There's Bo Place Like Home - Recap

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The episode begins with Trick training Bo, to prepare her for the evolution. Trick mentions most fey have years to train, but Bo only has days before she devolves into something he has to keep in a cage. Her present task is getting through a magical door, but she seems to find the task impossible. It’s a threshold she will have to cross if she is going to evolve. She tries to cross once again, but doesn’t succeed so she decides to take a break. A man and his fiancée are stranded in the middle of nowhere because they have a flat tire. The woman goes in the nearby fields to pee and the man crawls under his car.

Just then, a ghostly looking fey appears nearby and the car falls on the man. The fey disappears right before the woman returns and sees the man has been crushed. At the bar, Trick finds out from Stella, an expert in the matter, that a fey’s devolution is directly proportional to how powerful the fey is. In Bo’s case, because she is really powerful, her devolution would be really bad. Trick convinces Stella to help Bo out. At home, a phone call wakes up Bo from a horrible nightmare she is having. It’s Trick and he wants her to come to the bar.

At the bar, Trick tells Bo that Stella has trained hundreds of feys for their dawning. Stella says Bo is harboring great rage and regret, which is preventing her from embracing her true identity. Stella concludes it’s the anger from her childhood that is affecting Bo. Bo admits she had issues with her biological mother, Eva. Stella says the solution is for Bo to confront her mother and also mentions that Bo has to forgive Eva. Bo is in no mood to do so and says she would rather devolve than meet her mother. At home, Lauren and Bo discuss how Bo was cast out by her mother because of Kyle. Turns out, Bo was dating Kyle and, because of her powers, she ended up killing him while they were making out.

Bo, at that point, had expected her mother to understand her but instead she treated her like a deviant. Lauren convinces Bo to meet her mother and Bo decides to take Kenzi along. Lauren hands her three vials of antidote that she says will prevent her from having urges. At the bar, Dyson confesses to Trick that he will always love Bo, but says that he doesn’t want to come between Bo and Lauren. He is worried about Bo’s devolution but Trick assures him Bo will make it through with Stella’s help. On the way to meet her mother, Bo and Kenzi stop at a gas station where she runs into an old schoolmate of hers named Doug.

He says their town has seen bad luck ever since she left and mentions how a popular guy from school named Brad was recently crushed under a car. The fey that crushed Brad is shown watching them from a distance. Bo and Kenzi arrive at her mother’s house. Bo’s mother is overjoyed on seeing her and, much to Bo’s surprise, hugs her with tears in her eyes. Bo later realizes her mother isn’t really in her senses when she sees bottles of medication in the house. Her mother is stuck in some sort of a time warp and doesn’t even remember why Bo left. Eva asks them to stay for the town’s Cherry Fest and they agree. At the Cherry Fest, Kenzi and Bo run into Bo’s old school rival, Jessica. Apparently, Jessica still isn’t a big fan of Bo, which is why they share a few taunts before parting ways.

They return home and Bo asks her mother if she remembers the night Kyle died and she left. Bo reminds her mother how she said some things that night which really hurt. Her mother doesn’t react to the questions and just then the fey appears nearby. Bo and her mother both see her and Bo attacks the fey with a rake, but the fey disappears into thin air. Immediately afterwards, Bo’s mother changes her mood. She begins abusing, cursing and blaming Bo. Bo rushes to her car and before driving away, tells Kenzi everything that has ever happened and is presently happening is all her fault.

Kenzi calls Trick and informs him about the happenings. He, in turn, concludes that a fey called Poludnica or Lady Poly by the locals is the one attacking the town. She attacks her victims during midday and can only be summoned by humans. Kenzi figures out that for some reason Lady Poly is killing all of Bo’s classmates, who have returned for the Cherry Festival. It turns out they are the ones who summoned her and, if she kills all of them, she won’t be bound to the town anymore. Kenzi finds out Lady Poly can be trapped in water, which is why she was trapped in a well before being released. Kenzi finds Bo at the Cherry Festival and tells her what she has found out about Lady Poly. Bo realizes she was a part of the group that summoned Lady Poly and says they did it because, at that point, the group was experimenting with the occult.

Bo and Kenzi decide to round up all her classmates who were involved and are still alive because that is the only way to send Poly back. Soon after, Bo finds out Jessica has been killed by Lady Poly. Bo is the only one from the group who is now alive. Kenzi finds out from Doug that he has been trying to kill Poly from the time she got out of the well. He wasn’t a part of the group that summoned her, so she couldn’t kill him. Doug, Kenzi, and Bo arrive at the well and then Poly makes an appearance. Bo and Poly begin fighting. Bo asks Kenzi to throw her an antidote. She then injects Poly with it and kicks her into the well.

Bo returns home and sees her mother is once again stuck in the time warp but despite that she has a heart to heat with her and forgives her for the past. Her mother isn’t in a state of mind to understand much of it, but breaks down and tells Bo she loves her right before she leaves. At the bar, Stella flirts with Trick in front of Dyson and then proposes that they go to his office. Dyson encourages Trick to go ahead and enjoy. Trick too seems excited by the idea. Bo returns and before she passes through the doorway, Stella warns her that there might be some psychological and some physical changes that she might undergo.

After she passes through the doorway without a hitch, she is told by Stella, this was just her first task and now her real training begins. Bo has now gained access to the temple, where the most grueling challenges of her life await her. At home, Bo tries having a chat with Kenzi about the horrible experiences she recently had, but Kenzi isn’t ready to talk about them just yet. She changes the topic and asks Kenzi, why she went to see the Norn. The episode ends at this point.