Caged Fae - Recap

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The episode begins with Bo being accosted by two men with knives in a deserted back alley. She beats both the men to the ground and walks away. She then walks to the entrance of a nightclub where people are waiting to enter. She starts flinging money from her bag tells people that the drinks are on her. The people on seeing the cash rush to collect it. She then rushes into Trick’s bar with Dyson in pursuit. Dyson tries to restrain Bo and mentions how she has broken all sorts of laws in the past few weeks. Bo counters that she is only having fun. Bo tries to fight off Dyson, but he manages to keep her restrained.

Dyson places handcuffs on Bo and Trick tells her “I don’t know who you are anymore”. “I am Bo bitches and I will be back” Bo tells everyone with an evil laugh, before being hauled away by Dyson. Later in fey prison, Bo is read out all the things she has stolen in the past few weeks. Bo is put through decontamination, while all the prison guards stand and watch. She is then brought to her prison cell. A fey named Sylvie is her cellmate. Sylvie tells Bo that she stole some bread as her family was starving and therefore she was arrested. The two, discuss about their families and seem to hit it off. Sylvie tells Bo that the prison guards are all Amazons. She also mentions that the guards are “anti-male”. “The Amazons refuse to fraternize with men or take orders from them” Sylvie says.

She tells Bo how once every five years the Amazons search out a male companion and celebrate the birth of a female child. A male child on the other hand is abandoned in the woods. Later Bo is taken to Lauren who is the prison doctor. They pretend that they don’t know each other in front of the prison guard. Once the guard leaves, Lauren tells Bo that she has been a “bad girl”. Bo is impressed that Lauren made it inside a fey prison. It is then revealed that Bo is there to search for Dr. Evert, Lauren’s mentor and a fey, who was the prison doctor, until she disappeared. Bo assures Lauren that they will find Dr. Evert. Lauren hands Bo a big piece of rock and asks her to use it only in case of emergencies. Before she can tell Bo what the rock is for, the warden arrives. The warden asks Bo to come and clean her office.

At the bar, Kenzi tells Hale to fix things, as he is the Ash now. Basically, Kenzi is worried about Bo. Turns out, the gang including her had pretended Bo had committed all the crimes, so she could go undercover inside the prison. Hale tries calming Kenzi down by reminding her that Bo is smart and resourceful. Kenzi though, isn’t convinced. Trick tells Kenzi that, exposing the corruption in the fey prison is a perfect way for Hale to make a name for himself. Also, the prison is built over a location which has “potent geothermal currents” that strip away all fey powers. Kenzi comments on how Bo would be helpless, but Dyson tells her about the Sarson stone that Lauren has slipped Bo and how it will counter the effects of the geothermal currents. At the prison, Bo gets in a fight with one of the prison guards and thanks to the stone is able to use her power.

She in the end is restrained and taken to the warden for a punishment. The warden finds the Sarson stone on Bo and figures out that the stone was the reason Bo was able to use her power inside the prison. “Someone on the inside is helping you out” the warden concludes. The guards beat up Bo, who is helpless without her powers. Later, Lauren attends to Bo and she tells her how the stone has been taken away from her. Lauren tells Bo that she has found out, Dr. Evert was injecting the prisoners with a “powerful vitamin cocktail”. “The injections were only given for a week then they were released” Lauren says. Lauren mentions that she can’t track down half the prisoners. The others on the other hand come back to the prison and when they do they are “completely broken”.

Lauren feels whatever the prisoners were injected with made them more violent and prone to deviant behavior ensuring they were sent back to the prison. Sylvie is taken out of her cell to be released as she has finished her prison term. Bo sees her off and she promises to Bo that she won’t “reoffend”. Later, Kenzi arrives at the prison, pretending to be Bo’s girlfriend. Kenzi meets Bo and she tells Kenzi how much she is missing her. Kenzi suddenly climbs across the table and passionately begins kissing Bo; the guard sees this and pulls Kenzi away. Turns out, Kenzi passed something to Bo in her mouth, during the kiss. Later, while cleaning the warden’s office, Bo uses the thing given by Kenzi. It’s a lens which Bo wears and manages to pass a retina scan in order to enter the part of the warden’s office which is locked.

Once inside she sees a secret stairway leading downstairs. She climbs down and sees a room and in it she sees Sylvie sitting on a chair. “Sylvie I thought you went home” she says. “I am home” Sylvie says and turns around. Bo is shocked to see that Sylvie is pregnant. “I just woke up and Walla, I have my own apartment and a bun in the oven” Sylvie says with a smile. Bo says they have to leave, but Sylvie is scared as there are cameras in the room and they are being watched. She is also worried that they might take her baby, but Bo assures her that she won’t let that happen. The two are about to leave just then Sylvie’s water breaks. Bo manages to take Sylvie to Lauren. Dyson, Kenzi and Vex find out that Dr. Evert has been murdered and chopped to pieces.

Kenzi is worried when she discovers this and tells Dyson she isn’t waiting for whoever killed Evert to kill Bo. The three of them leave to rescue Bo and Lauren. Lauren in the meantime delivers Sylvie’s baby. Bo informs her that it’s a boy. The warden arrives just then and asks them to hand over the baby. Bo figures out that the warden has been breeding prisoners. The warden tells her, the adoption market for fey babies is quite lucrative. Lauren tells Bo, how Sylvie was impregnated with the sperm of a particular fey that can get a woman impregnated within days. The warden tells Bo how she plans to get her pregnant, so she can sell her baby. The warden also tells them how she killed Dr. Evert as she had discovered what the warden was up to. While being escorted by the guards and the warden, Bo tells them that the warden is actually a man and has herself, been impregnating the prisoners.

The warden tries denying it, but one of the guards, catches hold of the warden and grabs her crotch. The warden yells out in pain. The truth is thus revealed and the guards take away the warden. Bo in the meantime frees all the prisoners. Later, Bo and Lauren kiss. Bo tells Lauren that she wants to give their relationship “a real shot”. The two kiss once again. Just then, Dyson arrives with Kenzi. He is visibly disappointed to see Bo passionately kissing Lauren, but comments on how Bo looks happy.

Later at the bar, Bo tells Trick how her father might have been a monster and she too might become one. Trick assures her, she would never become one. She then leaves the bar and on the street she sees a man. She grabs him pins him to the wall and sucks the life force out of him. She throws him to the ground and walks away with a smirk on her face. The episode ends at this point.