Those Who Wander - Recap

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The episode begins with Bo sucking the chi out of a guard outside Isaac’s facility, so she can revive Tamsin with it, but it somehow doesn’t seem to be working. She also tries to get out of him, where Dyson is being kept, but he faints before he can reveal anything. Inside the facility, Dyson, in his glass prison, is trying to figure out a way to escape. Bo brings Tamsin to Tracey and Amanda, two of Tamsin’s fellow Valkyrie’s, who inform Bo that Tamsin has come to the end of her lifecycle and it’s not really the bullet that’s killing her.

While at it, they also reveal that Tamsin has gotten involved with a really dangerous man, who is as old as time itself. While the Valkyries are busy removing the bullet from Tamsin’s gut, Bo calls Kenzi to check up on her. Although Kenzi is being held captive by the Morrigan, she lies to Bo that she is ok. After Tamsin has been revived by the Valkyries, she tells Bo how powerful she was in her prime. She could even take down armies, but now she is old and is on the verge of death, so she doesn’t know, how much of a help she can be. Despite her condition, she agrees to accompany Bo to rescue Dyson, but says they have to visit the druid before that, so he can help juice her up for the mission. In captivity, Kenzi is distraught on being informed by the Morrigan that Trick is dead.

In the facility, Efa, Bo’s mother, who is nearly on the verge of madness, is being held captive just like Dyson. After he asks her why she is being held, she reveals to Dyson that Isaac captured her right after Bo defeated her and tortured her to reveal, who the most powerful fey is. In order to protect Bo, she lied that Dyson was the most powerful. Upon hearing her confession, Dyson concedes Efa did the right thing. Lauren is tending to Sunita, a badly injured fey, who is her cellmate. Isaac arrives and she urges him to get her some surgical equipment, so she can save Sunita’s life and in return says she will assist him in any way that he wants. Isaac agrees and leaves to arrange for the equipment.

Elsewhere, Tamsin and Bo meet the druid, who hands them the juice that Tamsin can use, when she really requires some strength. While Bo walks away to make a call, the druid hands Tamsin a vial, containing a potion, that she can use to complete her Bo-related mission. At the facility, in his office, Isaac tells Lauren that one night, when he and William, his brother, were camping out in the woods as kids, his brother was found beheaded and he was blamed for it and sent to an asylum. After getting out, he began searching for the person, who killed his brother, which is when he stumbled upon this highly evolved race called the fey. The powers that the fey possess has since then fascinated him, which is why he has captured the most powerful fey. He wants Lauren to extract the fey’s stem cells and inject them into him, so he himself can become fey.

Bo and Tamsin arrive outside the facility and deliberately get themselves arrested, so they can get inside. Through her conversation with Kenzi, the Morrigan figures out that Bo can suck the chi out of multiple people at the same time. The Morrigan has gotten the info she needs, so she tells her minion to take Kenzi somewhere outside and get rid of her. At the facility, Bo is brought to Isaac’s office and on seeing Lauren there; she tells her that she has come to rescue her and Dyson. Lauren says she doesn’t need rescuing because she is there of her own free will. She says that assisting the fey has brought her nothing but trouble, which is why for a change she wants to help her kind. She tells Isaac that she will perform the stem cell surgery and in return wants him to allow Bo to safely leave.

Dyson is restrained to an operating table, while Lauren readies herself for the surgery. While in captivity, Bo is shocked to see her mother in a cell in front of her. Efa too is shocked to see Bo and says she didn’t tell Isaac anything about her. She then begins ranting about, how if Bo’s father were here he would have killed everyone. Bo shocked on hearing this tries to get Efa to reveal more about her father, but Efa is stuck in a loop and reveals nothing else. Bo decides it’s time for battle, so she injects Tamsin with the juice and sucks up some of her chi to rejuvenate herself. In another part of the facility, Lauren begins her surgery.

