Fae-ge Against the Machine - Recap

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The episode begins with Bo trying to secure a cricket’s good fortune, by catching it blindfolded, but she fails. Stella isn’t impressed and says Bo needed the luck for her dawning. Stella later tells Bo that in order to enter the temple she has to be invited, so all she has to do now is to wait for the invitation to arrive. Bo goes upstairs to the bar and, while she is talking to Lauren on the phone, she absentmindedly twists and turns around a few knobs of some device lying in front of her. After Bo leaves, the device comes to life. It seems to be connected to the head of a young girl sitting nearby, who begins sobbing.

Lauren excitedly informs Bo that she has been chosen to be the recipient of a prestigious award in science, and the award banquet is later in the evening. Lauren leaves to get ready for the banquet, just as Tamsin arrives and tells Bo everyone’s being lying to her. She takes Bo out to lunch to discuss this issue and says, unlike what everyone has been telling her, the dawning is the most brutal thing she will ever go through. At a distance, a man is shown looking at them and smiling to himself.

At the bar, Stella sees the device and figures out it's Bo’s invitation to the dawning in the form of a game and she has already activated it. The device comes to life again and Stella says Trick will have to play the game on Bo’s behalf because he is her closest blood relative. He has to do it very carefully because whatever he does will directly affect Bo, wherever she is. Bo and Tamsin get into a fight with a bunch of guys and Balzac, the guy who was watching them, helps them out. Bo tells him she owes him and shakes on it before Tamsin can stop her. Balzac immediately calls in the favor and asks her to help him find what he is seeking. Tamsin explains that she has made a binding deal with a Spriggen, a dark pixie. Bo discovers that it’s impossible to get out of returning the favor, so she is forced to help him.

At the bar, Stella is helping Trick play the game. Bo and Tamsin are helping Balzac get a cookie back from a fey named Fang, who is supposed to be very dangerous. Trick and Stella, through the device, are watching how Bo is progressing and Stella figures out that the game needs to be fed. Bo and the gang meet Fang, who appears to be a skinny Asian guy, but Balzac assures them he is really dangerous. Trick is forced to feed the device some poisonous berries, which affects Bo, who was trying to work her magic on Fang. Bo suddenly isn’t able to speak, which angers Fang. Just then, someone shoots him with a poison dart and he faints. They steal a cookie from a chest kept nearby and rush out of there, although they don’t know if it’s the right cookie.

Balzac tells Bo that they now have to go and get a prescription from the landlady, which won’t take long. After walking for an hour, they ask him again what his plan is after they obtain the prescription. He tells them that they have to use the cookie to enter a dangerous area, called Brazen Wood, and rescue a girl, named Hanna. He explains that he is a dark fey, who is working as a bounty hunter for a dark fey school he studies in, and is trying to save Hanna from being exploited by someone called Whitman. Bo reluctantly agrees to help him, although she knows she would be delayed in getting to Lauren’s banquet. They go to meet the landlady.

At the bar, Trick has to make a choice, which will determine what will happen to Bo next. Trick makes his choice and it seems like it was the right one. The device asks to be fed again, while the landlady makes Bo pick a tarot card. The landlady isn’t happy to see Bo pick up a card with “The Wanderer” written on it. Bo asks her for the prescription and she gives it to them, in return for a napkin with Hanna’s tears in it. Whitman arrives and starts firing blow darts at them. Balzac distracts him and they manage to trap Whitman in the landlady’s trailer but, in the process, Balzac gets hit with a dart. He can’t go on, so he hands the cookie and the prescription to them and asks them to rescue Hanna. They use the cookie to gain entry into Brazen Wood and begin looking for Hanna.

As per the instructions, Trick feeds the device a cocktail that Bo hates and immediately begins acting all drunk. She gets a call from Lauren. Lauren wants her to come soon, but Lauren is hurt and decides to go alone when Bo suggests what she does is much more important than the work Lauren does. Right after Lauren hangs up, Bo returns to her senses and they then find the pharmacist. They hand him the prescription and, in return, he hands them a key to his lab. After entering, they see Hanna sobbing and her tears being harvested. Tamsin explains that Hanna is a kind of fey that always cries and Bo concludes Whitman is some sort of a drug dealer, who is exploiting Hanna. Bo tells Hanna to come along with them, but she doesn’t want to because the world finds her weird. They hear a loud banging on the door of the lab and they realize Whitman is back. While Tamsin manages to find another way out of the lab, Bo convinces Hanna to come along by telling her about the dark fey school where she can be with others who, like her, are special.

They escape from the lab, but then run into Whitman. One of his men says that she has to do something if she wants to leave. Just then, Trick is forced to make a choice and, upon seeing the choices, Stella mentions how she has never seen an invitation threaten someone’s life. Bo, armed only with a knife, has to face Whitman, who has a gun. To make matters worse, a clone of his appears. At the bar, Trick makes his choice and, just then, Bo hears someone approaching her from behind. She turns around and throws her knife, instead of throwing it at the Whitmans standing in front of her. The knife hits its mark and the real Whitman falls to the ground dead, while the fake Whitmans disappear into thin air. Trick and Stella are relieved and kiss each other. At the same time, Tamsin and Bo also end up kissing each other. Hanna is handed over to them and they are allowed to leave.

Isaac Taft, a colleague of Lauren’s, arrives at her house to hand her the award, because she didn’t go to the banquet, and then takes her out for a drink. At the bar, Hanna’s tears are fed to the device, which helps Bo end the game successfully. Balzac, who is also there, then officially invites Bo to the dawning and leaves with Hanna.

On returning home, Bo sees Lauren isn’t there and assumes she is at the banquet. She and Tamsin have a drink and Bo thanks her for her help. Tamsin then leaves and, on the way, she finds ‘The Wanderer’ tarot card lying in her path. She looks to the heavens with despair and says “please tell me she is not the one”, but instead ‘The Wanderer’ tarot cards begin raining down on her. The episode ends at this point.