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Sky High - Recap

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“Sunday Fun Day”----The scene opens with Dan and Judd walking through the streets and Dan says that he is going into Budding Delights, a medicinal marijuana dispensary, to get some “relief”. Judd says that he can’t believe that Dan has a card for that and he says that it is for his anxiety. Judd tries to follow him in, but there is a bouncer there that tells him that if he doesn’t have a card, he doesn’t go in. Two guys comment on Judd’s tattoos and call him an “old guy”. He is offended by it and asks Dan and him are walking, Judd asks if he looks old to him. Dan tells that he doesn’t moisturize and that is why he looks old. Judd tells that he found a grey hair down in his private parts. Dan tells that he is shaven down there and says that it keeps him eternally youthful. Colleen gets home from her afternoon jog and finds Dan’s bike out front. Judd says that Dan has a medicinal marijuana cards and says that they made several delicacies from the marijuana. Colleen tells that she doesn’t know when marijuana became all “Wonka-fide” and Judd tells that it is more for them.

Later, Judd hears the shower running and tells Dan to go. He says that he is going to have daytime sex with his wife. She comes out and sees Judd trying to get his pants off. He sticks his fingers in her mouth and she gets disgusted. She tells that she has things to do and Judd tells that they used to get high on Sundays. She tells that she doesn’t want to and Judd tells that he is cashing in his birthday coupons. They get high and then the phone rings. It is Judd’s mother. She asks if he is ready and says that she hopes that he is happy to be a Godfather. Judd remembers that it is his Brother’s child’s christening. They go to get dressed and they are too high to really get dressed right. However, they manage fine. In the car, they are high still and “On the Wings of Love” comes on and Colleen says that she loves this song. They text each other saying that they are freaking out and don’t realize that they are talking as they type. Judd’s mother reminds him of his speech and he says that it is an important day and of course he has something.

They get to the church and Judd’s brother asks how he is doing. He says that he is fine and tells that he will see him inside. In the church, the priest asks for the Godparents to come forward. Judd’s mother says that only one person. Judd gets up on the stage and he is high and finds it hard to concentrate. They christen the baby and Judd smiles. He holds the baby and all he can think of are the words of “On the Wings of Love”. Colleen joins in and soon the entire congregation joins in as well. At the end, Judd tells that that it is not a bad thing to get old and says that it is going to be alright. Colleen asks if her mouth is covered with hair.

“Kiss and Tell”-----Annie is walking to her van and talking to Kristy on the phone. She tells that she doesn’t have a date for her Senior Formal and tells her to go out with a Freshman because he will love her for it. A group of friends meet in the library when Josh, one of the kids bumps into Kristy. She asks if he wants to go out and he laughs. Realizing that she is serious, he says yes and she tells that she will pick him up around 8’o’clock. The night of the Senior Formal arrives and Josh is getting ready when his friends come in and tell him that it is important that he doesn’t mess this up so that they all can get “Kristy’s”. His father comes in and talks to him about his private parts and how the men in their family get erected easily. He tells that there is the tuck move or the bend over and tie the shoe move to wait it out. Uncomfortable, Josh tells his dad that he is fine. Kristy arrives and he says that she looks fantastic. The family comes out and takes pictures.

They arrive at Senior Formal and he gives a star and says that it is because she is one. Annie calls and tells that Grandma is dead. She tells that Kristy told her that she was supposed to give her an out. Kristy says that things always work out. She gets out of the bathroom stall and sees Matt from before. He tells that she is in the men’s room. She tells that it is alright because she is pregnant. She asks if he still has that girlfriend and he says that he does. She tries to show that she is alright with it, but it is clear that she is not. She says goodbye to him. Josh and Kristy get back from the Senior Formal and Kristy hints that she wants something from Josh, but he is oblivious to it. She reaches over and kisses him. He kisses back, but is not a good kisser. The next day at school, Brody comes up to him and says that he blew the date because he is a horrible kisser and says that the social media is on fire.

They get home and check out the comments. Brody says that he has to kiss her again and say that they are going to teach Josh how to kiss. They result to porn and see two girls kissing. Kit takes Josh outside and tells that she is going to teach him to how to kiss. She tells him to mouth the word “whisper” when their lips touch. The next day at school, Kristy’s class is about to conference with Scott Bowers, an astronaut. However, they have “technical” difficulties. Josh walks in and kisses Kristy. Later, she walks up to him and tells that she has no plans on Friday night. However, he says that he is good and she is shocked and walks away. After school, Josh walks up to Kit and tells that he needs more practice kissing.

“I Need Space”----Astronaut Scott Bowers is conferencing with his girlfriend, Jeanine. He tells that he will be home soon. She tells that it is 3 months. Scott sees a man in the background and asks who that is. She tells that it is the landscaper, Randy. She tells that he is mowing the lawn. Scott asks why they need someone to cut the grass. She snaps and says that she works. He apologizes and Jeanine says that she needs more space and hangs up. Scott is confused and asks Randy and Takoshi, his colleagues, what is their opinion of her comment. Randy stays out of it, but Takoshi says that it doesn’t mean anything and says the guy having sex with her acted weird. Craig tells him that they are trained to control their emotions. Craig tells that he will call Marty and get a visual on his lawn to make sure that it has been mowed. He calls him, but he says that he is not doing it because the satellites are government property. Craig reminds him that it was Scott and him that helped him out during his divorce. He agrees to help.

Later, they see the lawn and it has been cut. Scott has them zoom in and find Jeanine and the landscaper getting “busy”. Takoshi asks how long does he have to wait to call her. Later, Scott asks where his picture of Jeanine is. Takoshi comes out of the bathroom holding the picture of Jeanine. Scott lunges at him and the conference call with the High School comes on and Craig tells that they are having some technical difficulties. Takoshi tells that he needs to break up with Jeanine. He agrees and calls up Jeanine and tells that they are done and he needs some space. She is shocked that he is breaking up with her. Craig tells Scott that he is a free man now. He tells that they need to take a walk. After they get suited up, Craig and Scott go out into space. Scott tells that he wants to go back inside and Craig tells him that there are people are bad and some are good. The episode ends with Annie getting another ticket, Josh kissing Kit and telling that his shoe is untied, Judd and Colleen making out in the back of the car and Craig telling Scott that he will find another girlfriend. Scott tosses Jeanine’s picture into space to which Takoshi screams, “NO!”