Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

A previous love interest contacts Denise for her help as a matchmaker, but she thinks he is looking to get back together. The staff members try to help their boss find someone new after the end of her marriage.
Guest Stars: Zachary Knighton as Brad | Eric Winter as Mike Smith | Page Kennedy as Jeff | Eddie Shin as Gene |
Co-Guest Stars: Elena Finney as Elena | Joy Leslie Hadnott as female client
Director: Rob Schiller

2 :01x02 - Living Single

Denise and Francine work to sever Clea's connection to her ex-husband. Barry's crush on a new client does not work out the way he hopes.
Guest Stars: Marcelle Larice as Erika (Erika Mcgee) | Cedric Yarbrough as Matt | Mel Jackson as Daniel |
Co-Guest Stars: Aaron Stigger as MC | Ajay Vidure as Wayne | Toussaint Waterman as fireman | Sean Conroy as weird guy
Director: Rob Schiller

3 :01x03 - Mad About You

Denise goes on and on about her brief meeting with a stranger on the subway. She decides to return to the scene repeatedly on the chance that she might see him again. The rest of the staff tries to find a date for a difficult new client.
Special Guest Stars: Essence Atkins as Renee |
Guest Stars: Todd Grinnell as Gavin | Eric Winter as Mike Smith |
Co-Guest Stars: Nikki McCauley as Emily

4 :01x04 - Bosom Buddies

Denise is asked to attend her current guy's birthday party as their official second date. The request confuses her, especially when he keeps disappearing from his own party. Clea takes the training wheels off Viviana by asking her to find a date for lesbian client.
Guest Stars: Joey McIntyre as Greg | Christopher Shea as Bruce | Tamala Jones as Terri (Terri Jordan) |
Co-Guest Stars: Jessa French as Jill
Director: Arlene Sanford

5 :01x05 - Family Ties

Francine looks for a date for an older white man who seems more interested in her. Denise tries to fool a veterinarian she is dating into thinking she is an animal lover.
Special Guest Stars: Neil Flynn as Nathan (Nathan Wilkinson) |
Guest Stars: Brendan Hines as Dr. West (Dr. Paul West) |
Co-Guest Stars: Vanessa Vander Pluym as Kit | Charles Carpenter as park ranger
Director: Sheldon Epps

6 :01x06 - Amen

Clea is unsure about dating a former priest; Denise and Barry look for a date for an ex-con.
Guest Stars: Kevin Sorbo as Father John | Gloria Votsis as Alexis | Coby Ryan McLaughlin as Tommy |
Co-Guest Stars: Emmanuelle Vaugier as girl
Director: Sheldon Epps

7 :01x07 - Hope & Faith

The staff tries to help Clea be more spontaneous. Denise and Barry work with a man afraid to go on a second date.
Guest Stars: Rick Fox as David Marley | Amir Talai as Patrick | Tia Mowry as Kim |
Co-Guest Stars: Johnny Yono as Usher
Director: Arlene Sanford

8 :01x08 - Thick & Thin

An friend from college visits Denise and she discovers her dramatic weight loss has given her enough self confidence to no longer need Denise's advice. Clea discovers her current flame David has a beautiful roommate.
Guest Stars: Rick Fox as David | Rachel Boston as Jill (Jill Arbuckle) | Brittany Brower as Honey | Ben Indra as Colefax |
Co-Guest Stars: Matt Jenkins as Hendrix
Director: Katy Garretson

9 :01x09 - One On One

Clea's new boyfriend is so competitive that she decides to try a unique approach to beat him at an event. Denise and Barry try to help a client who wants help approaching a woman who works for the subway and is literally behind a bulletproof window.
Guest Stars: Rick Fox as David | Shawn Carter Peterson as Reggie | Meghan Markle as Teresa | Chris Coppola as Chuck |
Co-Guest Stars: Coby Turner as Woman
Director: Steve Zuckerman

10 :01x10 - The Honeymooners

Clea talks Denise into spending Thanksgiving with her so she won't be alone for the first time during the holiday. However, sparks fly when Clea starts getting clingy. Francine and Barry assist a nervous client with a proposal.
Special Guest Stars: Kathryn Joosten as Doris (as Kathryn Joosten Doris) |
Guest Stars: Amir Talai as Patrick | Tia Mowry as Kim | Jamie Denbo as Waitress |
Co-Guest Stars: Sean Conroy as Weird Guy | Seth Morris as Evan | Kelly Smith (1) as Jennifer
Director: Katy Garretson
Writer: Sean Conroy

11 :01x11 - Three's Company

An old flame from Argentina shows up and disrupts Viviana's plan to marry Charlie, a young man who agreed to marry her so she can get her green card. Barry and Francine are challenged to find dates for three nerds.
Guest Stars: Charlie Finn as Charlie | Kevin Christy as Ned | Stephon Fuller as William | Jeremy Guskin as Lawrence | Jsu Garcia as Antonio |
Co-Guest Stars: Kate Hess as book girl | Serria Tawan-Bishop as girl (as Serria Tawan)
Director: Arlene Sanford

12 :01x12 - Arrested Development

Francine is upset when her overbearing mom visits, while Barry and Denise help a boy win the affections of his first love after the girl rejects him.
Guest Stars: Taylor Lautner as Oliver | Kym Whitley as Arsenetta |
Co-Guest Stars: Skyler Samuels as Maureen | Danaka Reaney as Michelle

