Faes Wide Shut - Recap

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The episode begins with Bo and Lauren spending time at Trick’s bar and discussing who Bo’s next target for her feeding should be. Bo sees Lauren isn’t very crazy about what they are doing and asks her “are you sure this is what you want?” Trick comes by and asks what the two are up to. Lauren explains that since she can’t keep up with Bo’s voracious sexual appetite, they are trying to find her someone who will satisfy her “coital” requirements. Trick is too shocked to say anything and walks away. Lauren then turns around and tells Bo “this is what I want”. Basically, she is fine with the whole thing, because she trusts Bo. The two zero in on a gorgeous looking fey who has just walked in.

A worried looking man on the other hand is busy having a drink at home, and staring at a key, on the end of a chain. His wife comes and asks if everything is ok. He quickly hides the key from her and says he fine. They are about to make out, but suddenly the man begins to look really uneasy. His wife is worried and asks “Graham what happened?” “There is something I have to tell you” the man says. But, before he can say anything, his body liquefies into a puddle of some sort of a green slime and splashes on the ground. Some of it splashes on his wife, who is absolutely horrified at what she has just witnessed.

Kenzi receives an alert on her computer about this and informs Bo, how human beings are liquefying into a “green gloopy” mass on their loved ones. Lauren concludes that some fey is doing it. Lauren and Kenzi pay Graham’s wife a visit. Kenzi talks to the wife, while Lauren tries to find some clue, from the scene. Delia, who is supposedly Graham’s lover, rushes into the house. She has come because she is worried, because Graham isn’t answering his phone. Graham’s wife and Delia begin hurling accusations at each other and blame the other for killing Graham. Bo arrives and calms them down. Later, Delia tells Bo that she and Graham had been seeing each other for the past 6 months.

She says “last night” she and Graham were at a “cool club” where they used to like to hang out. Bo and Kenzi pay the club a visit. Lauren calls Bo and informs her that, as per the secretions she found at Graham’s house, he was probably sleeping with some fey. Lauren adds that Graham may have infected both his wife and his girlfriend and she is working on an antidote. Bo in the meantime decides to find the fey that has been infecting the humans, so this epidemic can be stopped. A man walks up to Bo and welcomes her. “Roman requests your presence” he then says. Dyson and Tamsin arrive at a crime scene, where the dead body of a female fey has been found. Dyson smells a second scent on the fey, and tells Tamsin’s its Bo’s. Roman it turns out knows who Bo is and welcomes her to his club.

Bo asks to talk to him in private. The two, then begin flirting with each other. Dyson and Tamsin in the meantime get the victim’s body to Lauren. Tamsin mentions that the body was found near Bo’s house. Lauren recognizes the victim, because Bo had slept with her earlier. Tamsin suggests, the fey’s death was Bo’s doing. Lauren points out the blunt force trauma on the victim’s head and lacerations on her body clearly indicate that those were the reasons for her death and not Bo sucking the life out of her. Lauren says she will inform them of the results after she is done with the autopsy. She looks visibly worried and texts Bo about the victim.

Kenzi who has Bo’s phone sees the text and deletes it. Kenzi then notices couples entering a section of the club after showing the bouncer at the door, a key. She tries to follow them but is told; only key holders can enter. Bo tries to get some information out of Roman, but he isn’t forthcoming. After Bo has left, Roman tells his man to pay a visit to Graham’s wife and “his girlfriend too”. Also, he asks his man to cut Bo’s throat, if she returns. Bo later pays the police station a visit and meets up with Dyson. She tells him she suspects Roman is behind all the human deaths. Tamsin arrives and in turn informs her about the dead fey, they found. Bo is shocked to see who the victim is.

Kenzi in the meantime tries to create a rift between Lauren and Bo, by suggesting to Lauren that Dyson has feelings for Bo and probably Bo too has feelings for him. Lauren is visibly worried to hear his. Kenzi tells Trick about the mystery door and the key that is required to get in. “I might have one of those keys” Trick says with an awkward smile. Trick says he used to visit the club years ago, but there was “nothing dark and dangerous about” the club, back then. Trick offers to come with Kenzi and Bo, but she discourages him by saying, Bo wouldn’t want it, because he was never there for her the first 30 years of her life, when she needed a family.

Basically, Kenzi is lying to Trick just like she was lying to Lauren. But, it has the desired effect on Trick, because he is visibly hurt. He says if Bo really feels the way Kenzi just said, he probably shouldn’t come. Kenzi takes the key and leaves. Bo on the other hand admits to Dyson she had sex with the victim, but didn’t kill her. She says the victim left her house “in one piece”. Kenzi arrives to take Bo to the club. Dyson says he can’t hold Bo, but informs her that Lauren is examining the body. Tamsin says she Dyson will go along with them. They basically shall “shadow” Bo, till this case is solved. Bo isn’t happy about this, but says nothing. Later, Bo asks Kenzi if she really saw the victim leave the apartment.

Kenzi swears that she did. She then poisons Bo’s mind by telling her, the cops are “hot on her tail” because Lauren told them about her sleeping with the victim. Lauren calls just then and says she has found the antidote to the fey epidemic. Bo says she is heading to the club right now and will shut down whatever is going on and bring the infected to her. Bo says Dyson too will be going with her and explains the reason. Lauren isn’t happy to hear this. Bo and gang arrive at the club and are surprised to see that Lauren is already there.

She explains she has to administer the antidote to the victims as soon as they are infected and hence couldn’t wait till the end of Bo’s mission. The key is shown and the girls enter the restricted section of the club. Inside they see humans entering a room; where there is an octopus like fey called the Manta that is known to give the ultimate sexual pleasure. Lauren concludes it’s this Manta that is affecting the humans. They try to talk to the humans in the room into getting a shot of the antidote if they have come in contact with the Mata, but the humans don’t seem interested and instead leave.

Just then both, Roman’s bodyguard and the bouncer at the door, arrive to deal with the girls. Dyson and Tamsin on the other hand see a holding tank in Dyson’s room. In the holding tank are the human beings in the form of green slime, just like the kind Graham turned into. Roman says Graham escaped before he could be contained in the tank and hence he died. Roman explains that over the centuries he became numb to all pleasure thanks to the various sexual acts he indulged in, but now with the help of the Manta he is being injected with the pleasure that is sucked from the humans. Dyson reminds him that what he is doing is illegal. Roman attacks Dyson, but he manages to fend off the attack and kills Roman.

Bo in the meantime, in a fit of absolute rage, beats up the two men. Lauren is terrified to see Bo in such a state and realizes she isn’t herself. She eventually manages to calm Bo down, by reminding her about their love. Bo comes back to her senses and faints in Lauren’s arms. Later, Lauren and Bo talk. Bo is worried about what she transformed into. Lauren doesn’t know why it happened, but says they should take things “one day at a time”. The autopsy report of the fey has been declared “inconclusive”, by Lauren.

Dyson feels Lauren is trying to protect Bo, who might have killed the victim, but probably wasn’t in her senses when she did it. He says he shall anyhow get to the bottom of this. Bo returns home and Kenzi offers her Thai food. Bo asks her to taste it first. Kenzi does and Bo immediately pins her to the wall and says the food is covered in peanuts that Kenzi is allergic to. Bo asks her where the real Kenzi is. The episode ends at this point.