Into The Dark - Recap

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The episode begins at Ciara’s funeral, where Bo tells Trick how Ciara saved her life by jumping in front of the Garuda. The gang then discusses how Dyson is still recovering from the battle. Lauren on her part still hasn’t been able to stabilize Lachlan’s venom. Trick then raises a toast to Ciara. Bo is bothered by Ciara’s death and tells Trick that need to avenge her death. Bo tells Trick that she knows the key to their victory lies in her and Trick’s blood. “I know Trick, I finally figured it out. You are my father” Bo then says. Trick feigns ignorance and tells her he is not her father. Bo is disappointed to hear Trick deny her assumption and says she was sure about her theory.

She feels they share a bond. “We do and with good reason” Trick says agreeing with Bo that they do share a bond. “Bo I am your grandfather” Trick then says. Turns out Eefa, Bo’s mother, is Trick’s daughter. Trick tells Bo how proud he is of her. Trick explains that his blood can be used to manipulate the future; Bo’s blood on the other hand can be used to enslave others. That was the reason Ryan became obsessed with her and wanted to marry her. Bo also figures out that the Nain Rouge has been observing her and asks the Nain rouge to show herself. Dyson in the meantime arrives at the funeral. Lauren buys him a drink. Lauren tells Dyson that she understands his pain. Dyson is angry at himself for goofing things up, although Hale tries to convince him otherwise.

The Nain Rouge appears to Bo and Bo asks her how she should “defeat the Garuda”. Nain Rouge tells Bo she merely observes events and doesn’t provide counsel. Bo makes Rouge realize that if she doesn’t help Bo, the Garuda would eventually also kill her. Rouge suggests that Bo recruit someone from the “dark side”; someone whose abilities rival that of Bo’s. Bo on hearing this, figures out as to who she needs to recruit. Later, the Morrigan arrives at the funeral. Bo tells the Morrigan that she needs her help. She then tells her that she needs Vex. “Vex is in my dungeon and I intend to keep him there. Forever” the Morrigan says with a smirk. The Morrigan reveals to Bo, why she imprisoned Vex. Basically the Vex played a cruel practical joke on her.

Bo says the Morrigan is “the leader of the dark” and therefore she has to join hands with her, so they can together defeat the Garuda. The Morrigan says she will help, but in return wants something fetched from the Ash’s archive. She asks Bo to “swear, not to show its contents to anyone” and have it delivered to her “personal quarters”. Bo reluctantly agrees to carry out the Morrigan’s demand, but feels there is more to it than meets the eye. The Morrigan reiterates that she will release Vex into Bo’s custody, if Bo complies. Later, Bo tells Kenzi that Trick is her grandpa. Kenzi is surprised to hear this. Bo tells her how elated she is at having a “real family”. Also, Bo has acquired the case she needs to deliver to the Morrigan. Bo delivers the case to Morrigan as promised.

Bo asks the Morrigan to keep her end of the bargain. “I’ll have Vex delivered to you” the Morrigan says. Kenzi in the meantime manages to persuade the Norn to give Dyson his “love back”. Vex is delivered to Bo and tells her how he deliberately got himself locked up by the Morrigan, so he could be safe from a group of vicious fey, named “Red Caps”. Just then, the Red Caps along with their leader named Duncan arrive at the scene. Duncan and his men overpower Bo and render her unconscious. Later, Bo pays Lauren a visit and asks her to attend to a wound on her forehead. The two end up confessing to each other, how much they like each other. “You take my breath away” Bo tells Lauren and kisses her lightly.

Just then, it dawns upon Lauren that the Naga venom remains “deoxygenated when it’s in stasis”. “Glad I can be of help” Bo says awkwardly. The two then longingly, bid each other goodbye. The Norn hands Kenzi a bottle in which is kept Dyson’s love. While at it, Kenzi bangs into a shelf and a bottle with some liquid in it falls to the ground and shatters. Kenzi is shocked to see a part of her hand turning black. “And with that a gift has been given” the Norn says with a wicked smile. The Red Caps in the meantime are busy torturing Vex, who they have held captive. Bo arrives at the scene and says “I am here for Vex”. The Red Caps are ready to trade Vex for the case Bo handed to the Morrigan. Duncan tells Bo, she has two hours to get the case. “Hang in there Vex” Bo says and leaves. Kenzi hands Dyson the bottle of his love.

Dyson is surprised to see that Kenzi has managed to get it back. He opens the bottle and the contents of the bottle float into the air and enter Dyson’s body. Bo arrives at the Morrigan’s wearing sexy lingerie. The Morrigan is turned on, on seeing Bo. “It’s party time” Bo says, running a hand down the Morrigan’s face. The Morrigan tries to resist Bo’s advances, but is clearly unable to do so. When the Morrigan is sufficiently turned on, Bo handcuffs her to the bed. Bo then collects the case and leaves a livid Morrigan behind. Bo hands Duncan the case and asks him to free Vex. Duncan says the Red Caps kept their word and made the exchange, but now they are going to kill them both. Just then the Morrigan arrives at the scene and kills one of the Red Caps. The other Red Caps flee the scene.

Duncan tries to flee with the case but the Morrigan catches up with him. She tells him that the case is hers. Bo is told that the case contains fey Viagra and is outraged to hear that the Morrigan is doing all that she is doing for something so inconsequential. Bo tries to make the Morrigan realize how the world might come to an end thanks to the Garuda, and therefore she should worry about that more than what is in the case. Duncan in the meantime injects himself with the Viagra. The Morrigan in anger kills Duncan. The Morrigan the proceeds to kill Bo, but Vex stops the Morrigan’s hand and makes the Morrigan hit her own head with a stick. The Morrigan falls to the ground unconscious. Vex and Bo, then leave the scene.

Bo introduces the gang to Vex, the newest addition to their “army”. Trick isn’t happy to see Vex, but Bo explains that they need Vex. She also tells the group that, she shall be making all the decisions from here on end. She tells the gang she has a plan to beat the Garuda. The gang assures her that they are with her till the end, whatever her plan. Later when Trick is alone, there are shadows that are seen in his room. The episode ends at this point.