13 :01x13 - Grace Under Fire

Barry is approached by an officer he knew in the Army and asked if he can help the man find a date. Meanwhile, Denise searches for the Mike Smith whose phone number she lost and meets a new Mike Smith, whom she starts dating.
Guest Stars: Greg Cromer as Mike Smith II | Eric Winter as Mike Smith I | Rob Riggle as Sgt. Curtis (Major Curtis) | McNally Sagal as Lady Cop | Carol Ann Susi as Gwen |
Co-Guest Stars: Lori Lively as Carla (as Lori Lynn Lively)
Director: Steve Zuckerman

14 :01x14 - Hello, Larry

Overwhelmed by clients as Valentine's Day approaches, Love, Inc. invites them all to a party to meet each other. Meanwhile, Clea accepts a date with a charming stranger when she thinks David is neglecting her.
Guest Stars: Rick Fox as David | Felicia Day as Natalie | Eddie Shin as Gene | Christopher Shea as Bruce | Charles Malik Whitfield as Larry | Danielle Schneider as Tanya | Patricia Skeriotis as Chrissie | G-Thang as Dee Jay
Director: Steve Zuckerman

15 :01x15 - Major Dad

Maj. Curtis returns, this time to find a young man for his daughter. Meanwhile, Clea doesn't know if she should tell David she had a date with another man while he was away.
Guest Stars: Rick Fox as David | Charles Malik Whitfield as Larry | Rob Riggle as Major Curtis | Alessandra Torresani as Molly | Tim LaCatena as Jack | Don Swayze as Troy | John Antonini as Waiter
Director: Steve Zuckerman

16 :01x16 - Curb Your Enthusiasm

In an effort to avoid making the "classic girl mistake" of trying to change her new boyfriend Mike, Denise decides to have Francine do the dirty work of changing Mike for her, even providing Francine with a list.

Meanwhile, Clea and Viviana send Barry in as a fake date to mirror the behavior of a difficult client, Tricia, who has an overbearing and rather annoying sense of humor.
Guest Stars: Greg Cromer as Mike Smith II | Noureen DeWulf as Tricia |
Co-Guest Stars: Markus Hamilton as Guy |
Uncredited: Paul Stephen as Beer Sign | Sean Conroy as Weird Guy
Director: Henry Chan
Writer: Sean Conroy

17 :01x17 - Anything But Love

After hooking up the agoraphobic Jamie with Charlene, who accepts his disorder, Denise, Clea and Viviana learn he lied about his condition and the girls threaten to tell Charlene the truth if Jamie doesn't come clean.

Meanwhile, when Barry discovers that his "easy-going" girlfriend, Tiffany, is trying to manipulate their relationship with tips from outrageous dating books, he tries to break up with her, only to discover it's harder than he thought.
Guest Stars: Jim Gaffigan as Jamie | Christina Moore as Tiffany | Beth Littleford as Charlene | Robert Doornick as Robot
Director: Steve Zuckerman

18 :01x18 - Cursed

After meeting with Viviana's psychic, Denise's therapist, and getting some strange advice from Barry, Clea struggles to accept the answers the universe seems to be giving her about her relationship with David.

Meanwhile, after a tearful first date with James, Francine is turned off when he breaks down during the movie and she soon discovers that he cries all the time.
Guest Stars: Kevin Hart (1) as James | Rick Fox as David | Carla Renata as Esmeralda | Ethan Phillips as Dr. Elliot Schmallenberg | Sean Conroy as Radio DJ | Robert Peacock as Talk Radio Preacher | James Leo Ryan as Eddie | David Douglas as J.D. | Elena Finney as Elena | Patricia Forte as Enid | Lee Weaver as Burt
Director: Steve Zuckerman
Writer: Emily Cutler

19 :01x19 - Fired Up

Francine gets upset with Denise, when she feels like Denise's boyfriend Mike is taking precedence over their friendship.

Meanwhile, Barry and Viviana must find a stable mate for Eric, a fireman with a "hero complex," who after fulfilling his need to rescue his dates feels that the thrill is gone.
Guest Stars: Kevin Hart (1) as James | Greg Cromer as Mike Smith | Charlie O'Connell as Eric | Krista Kalmus as Mimi | Nicole Surels as Katie
Director: Kevin S. Bright
Writer: Aaron Korsh

21 :01x20 - Full House

When Viviana must pass a course in order to extend her student visa to stay in America, Denise offers to tutor her, but she abandons Denise's rigid teaching technique and turns to Francine for help instead.

Meanwhile, Barry wins an entry into the Tri-State poker tournament in Atlantic City and enlists Clea's support.
Guest Stars: Susan Dalian as Linda | Janet Varney as Glenda | Michael Delaney (1) as Dealer | Andrea Sabesin as Lucy
Director: Steve Zuckerman

22 :01x21 - Dream On

From his poker tournament winnings, Barry decides to financially help one member of the Love, Inc. team fulfill their dream; however, things get complicated and cause tension when everyone must compete for the money by pleading their case.

Meanwhile, Clea teaches a clueless female client how to recognize signals of interest from the opposite sex.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Milmore as Angela | Greg Cromer as Mike Smith II | Andrew Donnelly as Jimmy | Sam Riegel as Guy
Director: Sheldon Epps

23 :01x22 - Friends

Denise is faced with a major decision when her boyfriend Mike asks her to move in with him, however, when she finally agrees, matters get complicated.

Meanwhile, the Love, Inc. staff tries to help a man who wants his female friend, whom he is in love with, to see him as more than just a friend.
Guest Stars: Greg Cromer as Mike Smith II | Eric Winter as Mike Smith | Bre Blaire (2) as Claire | Heath Hyche as Aaron | Jordan Belfi as Kent | Angela Johnson as Female Client
Director: Steve Zuckerman
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled
Network: UPN ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2005
Ended: May 11, 2006
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