Barometz. Trick. Pressure - Recap

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The scene opens with Bo giving Lauren keys to her car. She tells her of the issues that it has and Lauren suggests that she take the bus. However, Bo insists. Nadia comes in and asks if everything is good. She says that she will be there in a moment. She tells Bo that she will be back because she recommitted herself to The Ash because he saved Nadia’s life. Meanwhile, a man is venting of his work when suddenly the woman hits him with a frying pan and then morphs into him. Kenzie gets a text and ignores Bo when she asks. Bo says that she is going to kick Lachlan’s butt because he tricked Lauren to recommitting herself to him. Kenzie asks why, but Bo can’t tell her. Kenzie tells her that it is alright and Bo takes her phone and realizes that Kenzie has been texting Nate, a guy she likes. Kenzie denies it, but it is clear that she does like him. Dyson and Kiara are packing up Dyson’s things and Kiara finds a shirt that has Hale’s face on it. She asks him why he has it and Dyson says that the shirt is a deal breaker. They laugh and Kiara asks him if he is serious about moving in. He says that he is and that he loves it.

Bo goes to see Trick and says that she is going to kill Lachlan. He tells her to hold off on it because tonight is the Blood Moon and that means that he can go into a trance and foresee the future. However, he needs a ring called the “Kingmore Ring”. He says that Bo needs to get it for him if he is going to have a chance of surviving the ritual. He says that it is in the Royal Celtic Museum. He says that he hired someone to steal it, but the shifter. Tieg, that he hired wants more money. He says that she is going to have to meet with Tieg and give the money to him. When she goes to his place, he is hiding in the closet. She tells him to come out and Tieg comes out looking like Bo. She takes a step back, shocked of seeing herself. However, Tieg pulls a gun on Bo and tells her that he is tired of getting ripped off and wants to take Trick for all that he has by becoming Bo. They sit down and Bo takes off her boot. She tells Tieg that looks can be deceiving and uses her “charm” to subdue him. She gets the Kingmore Ring and gives Tieg the payment they agreed on originally.

Dyson, Trick and Hale go up to a woman name Wai Lin. She reminisces with Trick and their time together. Trick tells Hale and Dyson that Wai Lin was much prettier back then. They tell him that they are not judging. She asks what they want and Hale says that they are there for some magjaj. However, Wai Lin forces Hale to tell the truth and he says that they need some Barometz. Trick says that Wai Lin has the power to get the truth out of people and tells her to put the shotgun down. She obliges and tells her that she needs questions answered. Trick agrees to the terms. Meanwhile, Nate comes in and sings Kenzie a song about a note that she wrote him when she was 6-years-old. He says that they should jam out. However, she tells him that she is busy. Nate tells her that he wants to tell her something important, but he jokes with her and plays the song. He tells Kenzie that she is pretty. Back with Wai Lin and Trick, she asks him about the box that he had. He says that he can’t tell her the details, but says that it was the skull of a man. He tells her that if she tries to force the truth out of him, he will make sure that Dyson kills her. She asks about Trick’s wife and he says that she died. He demands the Barometz and she asks her last question. She asks if it was Trick’s fault that his wife died. He says that if he had opened his veins sooner, then she may have still been with him.

They leave and Wai Lin tells Dyson to come to her if he wants a good time. He tells her that he is spoken for, but Wai Lin gets the truth out of him and he reveals that he can’t love Kiara. Back at the bar, Bo gives Trick the ring. He thanks her and Bo asks why Trick is going under the trance. Trick says that he has to go through with this. Bo goes up to Dyson and asks if he is alright. He says that he is. Trick tells Bo to leave Lachlan alone for now. She says that he is their biggest ally right now. She tells him that Lachlan is evil and Trick commands that she do nothing. She says that she will hold off and says that she is going to take up some “light” reading. Dyson gives her a scroll and says “happy hunting”. Kenzie and Nate jam and Nate kisses Kenzie. He tells her that he is leaving. She gets upset with him until he tells her that he wants her to come with him. She is shocked at his proposal and she kisses him. She says that she will go with him.

Trick tells Hale and Dyson that he needs to get out of the trance in 30 minutes or else he will die. Trick goes into the trance and meets with his wife. Meanwhile, Bo breaks into the underbelly of Lachlan’s compound. She breaks into Lachlan’s office and goes through some paperwork. She finds the chest that he was looking in before and breaks the lock. She sees that there are documents, but under a box, it is the heads of Lachlan. He shows up behind her and attacks her. Back in the trance, Trick’s wife tells him that she has seen what is coming. She says that there is an evil that is going to kill him and them all. She says that there is too much animosity and that a natural peace was coming before he wrote the laws in his blood. She tells Trick that if he undoes what he has done, then they can be together again. He asks her who told her this and she says that it doesn’t matter. At the same moment, a man watches them. Bo and Lachlan fight and he tells her that he never saw it coming that she would try to kill him. She tells him that she wants answers and only he can give them to her. He gives her a sword and they continue their fight. He tells her to give in to her true nature and to attack him.

Back in the trance, Trick cuts himself and Hale and Dyson see it too. Trick sees his wife looking at a car and realizes that his wife would never ask him to undo what he has done. She screams and then disappears. The man in the car screams and shatters the windows in the car. He gets out. Back with Bo and Lachlan, Bo pushes at Lachlan more and he asks whoever sent her to kill him was wrong. She tells him that she wants the truth that Lachlan is the evil that the Nay Rouge warned her about. He says that if she feels so strongly about it, then kill him. However, she tells him that she is not a killer. She kicks him and says that she can still dish out justice. He says that they need to talk. Back in the trance, Trick tells the man that he is the Blood King and the man laughs and says that he is Garuta, a feeder of rage and hatred. Trick says that he has stopped them once before, he can do it again. However, Garuta says that he has already spilled his own blood when he rewrote the laws to save Bo from Ewa. Garuta says that they finally smell his blood again and have found him. Trick is horrified and Garuta calls for the Daureata.

Lachlan and Bo talk and he says that he is one of the good guys in this. Bo asks what he is and he says that he is the last of the Naga. He says that his venom can kill the Garuta. He says that the evil that is coming is the Garuta and that he needs to stop it. He says that she is going to have to attack without being attacked. He says that she needs to lead the Fae into battle and kill the Garuta. Meanwhile, Trick is still asleep and Dyson tries to wake him up. However, he is unable to. The smoke makes Hale and Dyson fall unconscious. Kiara gets Dyson’s shirt out of the trash. Back at Trick’s bar, Trick comes out of the trance. Bo goes home and Kenzie tells her that she and Nate got together and that she is going to go on tour with him. Bo tells her that is great and silently tells herself that she is going to save the world tomorrow. The episode ends.