Love Bites (2011)

Love Bites (2011)

"Love Bites" follows several couples who fall in and out of love, sex, marriage and dating. Along with other things, each of the couples focused on have something to give. The show follows mostly Judd (Greg Grunberg) and Colleen (Constance Zimmer), a married couple who have their own issues to deal with, and Annie (Becki Newton), a pregnant woman carrying the baby for her sister, Chloe. Together they have their friends and other people's lives. Each time there is a new couple who has to find their love and bring it more.

Created by Cindy Chupack (Madigan Men), "Love Bites" focuses on the love and connection that everyone has and the different experiences that people have. Throughout the show, each couple out of the three focused on has a connection to one another and is a story of love and loss and falling in love all over again.

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Prev: 1x08 -- Modern Plagues (Jul/21/2011)

After their initial misunderstanding over banana bread, Jodie has now decided to move in with her new flame Charlie. Their domestic bliss is quickly interrupted when they realize Charlie has a bedbug infestation, throwing a wrench in their "togetherness" plans. Meanwhile, when Judd deftly performs the Heimlich maneuver on their neighbor Kyle, everyone is relieved - until Drew becomes upset that Kyle turned to Judd for help when he was choking. Also, "Matt", who aided Annie in escaping from a bad date weeks earlier, can't stop thinking about her. He contemplates breaking it off with his longtime girlfriend Amanda and following another chance meeting with Annie, becomes even more certain it's the right thing to do.

Becki NewtonBecki Newton
As Annie Matopoulos
Greg GrunbergGreg Grunberg
As Judd Rouscher
Constance ZimmerConstance Zimmer
As Colleen Rouscher

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1x8: Modern Plagues recap: Jodie gets Charlie’s apartment keys from him at the restaurant, and tells Chef James that she is moving in with him. When James thanks her for being frank with him, she tells him that she is telling him only because Annie is on leave for delivering her baby. Jodie is nervous about giving up her apartment, and manages to drop a plate in front of a visitor. Luis thinks Jodie might mess up with Charlie, as she is afraid of commitments. Owen and Matt (Annie’s doctor), are at the bar, and Owen makes a comment ‘it is a mistake’. Jodie feels that the words are for her, and walks out almost screaming about Annie’s maternity leave... read more.

1x7: Boys To Men recap: “Ben & Marissa”----The scene opens with Colleen telling Ben, Judd’s nephew, that they didn’t just fly him out to house-sit, but to relax and not think of the break-up between him and Gwendy. He says that he is fine, but it is clear that he is not. Judd jokes and says that he will put away the knives and guns. Judd gives Ben a list of bars and restaurants to drown his sorrows away. He tells him not to call Gwendy. However, that night, he calls Gwendy and leaves a message to her about her status of Facebook. Suddenly, Colleen’s friend Marissa comes in and starts telling how she and Rico are over with. Ben calls Colleen and gets a message machine. He asks if it is alright for Marissa to stay. Ben tries to tell her to leave and Marissa doesn’t listen. She tells him to unzip him so that she can take a shower. Marissa gets out of the shower and Ben tells that he doesn’t want to drink because he has to be alert. However, Marissa gets on the subject of Gwendy and he tells about how he did everything for her. They drink and drink and Marissa tells that he is a good catch. She says that he sweet and Marissa kisses him. She tells that they need to stop talking now and asks how kissing feels. After they got “busy”, Marissa tells that she needs a drink and Ben is in love... read more.

1x6: TMI recap: “Fetishes”-----The scene opens with Bridget going through the CD collection to get rid of any duplicate ones that Jeff, her boyfriend since moving in together. Jeff says that someone ordered porn and that he didn’t do it. Bridget confesses that she forgot she did that and says that it was when Jeff was in San Diego and she got lonely. Jeff reads that it is about Police Officers and Bridget says that she has a thing for uniforms. Jeff says that he didn’t know about her uniform fetish. The next day, Bridgett calls Brian, her brother and asks if his ex-wife had any fetishes because her friend Alexis told that her boyfriend that she has a uniform fetish. Brian says that it could be that Alexis had an unhealthy upbringing. She closes the conversation and thanks him for the help. Meanwhile, Jeff and Eli, his friend, look at for a costume and talk about Bridget’s fetish. Eli tells him not to overthink the issue and then gives Jeff a police costume. He says that he needs to give Bridgett what she wants... read more.

1x4: Sky High recap: “Sunday Fun Day”----The scene opens with Dan and Judd walking through the streets and Dan says that he is going into Budding Delights, a medicinal marijuana dispensary, to get some “relief”. Judd says that he can’t believe that Dan has a card for that and he says that it is for his anxiety. Judd tries to follow him in, but there is a bouncer there that tells him that if he doesn’t have a card, he doesn’t go in. Two guys comment on Judd’s tattoos and call him an “old guy”. He is offended by it and asks Dan and him are walking, Judd asks if he looks old to him. Dan tells that he doesn’t moisturize and that is why he looks old. Judd tells that he found a grey hair down in his private parts. Dan tells that he is shaven down there and says that it keeps him eternally youthful. Colleen gets home from her afternoon jog and finds Dan’s bike out front. Judd says that Dan has a medicinal marijuana cards and says that they made several delicacies from the marijuana. Colleen tells that she doesn’t know when marijuana became all “Wonka-fide” and Judd tells that it is more for them... read more.

recap: “Banana Bread”-----The scene opens with Jodie telling Annie that she has been seeing Charlie and she says that it is normal for Jodie to end the relationship after three dates. She tells that she made something for him. Meanwhile at Charlie’s place, he has Banana Bread from Jodie and he says that the bread means that she wants to get married. Annie says that Charlie is going to love it. However, one of Charlie’s friends tells that she is hot and she bakes, but others say that he needs to break it up. He says that he has the perfect excuse. Later, Charlie tells Jodie that they are better as friends. He returns the tray and Jodi asks if it was about the Banana Bread. He says that it wasn’t, but it is clear that it is. Jodie tells Annie that she didn’t see this coming and she tells that she was trying to be nice. Annie gives Jodie a good idea. Later that night, Jodie stops by and says that now that they are “friends” they can hang out. She pulls out movies and says that they are going to have a Katherine Heigl Fest. She says that she likes a “friend” to brush her hair too... read more.
Recurring Guests

James MacDonald (1) as James (4 eps)
Guillermo Diaz as Luis (3 eps)
Jessica St. Clair as Chloe (3 eps)
Steve Talley as Dan (2 eps)
Michelle Trachtenberg as Jodie (2 eps)
Matt Long as Matt (2 eps)
Keegan-Michael Key as Drew (2 eps)
Mo Mandel as Charlie's friend (2 eps)

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