ConFaegion - Recap

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The episode begins with Kenzi and Bo fighting a large man, who mentions that the Morrigan “wants the photo”. Eventually the two manage to take down the large man. Kenzi while dragging the large man, tells Bo how this is the third attack on her this week. Their conversation heads in Lauren’s direction and Bo mentions how Kenzi seems to have a problem with Lauren. She asks Kenzi to speak her mind about Lauren. “She is bossy territorial and controlling” Kenzi retorts on being prodded. “She thinks you are immature irresponsible and clingy” Bo says, elaborating what Lauren thinks about Kenzi.

Bo tells Kenzi she is her best friend and Lauren is her girlfriend, so the two have to find a way to get along as they are both important to her. Kenzi reluctantly agrees. The Morrigan on her part is formulating another plan to teach Bo a lesson. Vex in the meantime is frustrated as his powers seem to have disappeared, although according to Lauren there is nothing physiologically wrong with him. “Your condition may be psychological in nature” Lauren tells Vex. Later, Hale tells Bo that someone has grabbed his “Staff of Righteousness”. Turns out, the staff is a “treasured ceremonial relic and very powerful”. Hale says the staff is currently known to be in the possession of a pawn broker named Mortimer Fassbinder who is a “sleazebag”.

Hale wants Bo to get him the staff, so he could use the staff to place a security detail around her house, thus keeping Morrigan’s guys away. Vex in the meantime goes to the Morrigan with Bo’s cell phone which has the embarrassing photo of the Morrigan handcuffed to a bed. Vex is hoping to get help from the Morrigan regarding his lost power in return, but she simply deletes the photo and sends him packing. At home, Bo shows Lauren the Staff of Righteousness which she has acquired. Later, Bo looks around for her phone but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Kenzi and Vex are busy sharing makeup tips and suddenly something happens to Bo and she joins them. Vex looking at her behavior feels like Bo is on something. Bo is suddenly bothered about what Dyson’s new partner Tamsin thinks about her. At Trick’s bar, Bo discusses Tamsin with Dyson.

She then tells Dyson that they should get a fake ID and drink. Basically, Bo is behaving like a teenager. Bo seems to have some sort of an effect on Dyson and he too begins behaving weirdly and then rushes out. Lauren arrives at the bar and Bo tells her while all excited that “I think Dyson likes me” she then adds that she is going to kiss him. Lauren is shocked to hear what Bo is saying. Later at home, Lauren runs tests on Bo to get to the bottom of her odd behavior and Bo during their conversation lets it slip about the staff. Lauren immediately figures that the staff might have something to do with Bo’s shift in behavior. At the bar, Dyson’s voice seems to have the same weird effect on Tamsin and she too begins behaving like a teenager. Trick and Lauren are worried at what’s happening. “Whatever this thing is, it’s contagious” Lauren concludes.

Later at home, one of Morrigan’s minions arrives searching for Bo. Bo, Dyson and Tamsin in the meantime have been sent to Bo’s room as a punishment, so Vex, Lauren and Kenzi are left to deal with the minion. They are finding it difficult to stop the minion and in desperation Kenzi picks up the staff lying on a nearby table. The staff immediately begins growing in size on its own and begins beating up the minion, without Kenzi having to do anything. It ultimately sends the minion flying through the air. Lauren checks on the minion lying senseless on the ground and discovers he is dead. Lauren wants to see the staff, but Kenzi figures out its stuck to her hand. “The wood is melded to your flesh” Lauren tells Kenzi which trying to get the staff out of her hand.

Lauren later sees a small pustule behind Vex’s ear. She examines it and sees the pustule is what’s left of a cocoon. Lauren concludes Vex has been used as an incubator by a parasite. Vex figures this is the Morrigan’s doing. He confronts her about it and she admits she put the parasite on him. She explains that the parasite turns people in self-obsessed teenagers too young to have fey powers. This also means that the victims are stripped of all their fey powers and are vulnerable to attack. Vex in turn tells her about the staff and how Kenzi used it to kill her minion. The Moriggan wants Vex to kill Dyson, Tamsin and Bo and get her the staff. In return she promises to restore Vex’s powers and his titles. Vex agrees to the proposition. Kenzi and Lauren in the meantime get their issues out in the open and argue about them.

In the end they seem to sort out their differences. Bo and Tamsin on the other hand are bonding and decide to write down their “deepest darkest secrets in the form of poetry”. Lauren is cooking up a concoction to cure Bo and the others. Lauren and Kenzi are aware that the Morrigan might send more of her minions and figure they would want Bo and the other two in their senses, to fight the minions. A little later Vex arrives with the Morrigan’s minions. Kenzi and Lauren are surprised to see that Vex is against them. Kenzi begins fighting the minions, while Bo and the other two are busy dancing to ‘Duran Duran’, in the upstairs room. Lauren tells Kenzi who is busy fighting that the “antidote’s ready”. Lauren goes upstairs to administer the antidote to the trio. Lauren injects them with the antidote, bringing them back to their senses.

The minions catch hold of Kenzi, and Vex is about to cut Kenzi’s arm off to get the staff, but Kenzi manages to talk Vex out of it by basically telling him that he is a good person. Vex then helps Kenzi by killing a minion instead. Just then Bo arrives to finish the job, by taking care of the other minions. Later, Bo and the other two share a drink at the bar and because they are their old selves again, Tamsin doesn’t like Bo again. Also, they don’t remember anything about what they did, when they were out of their minds. Trick tells Kenzi about the staff and how it’s bound to her till the ends of her days, also wielding the staff means she will be an upholder of justice who will fight for the weak.

Kenzi is worried that she will have to learn to do everything from now on, with just one hand. Trick adds that there is an “escape clause” which will free her. “Close your eyes and say ‘I decline’” Trick tells her. She does as told and the staff falls out of her hand. Hale calls the Morrigan and warns her to not pull a stunt like she recently did. At home, Vex tells Kenzi he is leaving for some time, as he needs time to reflect after what he has done recently. Kenzi is sad, but Vex assures her he will be back. Vex leaves and Kenzi tells Bo she will miss him. “I know” Bo says and gives her a cookie. The episode ends at this point.