SubterrFaenean - Recap

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The episode begins with Vex and Kenzi arriving at an underground club. Kenzi’s friend at the club named Aussie tells her that people are going missing, down in the tunnels, where they are partying. Basically, Kenzi and Vex are there to look into the issue. Lauren and Bo in the meantime are in bed and are making out. In the middle of their session Bo gets a text from Trick asking her to go to the underground club where Vex and Kenzi are. At the club, while a magician is performing ticks on the stage, Kenzi notices two people from the crowd gathered in front of the stage, disappearing one by one.

The lights then suddenly go off and when the lights come back on, the magician’s volunteer is seen lying dead on the stage. People begin to panic and try rushing out all at once. Kenzi sees Aussie missing and yells out for him, but to no avail. Bo wakes up from her sleep with a start, after having a nightmare about how she had attacked a lay man on the street. Kenzi and Vex return and tell Bo about how Aussie was taken by an “alligator man” a fey. Bo leaves with Kenzi to take care of the situation. Dyson too is informed about the alligator fey. Bo and Kenzi have climbed down a storm drain in search of the fey. She tells Bo how she met Aussie, when he was only 13 and even at that age he managed to save her life.

Trick calls Bo and tells her he has gotten a Dreamweaver to help her with her “night terrors”. “Weavers are mystics, they specialize in finding out what’s haunting a person” Trick says. Trick asks Bo when she will be back. Bo explains the whole situation to him, including how Kenzi’s friend Aussie has been snatched by the alligator fey, so she will take time. Eunice the weaver is ready to wait for Bo to return. Bo and Kenzi stumble upon a part of the underground tunnel, where they see a bunch of blind fey living like animals. They rush out of the tunnel and run into the alligator fey. They discover that the alligator fey too is blind. Dyson in the meantime, sees that the guy who has been killed in the nightclub has an injury that has been made to look like a bite mark although it actually isn’t.

Dyson then smells something familiar in the air. The alligator fey tells Bo and Kenzi about how a man wearing dark clothes shoved him and his kind, into the underground, claiming they were spreading a disease with their kind of lifestyle. “No one actually got sick until after we got shut inside this cavern” the fey tells Bo in anger. He mentions how he can’t remember how the man looked like. Kenzi brings up the mention of Aussie and asks the fey to give Aussie back. “Sight cannot be trusted my dear” the fey says, but Kenzi maintains she saw the fey take Aussie. Bo intervenes and tells the fey that she believes him. The fey then goes back into the tunnel and locks the door behind him, leaving Bo and Kenzi behind.

The two don’t know their way out of the tunnel and suddenly smoke begins to engulf the part of the tunnel where they are. Later the two, wake up and find themselves, at home and in bed together. Vex is by the bedside. The two are baffled as to how they got back. Later, Dyson tells Bo how he smelled her perfume when he was investigating at the nightclub. Bo tells him all that happened. Bo also tells Dyson that the alligator fey’s name is Atticus. Bo is then informed that the guy she attacked outside Trick’s bar a few nights ago, was dark fey and is now in a coma thanks to her attack. Bo brings up the mention of Aussie again. Dyson assures Bo he will do everything he can to find Aussie and keep him safe. Dyson’s new partner, who is a dark fey, isn’t happy that Bo attacked the man earlier, and now neither

Dyson nor Bo is giving the issue much importance. Dyson and his new partner get into an argument about Bo’s innocence in the attack. Dyson is sure Bo is innocent, as she has been feeding cleanly for years, but his partner isn’t too sure about it, as she has plenty of evidence that leads to Bo. Dyson’s boss arrives to meet him and asks him to catch hold of Atticus at any cost. He also asks Dyson to keep Bo locked up so she doesn’t interfere. A little later they realize that Bo has escaped the station, with Kenzi. “That bitch is doomed” says Dyson’s partner, seething with anger. Bo and Kenzi on the other hand are getting their gear ready to go rescue Aussie. Just then they hear a knock on the door and in walks Aussie, who looks absolutely fine.

They are both shocked to see him. Aussie doesn’t know what Kenzi is talking about when she tries reminding him that he was kidnapped. He feels Kenzi is screwing with him. Then in the middle of talking to them he begins to faint and bleed from his nose. He comments, how he can’t remember where he was. Bo feels there is someone who might be able to help Aussie remember things. They then take Aussie to Eunice the weaver. Eunice begins doing her thing. It is then revealed that Aussie was held captive by someone along with a bunch of others. Then the numbers “2851” appear. Aussie then wakes up with a start. Trick figures out from what the weaver revealed that, Aussie was being held in St. Thomas shipyard. Aussie in the meantime begins bleeding from his eyes.

Trick asks Kenzi and Bo to go and check out the shipyard and says he will keep a watch over Aussie. The two figure out that 2851 is the number of a container at the shipyard. They look around but find out that the container numbers end at 2000. Bo figures out that 2851 is a mirror image and that is why in Aussie’s dream the Bible was in the left hand of St. Thomas’s statue instead of his right hand. Bo basically concludes that they are looking for container 1285. They open the container and find a bunch of people inside. The rescued people are then brought to the station by the two. Dyson’s partner Crimson is enraged to see Bo and comments on how she really has some “big balls” walking out of the station like she did earlier.

Bo tells Dyson and Crimson that, the people were being held above ground, so it isn’t really Atticus who is abducting those people, but someone else. Dyson asks Bo to stay out of it. “Let us do our job” he tells Bo emphatically. Bo and Kenzi later escape from the station once again and go searching for Atticus in the tunnels. Someone is shown following them in the shadows. Turns out, it’s the city manager, who is Dyson’s boss that is following them. He approaches the two and using his fey powers begins controlling their minds. Dyson in the meantime talks to Hale and realizes his boss has been lying to him, about the instructions Hale gave him as Ash. Bo and Kenzi show the city manager the secret way into Atticus’s lair. Later, Bo comes back to her senses and the city manager tells her that everyone knows him as the Pied Piper.

Bo realizes that Atticus and his group were never sick. “This is how you feed” she tells the Pied Piper. Bo comments on how fey elders wouldn’t like the fact that he is feeding on other fey, which is banned. He doesn’t care about what Bo has to say and mentions how he can control anyone with eyes. Just then Atticus arrives at the scene. Pied Piper tries to control Atticus’s mind, but is unable to do as Atticus is blind. Then with a little help from Dyson and Bo, the Pied Piper is trapped in the tunnel with Atticus, who takes his vengeance on the Piper, for killing his wife and child. Later, Eunice begins doing her thing with Bo, so her repressed memories can be unlocked.

Eunice is then shocked to see a crazed version of Bo feeding on someone. She is terrified on seeing this and when Bo wakes up she only tells Bo “it’s something you ate” and hurriedly leaves. “Why are people always lying to me?” Bo asks herself, with a gasp. The episode ends at this point.