Flesh and Blood - Recap

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The episode begins with Bo and Kenzi gearing up for battle. Bo is worried if she will be able to get close enough to the Garuda to deliver Lachlan’s venom, even if Lauren saves it. Trick gives Bo a call and asks her to come and see him, as he has something important he needs to talk to her about. “And Bo, bring the Cane Sword I gave to you on your birthday” Trick says. Bo arrives at Trick’s with the sword. He says he is worried about the extra power Bo is taking on. She could lose herself to the darkness within her and may never make it back, Trick feels. Bo counters that it’s a risk she would have to take if she is to have any chance of defeating the Garuda.

Trick informs Bo that the Cane sword was her grandmother’s. Trick then unscrews the back of the sword and removes a small vial in which is her grandmother’s “life essence”. Trick asks Bo to have it. Trick informs Bo that the essence can cure illness, stave off poison and keep off the darkness that’s within. Trick asks Bo to keep the essence safely with her and drink it if she feels the darkness taking hold of her. Just then they hear a noise and go to check it out. Suddenly a shadow appears in front of Bo. She tries to attack it with her sword, but to no avail. The shadow takes hold of Trick and he disappears into thin air along with the shadow. Bo is aghast and looks on helplessly. Bo later asks the gang to assist her in finding trick. Vex on his part is shocked to find out that Trick is the “blood king”. Lauren gives Bo whatever she could salvage of Lachlan’s venom.

She informs Bo that whatever she has salvaged would only be enough for one dose. Bo tells the gang she will use her blood to unite them all for their one common goal, so they don’t fight amongst themselves like the last time. The shadow in the meantime delivers Trick to the Garuda. The Garuda uses a spell and Trick sees in front of him his subjects and himself when he was the Blood King. The Garuda basically wants to prove to Trick that he was wrong in believing that he used his blood for the best interests of the fey to end the war. “You are so convinced you acted nobly, what’s the harm in reviewing the decision” the Garuda says. Bo on the other hand asks Kenzi to kill her if she sees her turning dark and can’t do anything about it. “Don’t ask me to do this” Kenzi tells Bo and assures her that nothing will go wrong.

Bo will hear none of it and asks Kenzi to promise her that she will do as is told. “I promise” Kenzi reluctantly says in the end. Lauren begins binding the gang using Bo’s blood. Vex is reluctant but pretends to go through with it. But actually, he distracts Lauren and doesn’t really inject Bo’s blood into him, although he pretends that he has. Kenzi figures out where the Garuda is hiding. She informs the gang that he is hiding in an abandoned asylum for the criminally insane. Val arrives with some weapons that have been in her family for generations. She wants to help Bo in her battle. Hale doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Val wants to hear none of it as she feels she can be really useful. She reminds Hale how good she is with the sword. Bo gives the gang a pep talk and they embark on their mission.

The gang arrives at the asylum and splits up to search for the Garuda. Bo, Kenzi and Lauren who are together encounter the Garuda’s minions and manage to successfully get rid of them. Dyson and Vex too come face to face with the Garuda’s minions. Vex is injured during the fight, but they manage to take care of the minions. They then run into Bo and gang. Lauren discovers that Vex’s arm is badly broken and he could go into shock. Lauren decides to stay with him, while the others proceed to look for the Garuda. Kenzi runs into Hale and Val. She tells them how she is enjoying killing the Garuda’s minions. Just then a minion pretending to be dead on the floor gets up and stabs Kenzi in the stomach. Kenzi collapses to the ground and begins gasping.

Trick in the meantime discovers that he wrote the laws with his blood for his own benefit and not for a noble cause. Trick is devastated on discovering this. The Garuda also mentions how this action of Trick’s created a ceasefire between the light and dark, but it was created on a false premise. The Garuda suggests to Trick that, he rewrite the laws to undo this ceasefire, so fate can take its own course and there can be everlasting peace, which is real. The Garuda then hands Trick the paraphernalia so he can draw his blood and begin rewriting the laws. Hale on the other hand brings a senseless Kenzi to Lauren. Just as Trick is about to draw his blood, Bo arrives with Dyson and asks Trick to stop. Trick tells Bo he doesn’t know what’s real anymore.

Bo says that un-writing the laws will cause nothing but pain. “You know what is right” she tells Trick. Trick is convinced by Bo’s argument and tells the Garuda that he won’t rewrite the laws. The Garuda is enraged at his plans being foiled and tells Bo that he can’t be killed without the Naga venom and therefore she is wasting her time. Dyson concludes that the Garuda will be at his most vulnerable when he thinks he has already won. Dyson therefore attacks the Garuda. The Garuda throws Dyson against the wall and he falls to the ground senseless. The Garuda feels he has won and proceeds to attack Bo with his fiery sword. Lauren is busy attending to Kenzi’s injury. Bo and the Garuda in the meantime are busy dueling.

Lauren figures out that Vex did not inject himself with Bo’s blood and as a result forces him to inject some. The moment Vex is injected with the blood; Bo feels power surging through her. This new source of power helps Bo fight the Garuda with renewed ferocity. Lauren figures out that, Hale’s siren whistle can be used to cauterize Kenzi’s wound. She asks Hale to raise the frequency of his whistle high enough to do so. The Garuda enters Trick just like he had entered Nadia. Bo is aghast on seeing this, as this means she will have to kill Trick just like she had killed Nadia. Hale’s siren does the trick just like Lauren had though. Kenzi wakes up, as a result. Kenzi tells the gang she needs to find Bo, as it’s really important. The gang arrives at where Bo is. Bo tells the gang that the Garuda is inside Trick.

Lauren comments on how killing Trick won’t kill the Garuda, just like the time it happened with Nadia. The Garuda, who is Trick’s body, proceeds to draw Trick’s blood so he can begin rewriting the laws. Vex stops the Garuda’s hand, while Bo concludes that the Naga venom would have to be used to destroy the Garuda, although it might also kill Trick. Bo then injects Trick with the Naga venom. The venom begins taking effect and the Garuda comes out of Trick’s body. It comes out in the form of a fiery bird instead in the human form. The bird struggles around a bit and then disappears into thin air. Bo tries to tearfully revive Trick who is lying motionless on the ground, but Lauren confirms after checking that Trick is dead.

Bo uses the essence Trick had given her earlier to revive him. It works and Trick wakes up. But, the darkness within Bo seems to be taking control of her. Trick realizes what Bo has done and is worried she could lose herself. Trick orders Kenzi to quickly unbind Bo from the others. The darkness within Bo takes over completely and she says how she shall reign supreme as a queen over others. Kenzi in the meantime reads the spell and Bo falls to the ground unconscious. “That’s a good sign” Trick tells the others. Later, Bo who is now fine has a chat with Trick. Trick tells her that he needs to make amends for the past and Bo says she will help him.

Kenzi on the other hand finds that her right arm has turned red. Bo sees the darkness in her eyes when she looks in the mirror. It scares her. She then looks more closely and there is smile on her face. The episode ends at this point.