The Kenzi Scale - Recap

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The episode begins with Bo threatening the fake Kenzi and asking her to return the real Kenzi. Bo is doing this in the bar in front of Dyson, Trick and everyone else. Dyson pulls Bo off Kenzi and Kenzi claims to Bo that she is the real deal. Trick intervenes and asks what is exactly going on. “Bo’s killing again” Kenzi says. Bo is livid on hearing Kenzi accuse her. Tamsin on her part is happy to hear this, because she had suspected this all along. Bo tells Trick, Kenzi is lying and says that in her “bones” she knows, the Kenzi in front of them isn’t real. Trick isn’t convinced by Bo’s reasoning and asks Dyson and Tamsin to put Bo in “holding”.

Bo protests while being taken away and yells out that the real Kenzi is in trouble and needs their help, but to no avail. Lauren is called to run tests on Bo. Dyson talks to Kenzi and calms her down. He says Bo is “sick or something” which is why she acted the way she did. Kenzi says she is really worried about Bo, because she is her best friend. Lauren arrives to take a sample of Bo’s hair, to run the test. Bo is hurt that even Lauren doesn’t trust her anymore. Bo tells her that Kenzi is “out there somewhere” and “she could be really hurt”. Lauren isn’t very open to what Bo has to say and instead tells her she is sick and needs help. Lauren takes a sample of Bo’s hair and leaves. The real Kenzi in the meantime is being kept in captivity by the fake Kenzi.

The fake Kenzi arrives to meet the real Kenzi and tells her how she has managed to convince everyone that she is the real thing. The conversation veers towards the rash on the real Kenzi’s arm and the fake Kenzi says something about the real Kenzi being like a fey. Fake Kenzi says it was her powers that spilled onto the arm of the real Kenzi’s arm, while she was at the Norn’s. Real Kenzi can’t fathom what the fake Kenzi is talking about. Real Kenzi is confident that Dyson and Bo will eventually come for her. Fake Kenzi reminds her that her friends don’t even know she is missing. The Morrigan meets Tamsin and asks her to wake up the dark fey Bo had fed on a few weeks ago and who is now in a coma.

Turns out, Tamsin, being a Valkyrie, has the powers to do so. Tamsin counters that if she does so the fey might end up in a coma for the rest of his life. The Morrigan doesn’t care and reminds Tamsin that her loyalties lie with her. The Morrigan basically wants the fey woken up so he can confirm that it was Bo who attacked him and so that in turn Bo can be punished for this. Tamsin reluctantly agrees to do what the Morrigan is asking her to. Later, Tamsin sees Kenzi trying to get close to Dixon and concludes that this Kenzi isn’t the real thing. Tamsin tells Bo that she believes her and says Bo would need her help, if she is going to get out and save the real Kenzi. She then lets Bo out of her prison cell.

Tamsin and Bo run into Dyson, who isn’t at all happy to see Bo out of her cell. He orders Tamsin to take Bo back to her prison cell, but Tamsin isn’t in a mood to comply. Bo tries to reason with Dyson, but to no avail. Tamsin uses her power which seems to render Dyson absolutely helpless. Bo uses this opportunity to render him unconscious. Later, Lauren and Trick find out that Bo has escaped. Tamsin has figured out what kind of fey it is that is pretending to be Kenzi. She and Bo visit a fey frat house, where fake Kenzi used to stay. Turns out, the fake Kenzi’s real name is Unaray and none of the feys in the frat house used to like her, because she was crazy. Unaray even tried to burn down the frat house and was hence was kicked out.

Tamsin it turns out was then hired as security for the frat house, which is why she knows about Unaray. Bo finds out that the Norn took away Unaray’s powers as a punishment and bottled them up. The powers spilled onto Kenzi when she paid the Norn a visit. Unaray found out about this and began stalking Kenzi to get her powers back. Tamsin and Bo are also told where they can find Unaray. They are warned that Unaray can be really dangerous. Dyson comes to his senses and is told to go home by Trick and Lauren, so he can get some rest. Basically, the effects of Tamsin’s power might take time to wear of Trick tells him. Dyson returns home and sees the fake Kenzi taking a shower.

She comes out of the shower and tries to seduce Dyson, who is still reeling from the after effects of Tamsin’s spell. Fake Kenzi basically tells Dyson she wants to sleep beside him in bed, because it will make her feel safe. Dyson reluctantly agrees. In bed, Kenzi puts her head on Dyson’s chest and Dyson asks her to get some sleep. Dyson dozes off and the fake Kenzi climbs on him and licks his face. Dyson wakes up and she proposes to him that they have sex. She seems all turned on and ready to go. Dyson is shocked at her behavior. She begins kissing Dyson; he pushes her away and jumps out of bed. Fake Kenzi is in no mood to stop and says she will do anything he wants. “Bo was right…you are not Kenzi” Dyson yells. Fake Kenzi begins revealing her true form, which involves baring her razor sharp teeth.

She then grabs Dyson’s throat. Lauren arrives later and finds fake Kenzi lying motionless in Dyson’s arms. Dyson is disconsolate and tells Lauren he killed her and begs Lauren to tell him that “this isn’t the real Kenzi”. Lauren takes a blood sample from the lifeless body of fake Kenzi and runs a test. “It’s fey” Lauren then says. “Bo was telling the truth” says a shocked Lauren. Dyson is greatly relieved to know that he didn’t end up hurting the real Kenzi. Dyson decides to track down Bo and Tamsin, so he can help them find the real Kenzi. Tamsin and Bo in the meantime are on their way to Unaray’s lair. Bo is barely able to walk, because she hasn’t fed in a while. Seeing Bo’s condition, Tamsin offers to let Bo feed off of her.

Bo feeds off Tamsin and is amazed at how different and incredible the experience was. Lauren in the meantime tells Trick that she ran the tests on Bo’s hair sample and has found out that her cells are being destroyed and are being replaced. Trick is shocked to hear this and says “it’s impossible it’s too soon…unless something triggered it”. Lauren on her part can’t understand what Trick is talking about. Trick says they have to prepare for Bo’s return and asks her to help him prepare “an herbal tonic”. Tamsin and Bo on the other hand find Unaray’s lair and rescue the real Kenzi. Dyson too arrives at the scene and apologizes to Bo for not believing her earlier. They return home.

Trick gives Bo the herbal tonic and it seems to work. Bo’s vitals are back to normal again. Trick says the “concoction is only a stop gap measure” and Bo from now on has to be monitored very carefully. Trick explains to everyone that he is talking about “the Dawning”, which in other words is a fey evolution. But, he says it’s happening two hundred years earlier than it should have. At the hospital, Tamsin wakes up the dark fey who is in a coma. She shows him Bo’s photo and ask him if she is the one who attacked him. He tells her that it is. But, right after this revelation the dark fey dies. Tamsin lies to the Morrigan that, the fey died before he could reveal anything.

Trick explains to Lauren and Bo that The Dawning is a rite of passage every fey has to go through. It’s like a test that every, fey needs to pass in order to evolve and it requires a lot of training. “What happens if they fail?” Lauren asks. Trick says that, if the fey fails then the fey devolves. Trick then shows them a fey that failed its rite of passage and devolved into some sort of a beast. “Is that going to happen to me?” asks a worried Bo. “We have a lot of work to do” replies Trick. The episode ends at this point.