren runs some tests on Bo and tells her that she is having a lot of brain activity when she is asleep. Bo says that she is inside of the Mare’s head too because she felt a hunger that wasn’t hers. Lauren says that Bo could be even more powerful then what people give her credit for. Back at the house, Kenzie gets a present from Mumphert and it is a limited designer jacket. She starts to cry and says that he is the best man she has ever met. He tells that she needs to pick some cereal. Back at Lauren’s, she looks for an herb to keep Bo awake and Bo asks Lauren to talk to her about the contract that she has with the Ash. She tells that she wanted to tell her. Suddenly, Lachlan comes in and tells that Lauren is his property and that Bo has to make a formal request to use the services. However, Bo tries to tell that Lauren is no ones property, but Lauren says that she will only make it worse. She allows Lauren to go and Lachlan tells her that it is good times seeing her around.

At the bar, Kenzie smacks Bo’s butt to keep her awake. She tells her to drink coffee. She says that Lachlan is being dumb about it. Later, Bo goes to Lachlan and there is a man waiting. However, he turns into the Mare and Bo gets woken up by Lachlan. She tries to show a humble side so that she can talk to Lauren, but Lachlan says that she is busy. He asks why she is the way she says that she took on Frank’s problem. He says that he has never spoken to Frank. At the house, Kenzie finds that Mumphert is slacking on the housekeeping duties. He says that she didn’t get him more cereal and she tells that is ridiculous. However, Mumphert is serious. Bo walks over to Frank’s hotel and slams him against the wall. He puts Bo asleep and carries her off. At Trick’s bar, Bo sees everyone of her friends having a fun time and leave her out of it. She sees the Mare in front of her and she licks Bo and says that she is tasty. Frank wakes her up and has her tied to a chair. However, Bo says that he messed with the wrong person. He admits that he is Dark Fae and that he needs to feed his wife. She manages to break free and knocks Frank down.

Kenzie gets back to the house to find Mumphert in Kenzie’s clothes and underwear. Kenzie shows that she cares for him and shows that she got him a bunch of cereal. He says that all is forgiven and Kenzie asks for a Baku, an eater of nightmares. Back at the hotel, Bo is draining the information out of Frank who says that he is Dark Fae and that his wife is in need of humans. Bo starts to get sleepy and Frank reminds Bo that he is a Sandman and that she is going to sleep because he wants it. The Mare comes in and she is pregnant. They argue that she blew their cover and she says that she has to eat for six now. Bo stumbles off and she tells him to go after her. She gets in an elevator and calls Kenzie. She tells that she doesn’t know what is real anymore and that she is at the hotel. Mumphert comes in with a Baku and she tells Bo to hang on. Bo sees the elevator Basement button blinking and she tells that she has her now. She gets there to find that there is a woman. It is her, but much older. She tells that everyone in her life is gone and that she is all alone. She tells herself not to leave and starts feeding on her younger self. However, the Baku takes her nightmare away. She is about to snap out of it, but Dyson is there. He says that they can stay there forever. The Baku says that something is holding her back.

Bo kisses Dyson and then stabs him. She says goodbye to Dyson. She wakes up from the dream and hugs the Baku. She tells him that there are many people where he can eat their bad dreams. She remembers the real reason she came down to the basement and goes to a door to find Frank and the Mare. She says that her water broke. Later, Bo meets with Lachlan and tells him that the Dark Fae was feeding right under his nose and says that he needs to be more careful. Lachlan offers Bo a retainer and she declines it. She says that he will handle it. Kenzie says goodbye to Mumphert who is leaving to help the Baku. She gives him the supply of cereal that she got and he leaves. Kenzie goes in and says that she hopes that Bo has everything she needs to get a nice rest. She says that she does and she closes her eyes and sleeps. The episode ends.