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Delinquents - Recap

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The episode begins with someone trying to break into Bo’s apartment. Kenzi and Bo get ready for whoever it is, with weapons in hand. They open the front door and find Lauren standing there breakfast in hand. She wanted to surprise Bo, but couldn’t get the front door open. Bo and Lauren discuss about the dawning and Bo says she feels like a completely different person now. A guy and a girl are romancing in the woods. The guy tells the girl to lie down and close her eyes. He puts a pair of headphones on her ears and while she is listening to some music with her eyes closed, he begins kissing her all over.

Suddenly, the guy stops. The girl opens her eyes and sees that the guy is nowhere around. She feels that it’s some sort of a cruel joke the guy has played and walks away angrily. The guy is in fact tied to the ground somewhere in the woods with a bunch of twigs stuffed into his mouth. A fey that seems to be made completely of twigs is shown looming over the guy. At the bar, Dyson tells Kenzi and Bo about a bunch of delinquent teenagers, who now live in a camp and fend for themselves. He says some fey is preying on these teenagers and its latest victim was a teenage boy. It’s decided that Kenzi would gain entry into the camp by going undercover as a delinquent and Bo as a camp counselor.

At home, while Bo is packing her stuff for the camp, Lauren says she wanted to spend some time with her. Bo assures her she will once she is back from her mission and says now that the dawning is over things will get better. Tamsin meets someone named Lakeisha, who hands Tamsin “The Wanderer” tarot card and delivers the message that “he” knows Tamsin has found “her”, now it’s time to finish the job. Kenzi and Bo arrive at the camp. Bo has a chat with Della, the girl who was making out with the guy in the woods. They talk about Matt, the guy, and Della tells Bo what they were doing and also tells her she smelled something burnt, when she had her eyes closed.

Dyson looks around in the woods near the camp and finds some small pieces of wood tied together with a rope. Something similar was lying near Matt, where he was tied. Dyson seems to recognize it and looks worried. He concludes the kids shouldn’t roam around in the woods by themselves. Kenzi manages to befriend the kids at the camp by convincing them that she is as delinquent as they are.

Lakeisha and Tamsin are discussing about this mission she has been given by this “he”, who they aren’t naming. Tamsin has to bring Bo to him, but Tamsin says Bo has been through the dawning and is too powerful. Lakeisha gives her a magical bottle and tells her to put in it Bo’s hair, along with the hair of someone she loves and someone she trusts. She tells Tamsin the Druid will do the rest, after which it will be easy for Tamsin to control Bo. At the camp, Kenzi tells Bo about each of the kids and how they have learnt a lot from the street, which is why she feels they can fight the fey. Bo doesn’t agree with Kenzi’s assessment and tells her to call either Dyson or her if she smells trouble. Tamsin begins her mission at Dyson’s apartment. She finds some of his hair and puts it in the bottle, but eventually changes her mind and dumps the bottle in a trash can in the apartment.

Dyson locks all the kids including Kenzi together in a room and tells them that it’s for their own safety. Lakeisha is pissed when Tamsin tells her she dumped the bottle and doesn’t want to do the job. She reminds Tamsin that “his” minions will hunt them both down, if this job is not completed. Lakeisha orders her to finish the job and says that if Tamsin doesn’t, she will herself finish it, even it means going through Tamsin. Kenzi helps the delinquents escape, so they can together fight their stalker. During a video chat Lauren tells Bo that Matt’s whole body was stuffed with twigs, barks and leaves. He wasn’t just killed, but was tortured to death.

While they are chatting, the fey attacks Bo and Lauren is shocked on seeing this. She calls up Dyson, who immediately rushes to Bo’s room. The fey runs away on seeing Dyson and he gives chase. While looking for the fey, Dyson runs into Kenzi, who says all the kids have scattered. Bo too arrives there and they smell burning hair from a nearby room. They check it out and see that Della has been killed the same way Matt was. Tamsin arrives at the police station and sees a package on her table. Inside, she finds Lakeisha’s severed hand, along with the bottle she had dumped in Dyson’s apartment. Tamsin visits Lauren and manages to pull out a hair from her head using some excuse.

After she has put it in the bottle without Lauren being any the wiser, she reveals to Lauren that Bo and she had recently kissed. Lauren is livid on hearing this, slaps her and tells her to leave. Lauren tells Bo and Kenzi she has found out the kind of fey it is. She says the only way to defeat it is to smoke it out and shave off its mane, which would make it powerless. The delinquents are all brought to Bo’s apartment, so that they are safe. Kenzi suggests they make smoke bombs to get this evil fey out in the open. The smoke bombs work and they catch the fey that is incapacitated by the smoke. Turns out, it’s Jolene, one of the girls from the camp. Bo shears off her hair and Jolene yells out in pain.

Lauren returns home and is shocked on seeing a number of those little stacks of wood tied with a rope hanging from her ceiling. Nelson, one of the delinquents from the camp, shows up soon after. At the bar, Bo and Kenzi have a chat with Trick about the case. Trick opens a book that has details about the fey they caught and in it Kenzi sees writing similar to a tattoo she had seen on Nelson’s hand. She recalls Nelson telling her that it was his girlfriend’s name and they figure out Jolene was Nelson’s girlfriend. Kenzi remembers Lauren speaking a lot of trash about Jolene to Nelson.

Bo and Kenzi conclude Lauren might be in danger and rush to her house. Bo and Dyson rescue Lauren before Nelson can kill her. Dyson handcuffs Nelson and hauls him away. While Bo is attending to her wounds, Lauren tells Bo they should take break from their relationship. Bo is shocked to hear this, but says that she understands that Lauren needs some time off after all that has happened lately. She walks out of Lauren’s house with tears in her eyes.

At the bar, Lauren and Dyson talk about Bo and concur that it’s impossible to get over someone like her. Tamsin visits Bo, they talk about her breakup and while she is consoling Bo, she manages to snag a strand of her hair. She leaves in a hurry while Bo is pouring them a drink and Bo immediately suspects something’s fishy. The episode ends at this point.