Kenzi has befriended Bruce, the Morrigan’s minion, who tells her that because she has the twig of Damora in her pocket, the Morrigan hasn’t been able to kill her till now. A baffled Kenzi removes the twig from her pocket and figures out that it was put there by Hale, who inherited it from his parents. At the facility, Bo and Tamsin pretend to fight each in their cell. The guards in order to stop the fight decide to put them in different cells and the moment they are brought out, Tamsin uses her magic to incapacitate all the guards. Apparently, Tamsin has used up all her power; as a result she collapses to the ground and passes out.

Bo springs into action, hurriedly frees all the prisoners and leads them out. After freeing the prisoners, Bo and Efa enter Isaac’s office. Lauren has performed the surgery and Isaac, who is in his office, gives Bo a demo of his newfound power. His power it appears is super-speed and he uses it to rush towards Bo knife in hand, but Efa comes in the way and gets stabbed instead. While Efa collapses in Bo’s arms, an enraged Dyson enters the room. On seeing him, Isaac makes a run for it and Dyson gives chase. After Efa passes out in Bo’s arms, she takes off with Tamsin to deal with things, leaving Efa in Sunita’s care. The moment Bo and Tamsin walk out, Efa wakes up and begins sucking the chi out of Sunita.

While they are looking around the facility for Isaac, Tamsin reveals to Bo her true intentions. Bo, who already knew that Tamsin’s intentions were to capture her for someone, is unmoved. Tamsin uses the potion to weaken Bo, but it apparently doesn’t work, so she decides to go old school and take Bo down in a fight. In the trunk of the car, Trick is ready with a dagger in hand to confront his captors, but is pleasantly surprised to see Hale open the trunk with a smile on his face. At the facility, after brawling for a while, Bo stops, when she realizes that Tamsin wants to be killed, so she doesn’t have to capture her. Bo assures Tamsin that she will help her fight whoever is forcing her to do this. Tamsin seems terrified of this person and says he is really dangerous, but in the end agrees to Bo’s proposition.

While Hale is telling Trick that he had him kidnapped to keep him safe, Stella arrives. Till the war is over, Hale tells Trick to go with Stella to Scotland, where she has a gig. Before leaving with Stella, Trick expresses his worry about, what the Morrigan is up to. Hale reassures him, saying he has someone on the inside who has taken care of her. Next, Hale is shown talking to Vex over the phone. Vex is in his bedroom with the Morrigan, who gagged and restrained, is lying on his bed. Dyson manages to catch up with Isaac, who tries to bribe Dyson into not killing him, but Dyson isn’t in a forgiving mood.

After Bruce refuses to leave Kenzi’s side because she in danger, she tells him that she has to meet Massimo, the druid, who has promised to turn her into fey. Bruce thinks it’s not a good idea, but Kenzi is adamant, so he volunteers to go with her. After Dyson has taken care of Isaac, Tamsin picks Dyson up and while driving down a particular road, a song suddenly starts playing on the radio. Tamsin is terrified on hearing it and reveals to Dyson that Bo’s father is here. A while later, they see a man stick in hand standing in the middle of the road with his back turned. On seeing the man, instead of slowing down, Tamsin raises the speed of the vehicle.

While Dyson is urging her to slow down, Tamsin runs over the man, but he simply disappears into thin air and the vehicle is filled with black smoke. Soon after, the vehicle topples down a cliff and lands on its head. After Bo arrives at the bar searching for Trick and Kenzi, the door and windows of the bar automatically slam shut. The song that was playing on Tamsin’s car radio begins playing on the radio at the bar. “The Wanderer” tarot card, with a man holding a stick and his back turned, appears out of thin air and falls into Bo’s hands.

Bo is then engulfed in black smoke and disappears into thin air. After Bo has disappeared, the tarot card falls to the ground and it’s shown that accompanying the man in the card, is now a woman, also with her back turned. The episode ends at this point.