Adventures in Fae-bysitting - Recap

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The episode begins with Bo and Kenzi watching a show on TV while discussing relationship issues. A woman named Lisa is babysitting, when she gets a call from Tim, the child’s father. He is on a business trip in India. He makes small talk, but shocks her when he tells her that she is looking really nice in the tank top she is wearing. Lisa is terrified, when he correctly guesses the color of the top. Soon after, she sees a man hanging by his neck from the ceiling in the living room. At that very moment, she wakes up on the couch and sees Mrs. Parker, Tim’s wife, standing over her. Lisa tells her what she saw and Mrs. Parker says that she was probably having a nightmare and reminds Lisa that Tim is on a tour.

Lisa comes to Bo and Kenzi for help and tells them what she saw. Lisa says such incidents have happened before in Shady Grove, the gated community where Tim’s house is. A woman named Anita has been sent by The Ash to meet Dyson. She tells him that a few weeks ago she felt pain as if a part of her was ripped out. Dyson guesses that she has an identical twin and says that identical twins have a bond of sorts. She tells Dyson that Riley, her twin sister, went missing around the time she felt the pain.

Bo and Kenzi arrive at Shady Growth and pretend to be interested in looking for a house to rent. A female real estate agent shows them a house which was owned by a guy named Jake, who disappeared and left all his stuff behind. While the agent is telling the duo how great the house is, she gets a call from Caroline, Tim’s wife, and leaves. Before rushing off, she tells Bo and Kenzi to look around as much as they like and to lock up before they leave. They follow her instead and see her enter Caroline’s house. They try looking through the window and although they can’t see anything they hear someone’s yelling from inside.

They storm into the house and find Caroline, the agent and another woman sipping cocktails and lounging on the couch. Bo says she heard someone screaming and Caroline explains that they were simply gossiping about the neighbors and having a few laughs. Bo and Kenzi join them and, in the course of the conversation, talk about Sam, a man who was staring from the window while Bo and Kenzi were checking out Jake’s house. The agent tells the two that Sam became creepy after his wife disappeared, but Caroline disagrees and says he is probably lonely. Caroline says Sam is a great cook and is coming to her afternoon barbeque. She invites the two for the barbeque and they agree to come.

The three women go to the kitchen and Bo and Kenzi decide to split up and see what they can each find out. Bo sneaks up near the kitchen and hears Eleanor, the third woman who was there, telling Caroline that she wants to leave town. Caroline tells her to calm down and Eleanor asks her what they are going to do about Sam. Caroline says she will think of something and tells her not to panic. At Lauren’s, Isaac, a friend of hers who is also a doctor, is trying to convince her to join his company. He feels she deserves much better than working at “Ash Pharmaceuticals”, a company so small that he has never heard of it.

In Shady Grove, Bo is walking with Lisa on a road along a playground, when they hear some music playing and notice a carousel turning around by itself in the middle of the playground. Bo walks towards it as if in a trance while Lisa, also in a trance, turns around and walks away. After Bo snaps out of it, she looks around for Lisa and finds that she had disappeared.

At the bar, while Trick and Kenzi are discussing about the disappearances in the Shady Grove, Trick, from one of his encyclopedias, tells Kenzi about a fey named Lisa, who is a kind of fey called Duppy. Kenzi looks at her photo and recognizes her as Lisa, the babysitter. Trick says not only does Lisa not know that she is fey, but she also doesn’t know that she has been dead for 200 years. At Shady Grove, Bo finds Lisa standing with a knife in hand over Eleanor’s dead body. Apparently, Lisa, who is still in a trance, stabbed Eleanor to death and tells Bo that she has done as asked. Bo is even more shocked, when she sees Eleanor’s body burst into flames and disappear into thin air.

Next, Lisa is shown sleeping on a couch in Trick’s bar. Trick tells Bo that Lisa is a killing machine, who is being invoked by some human. Trick says Duppies, the kind of fey Lisa is, don’t remember anything after a killing, so she won’t be able to tell them as to who is invoking her to kill. After Lisa wakes up, Kenzi tells her everything and even volunteers to babysit Ethan, Sam’s kid, because he will be at Caroline’s barbeque. While babysitting Ethan, Kenzi finds a diary in Sam’s house that has the names of all the people who have disappeared in Shady Grove.

Kenzi calls Bo, who is at the barbeque, and tells her about the discovery. Bo uses her powers to get Sam talking, but before he can reveal anything Caroline interrupts. Caroline has figured out what Bo is trying to do and rushes her away from Sam using some excuse. At the station, Dyson is investigating the disappearance of the identical twin, when he figures out something and rushes out with Tamsin. Lauren asks Hale for a sabbatical, but he refuses to give her one. She tries to argue, but to no avail.

Caroline brings Bo to the playground, where the real estate agent is waiting for them. The two reveal to Bo that they are witches and ask her to join them. Bo readily agrees to be a part of their circle just so she can find out more. They tell her that all the people missing in Shady Grove were killed by them because they were cheating on their partners. They used their powers to make the bodies disappear. Bo gets a call from Trick while she is chatting with the witches and he says Lisa has disappeared. He also tells her that humans need a particular kind of pendant to control a Duppy and Bo notices Caroline wearing one.

Isaac seems to be slowly convincing Lauren to quit her present job and join his company. At the playground, the witches make Bo a part of their circle and invoke Lisa to kill Sam. Bo says she wants out, but they tell her that Lisa is already on her way and will be unstoppable now that she has Bo’s power. Lisa is at Sam’s and is about to stab him, but Bo works her power on the witches and Lisa snaps out of her trance. Bo gets Caroline and Susan, the agent, to fight amongst each other. Suddenly, Susan’s body is taken over by some entity, who tells Bo that she herself doesn’t know how powerful she is. Soon after, something happens and both Susan and Caroline burst into flames and disappear like Eleanor did.

Dyson and Tamsin arrive at the crime scene where Riley’s body was found. Dyson looks around in a field nearby and tells Tamsin that the whole field smells like death. Bo sends back Lisa from where she came and destroys the pendent, so no one else can ever invoke her again and she can be left in peace. Bo returns home and tells Kenzi that when she was in the Temple she felt her father’s presence there. She wants to look for her father, but Kenzi suggests she first sort things out with Lauren before anything else.

Lauren has accepted Isaac’s offer and is leaving with him. Issac carries her packed suitcase to his limo and she follows him after leaving behind her cell phone and necklace in the apartment. The moment she steps out, Bo is shown calling her. In the field near the crime scene, Dyson and Tamsin finds bodies of different kinds of fey buried in the ground. They conclude a fey serial killer is on the loose. The episode ends at this point.