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Masks - Recap

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The scene opens with Bo asking Kenzie what she has going on. She says that she has a family gathering. Bo goes off for her run and Kenzie calls up someone and says that she is clueless. Meanwhile, Lauren is escorted to Lachlan and he tells her that he was hoping that she would go back to work. However, Lauren says that is not how he needs to ask after locking her up for four days. He tells her that the old Ash ordered the curse of Nadia to be able to have Lauren be his servant. He says that he has found the location of the Shaman who put the curse on Nadia and says that he will handle it. She walks away and Lachlan says that she needs to continue to be the servant and take care of things.

Kenzie goes up to Hale and she says that she needs him to give some money for catering. Hale says that he will give her $10 and Kenzie tells him that won’t get them anything. She tells him that he is still getting the cake and he says that he is on it. She goes up to Trick and makes sure that he has the booze. Bo comes in and asks what Hale is doing and he lies and says that he is going to the club. Bo says that she is going to call Lauren. However, Lachlan calls and has her go to him. She gets there and Lachlan says that he has information regarding Nadia. He says that she is unaligned and is perfect for the job. Lachlan says that she can’t tell Lauren because the nail can only be removed by performing a selfless act. He gives her a travel agent’s card and says that he will call and arrange everything.

Meanwhile, Kenzie talks Russian to her cousin Dema and tells Hale that she is going to hook them up with Digital Cameras so that guests can snap picutres and then Kenzie will make a photo album for Bo. Hale tells her that he doesn’t want to know how Dema is acquiring these cameras. Kenzie sees that Hale has the cake. Bo comes in and tells her that she is off to Africa and tells Kenzie that she can’t talk. She gets into the travel agency and no on is there waiting. The lady, who introduces herself as Peggy, tells her to take a number. She does so and tells Bo that she folds the Earth to get her to her destination. Bo arrives in Africa and finds the Shaman. She asks about the cursing nail and he points at a beam of wood with several nails. He gets up and says that The Ash paid handsomely to curse her. He says that he will help her, but she needs to get a healing mask from a Preta in Madacascar. He tells her to hurry because he doesn’t know if he will make it through the night. Meanwhile, Kenzie is listening to bands and then an old friend and sort of crush, Nate, comes in and they reminisce when they were little. He asks if she has found anyone and she says that she has now.

Dyson goes up to Trick and tells him that Kiara is house hunting. Trick tells him that he has to get out of this funk that he is in. He says that he has been in it ever since he got back from the Norne. Bo comes in and asks about a Preta. Trick says that she better bring backup. They go in the back room and Trick explains that a Preta is a Fae that likes to collect things. They find him in Catacombs of the First Christ Church. He says that she has to offer the Preta something in trade. He gives her a bracelet that belonged to his wife. He says that she would have approved. Hale and Kenzie find out that Kenzie’s cousin didn’t come through with the digital cameras and they have a chinese toy cat. Hale says that they have cake still. Kenzie sneaks a piece of frosting. However, she realizes that there are live worms in it. Hale says that he shouldn’t have gone to the Organic Fae Bakery. Meanwhile, Dyson and Bo get to the travel agency and Peggy asks for a number again. They arrive in Madagascar and the Preta greets them. They go inside and the Preta says that he loves to collect things, but when he touches it, the treasures turn to dust. Bo shows the bracelet and he tells Bo to watch out for the sand because it keeps the destructive properties. She says that she wants a mask and he says that he knows of what mask she is talking about.

Lauren goes up to Nadia, who is still under the curse, and says that she was held prisoner by The Ash and that is why she couldn’t see her. She says that there could be a light at the end of the tunnel and that she will wake up and she will be able to hold her again. Back at the Preta’s lair, the mask is surrounded in sand and he says that the piles are the last people who came to trade. Bo goes to the center and Dyson realizes that a material doesn’t disintegrate. He tosses it to her and the Preta opens the door. This causes the dust to be blown around. Dyson tells Bo to cover herself and starts to throw the Preta’s treasures at him. They disintegrate and Dyson manages to knock the Preta down and then closes the door. Bo gets the mask and says that she has to bring back a part of the bracelet for Trick.

Back at Bo’s and Kenzie’s place, she is listening to Nate play guitar. They talk about how they were when they were kids and Kenzie says that she was a six-year-old in love. They tell each other that they are single. Bo and Dyson go back to Peggy and tell her that Bo needs to get back to the Shaman. She tries to offer them a T-shirt, but she says that she is in a hurry. She gets there and puts the mask on the Shaman. He gives her the hammer and tells her that she can now pull out the nail. At the same moment, Nadia opens her eyes and Lauren is in shock. Back in Africa, Bo pulls out more nails and tells him that he doesn’t have the right to curse people. The Shaman says that not everyone is innocent and tells her that there are bad people. Bo uses the sand to disinigrate the Shaman’s nails and leaves.

Dyson gets back to Karina and she says that she bought them a house. He says that is great and hugs her. Bo gets back to Lachlan and tells him that she is thankful for his help. Bo walks in to find Lauren kissing Nadia. Bo goes home to be surprised by everyone. Hale greets her with a hug. Kenzie introduces Nate to Bo. Dyson gives Bo a dagger since the last one is a pile of sand. Lauren and Nadia come in and Bo goes off and sits down. Lauren comes up and gives her a present. It is Chinese Stars. Trick comes up and gives her a stick. However, he shows that it is a sword too. He says that it belonged to his wife too. A man comes up and gives Bo a bracelet. There is something inscribed. When she reads it and doesn’t understand it, the man disappears. The next day, Bo gets up and Kenzie is out there. She gives Bo her birthday present. It is is a book of drawings from the party. She say that Nate is a really good artist. Lauren goes to Lachlan and she says that she is grateful to him. She says that she will honor her promise and pledges her servitude to him. Forever. The episode ends.