Ceremony - Recap

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The episode begins with Bo and Dyson married, in what appears to be some alternate reality. She gives him the good news that she is pregnant. Earlier, Kenzi and Bo are shown trying to catch an Ooglag, a fey that secretes pheromones. According to Stella, to gain entry into the Temple, Bo requires his pheromones. The Ooglag is fast and strong, so they are really finding it difficult to capture him. While they are at it, Bo tells Kenzi that she kissed Tamsin earlier. Lauren tells Dyson she is really worried about Bo’s dawning, and is hoping she can find some way to stop her from devolving. Bo and Kenzi enter a warehouse, looking for the Ooglag.

Inside, they a see a photo-shoot going on. Women, dressed in lingerie, are being photographed. Stella is already there, and she tells Bo that this is the first phase of her dawning. Stella says the whole Ooglag thing was just to lure Bo into this warehouse. She tells Bo to feed on the women, all of whom are humans. She says Bo would need the energy before she enters the temple, but Bo refuses and walks out. Stella tells Kenzi that, if she isn’t fully fed, Bo will fail her task. She says she will devolve, but Kenzi feels Bo will surprise everyone by completing the task with flying colors. At home, Bo and Kenzi discuss the dawning, and reassure each other that things will turn out fine.

At the bar, Stella tells Kenzi that it’s not appropriate for a human to be present at a dawning. Kenzi says she is Bo’s best friend, and will stick around no matter what. Stella finds it odd, and she tells Kenzi that her scars are deep. Stella whispers something in Kenzi’s ear, and it apparently shocks her. Trick tells Bo it’s time for her to embark on her mission. He takes her to the basement and, using a concoction he has made, draws a symbol on her forehead. He says that it indicates she has embraced her heritage. Before Bo enters the Temple, Stella tells her that she can choose a companion, to take on the mission. Dyson volunteers and, after initially resisting, Bo agrees.

Bo and Dyson enter the Temple, which looks like the Dal. A person, known only as The Caretaker, talks to the duo. The Caretaker says that their task, to get out of the temple, is to find a key. They have to accept the key, in any form that it’s presented. He says that if they reject the key, they already know what the consequences will be. He disappears before they can ask him any more questions. Kenzi tells Trick that Stella told her what happens to humans who are abandoned by fey who claim them. He assures Kenzi that, if anything happens to Bo, he will claim her. Kenzi is relieved to hear this and, with tears in her eyes, she hugs him. Kenzi asks him what they should do now. Trick picks up a gun and says they now need to prepare.

Bo and Dyson come face-to-face with a beast that has the key. The beast injures Dyson, and runs off. Bo, in frustration, tells Dyson to keep out of her way because it’s her fight. She angrily asks him why he chose to come with her in the first place. He confesses that he loves her, but didn’t say anything because he respects the fact that she is with Lauren. Bo is shocked to hear this, and Dyson says maybe in a hundred years they can be together. He kisses her and, at that very moment, the beast attacks them again. Bo fights the beast, and a key falls out of its clothes. Bo grabs the key, the beast grabs her, and they disappear right in front of Dyson’s eyes. Dyson begins looking for them, and runs into the Caretaker. The Caretaker says Bo found a key, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the one they are looking for. Dyson, frustrated and angry, asks the Caretaker where she is.

Bo is sitting in a police station with Lauren, and they are both wearing police uniforms. They talk about a bad dream that Bo has been constantly having. Based on their conversation, Bo and Lauren were dating, but now Bo is with someone named Jason. Bo mentions that she wanted to continue their relationship, but Lauren gave her love away. They talk about a case, and Lauren says the witness Bo had convinced to testify against the Family, has changed her mind.

Kenzi is the witness, and Bo has a chat with her. Bo tries to convince her to testify against the Family. Kenzi says she doesn’t feel safe, which is why she doesn’t want to testify. Bo assures her no one will hurt her. Kenzi realizes Bo is leaving her, but Bo says her boss will make sure Kenzi (whose name is Mackenzie in this reality) is taken care of. The Caretaker tells Dyson that he (Dyson) could create any life he wanted in the temple, even though it would be a delusional one. He is sure that Dyson is curious about the possibilities. Bo sees that Kenzi has left and asks Trick, who is her boss, about it. He tells her Kenzi is a street rat and he didn’t want to spend money protecting her, so he let her go. Bo is livid on hearing this.

Bo returns home and sees that Tamsin, who is her neighbor, is gardening. Bo enters her house and is welcomed by Dyson/Jason, who she is married to, and who apparently is a doctor. They seem very much in love. Bo goes in and, suddenly, has a vision. She sees her father putting baby Bo to sleep. Eva sneaks up from behind, slits his throat, and makes away with baby Bo. Next, Bo is shown telling Dyson she is pregnant. Suddenly she begins to experience severe stomach cramps, and Dyson remembers who they really are. Dyson reminds her that he is a wolf, and she a succubus.

After snapping out of the delusion, they begin talking about the key. Based on what the Caretaker had said, they both realize that Dyson is the key. Dyson hands Bo a knife and orders her to stab him. Bo is unwilling, but Dyson forces her hand, saying none of this is real. After being stabbed, Dyson collapses to the ground, and apparently dies. While Bo is sobbing, near his dead body, the Caretaker enters. He says Dyson gave up his life, when he chose to come with her. Two people can enter the temple, but only one can leave. He reveals that he had come with someone eons ago, to help her, and had to stay back.

The key appears in Bo’s hand, and the portal opens. The Caretaker tells her she is free to leave, but Bo says she won’t without Dyson. She notices that the tip of the key has the same symbol Trick drew on her forehead, and figures out something. She draws the symbol on the floor with Dyson’s blood and another portal opens. The Caretaker warns her not to take Dyson with her, saying it’s against the rules and the Temple can be vengeful. Bo doesn’t care, and takes Dyson with her anyways.

She returns to the bar with Dyson’s dead body. Trick and Stella tell her that there is nothing that can be done, but suddenly Bo’s voice and appearance changes. She tells them that only she will choose who lives, and begins sucking the life force out of all of them. She transfers the life force to Dyson and he wakes up. Bo tells Kenzi that, now that she has evolved, she feels like a totally different person. Trick thanks Stella for everything. They kiss goodbye, and she leaves for Scotland on an assignment. Trick opens a chest, and looks at a drawing of a dragon sucking the life force out of people. The episode ends at this point.