Hail, Hale - Recap

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The episode begins with Bo and Dyson breaking into Lauren’s apartment. Bo is worried because Lauren hasn’t been answering her calls. She sees that Lauren isn’t home and has left her cell phone behind. Dyson says he will look into Lauren’s whereabouts, when he has the time, but for now, he is really busy with the new case and Hale’s inauguration. Dyson feels Bo is overreacting. He tells her that Lauren probably isn’t keeping in touch simply because she has broken up with her. At his bar, Trick’s readying things for the inauguration. He is really excited that, soon, his protégé is going to be officially elected the Ash.

The Morrigan arrives and Trick is not happy to see her. He tells her the leader of the dark can’t attend the inauguration, but she retorts that she was invited. Before Trick can even begin to ask who invited her, Hale arrives and says that he did. At Isaac’s lab, Lauren is working on a cure for heart disease. She is overjoyed when the first phase of her experiment is successful. Isaac celebrates the occasion by breaking open a bottle of champagne, saying he always knew she would succeed. The vials containing the liquid, which is Lauren’s experiment, is stored in a freezer by one of the scientists working at the lab. A while later, a person whose face isn’t shown, comes and steals the vials.

While Hale is getting ready for the inauguration, he asks Dyson about the case. Dyson says that 18 bodies have been found, and the fey were all tortured before being killed. He adds that all the bodies are missing some organs, which prompts Hale to conclude that these killings might have been carried out by organ harvesters. Dyson says he hasn’t found any clues yet. Hale says he will talk to the Morrigan, so they can pool their resources. Before leaving, Dyson hands Hale a really small box that was sent by Hale’s father and, after showing him the contents of the box, he hands it to Hale, saying it will keep him safe.

At home, while Bo is taking a bath, Tamsin arrives with a bottle of booze in hand. Bo is shocked to see her there, and notices that Tamsin is so drunk that she is barely able to stand. Tamsin makes small talk for a while and then steps into the bathtub with Bo, which baffles and shocks Bo even more. Tamsin longingly looks into Bo’s eyes and tells her how perfect and amazing she is. After she is done pouring heart out, Tamsin walks out. Bo is visibly confused. Elsewhere, a man waiting in a van tells someone over that phone that he is at the “Nest” and the target is on route.

At Trick’s bar, while Kenzi is readying things for the inauguration, a guy called Massimo approaches her. He tells her that he can make her wishes and dreams come true. She feels he is just flirting, so she tells him off. At Isaac’s lab, Lauren and he debate about the contradicting scientific points of views that they have. In the end, Isaac makes light of the whole thing, saying he just realized they had their first fight. At Trick’s bar, the new bartender that he has hired for the inauguration arrives. Trick orders the new guy to begin pouring drinks, and leaves to get ready.

Bo and Dyson ask for a drink and, when they are not looking, the bartender pours something into one of the drinks before serving them. At the lab, after her debate with Isaac, Lauren suspects something is going on. She tests a solution one of the scientists is working on, and Lauren is shocked by the results. At the inauguration, the Morrigan is up to her tricks but, thanks to Hale carrying on him the box sent by his father, she isn’t able to hurt Hale in any way. Upstairs, at the bar, Bo sees Dyson convulsing on the floor and foaming at the mouth. The bartender says he has called the paramedics.

When they arrive, Bo sees one of the paramedics carrying a gun and realizes they are human. The paramedic points the gun at Bo and Kenzi is about attack him with a heavy object, but Bo stops her. The paramedics rush Dyson to a van and, before Bo can get to them, they drive off. Hale and Trick aren’t too happy to find out what happened, but The Morrigan seems happy and asks one of her men to get the dark fey elders to the bar.

Upstairs, the bartender is being questioned by Bo. Instead of revealing anything, he drinks something from a vial and kills himself. Bo is shocked to see that the label on the vial has Lauren’s name on it. Massimo approaches Kenzi again. He hints that he could turn her into fey, so that she isn’t a liability for her friends anymore. Kenzi says she will think about it but, for now, she asks him to leave. After Bo tells her everything, she and Tamsin decide to find Dyson together. While looking through Lauren’s apartment for clues, Bo is worried to find that Lauren has left behind her necklace, which was given to her for her protection.

At Trick’s bar, where all the fey elders have gathered, the Morrigan riles up everyone by revealing that it was Lauren, Hale’s chief medical officer, whose name was on the vial from which the bartender drank the poison. She says Hale’s sympathy towards humans has cost them dearly and calls for a vote of no-confidence against him. Dyson is brought to a facility, where he is forced to fight an old enemy of his, to prove that he is worthy of being kept alive. Bo and Tamsin are about to embark on their search for Dyson, when Tamsin sees a clamp on one of her car tires put by the cops. She asks Bo to sit inside the vehicle, while she deals with it.

While sitting by herself, Bo looks around and sees her photo and the magic bottle hidden in the vehicle. She quickly takes a photo of the bottle, with her cell phone, before Tamsin enters. Bo sends Kenzi the photo and asks her to find out all she can about the bottle. After she hangs up, Kenzi again sees Massimo standing in front of her. This time she asks for his help. She tells him to find out all that he can about the bottle and he agrees to help her, but says that he wants a kiss before he does. Kenzi reluctantly agrees, and she is taken aback by the effect after kissing him.

At the facility, Dyson wins the battle and finishes off his enemy. A voice from above seems overjoyed with the outcome and says that he knew Dyson was the one. Bo and Tamsin are outside the facility and are discussing how they can get in. A guard sees them and shoots at Bo, but Tamsin saves her by jumping in the way. Before collapsing to the ground, Tamsin uses her powers to cloud the guard’s mind, while Bo knocks him out.

At the bar, the Morrigan manages to get a motion passed declaring all humans working for the fey are terrorists. Hale, as a result, is forced to arrest Kenzi and handcuff her. When the Morrigan isn’t looking, Hale slips a key into her pocket. Trick packs his stuff and leaves for someplace through a secret doorway in his room. While Bo is trying to revive Tamsin, she hears Tamsin’s phone ringing. She picks up the call and Massimo, assuming Bo to be Tamsin, tells her that he has gotten the kiss from the best friend, so the serum to tame Bo is ready. While looking around Isaac’s facility, Lauren enters a room, where she is shocked to see Dyson in a glass cage.

While Lauren is telling Dyson what she saw in the lab was the enzyme from the immune system of a Succubus, Isaac arrives. He reveals to Lauren that he used her to get to her friends, and even admits to Dyson that he is the one who killed all the fey. He puts Lauren in a glass cage next to Dyson. The secret passageway leads Trick to a barbershop. The moment he steps outside the shop, he is kidnapped by a couple of guys, who dump him in the trunk of a car and drive away. At the facility, Dyson sees that Eva, Bo’s mother, is kept in one of the cages. The episode ends at this point.