MacGyver (1985)

MacGyver (1985)

MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) is like James Bond, except, instead of using violence, he uses his scientific knowledge and intelligence to defeat his enemies with little violence. MacGyver works for "The Phoenix Foundation" with his boss and his best friend Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar). Mac's specialty is improvising tools and weaponry from common everyday items, ranging from a flare gun to provide a jet propellant, to a chocolate bar to plug an acid leak, to household chemicals to make a smoke screen, to a light bulb filament to pick a lock. The action adventure format addressed social issues as well, and MacGyver became a role model praised by critics, parents, and teachers alike.

Episode Info

Final: 7x14 -- Mountain of Youth (May/21/1992)

Jack ropes MacGyver into a hunt for the Fountain of Youth.
Richard Dean AndersonRichard Dean Anderson
As Angus MacGyver
Dana ElcarDana Elcar
As Peter Thornton (S02-S07)

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7x0: MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday recap: In London, MacGyver is driving through the streets and remembering a climbing expedition where he tries to haul his friend injured Paul to safety. When the line threatens to break, MacGyver promises him that no one is going to die... read more.

7x0: MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis recap: In the Thera Ruins of Greece, MacGyver and Professor Atticus enter a chamber and Finch finds a gold medallion mounted in an alcove which says Atlantis Anaduotai: Atlantis Rises. Finch has MacGyver take a photo of him recovering the medal and then realizes the mount the coin in has a pressure switch. He substitutes a photo lens cap for the coin to maintain the pressure. Finch steps on a stone trigger just as MacGyver spots a spearhead in the opposite well. He pulls the professor clear just in time as the spear skewers the lens cap. However, a secondary trap goes off as the windows are sealed off and tons of gravel pours into the chamber. Finally there is only a little bit of air space at the top and Finch wonders how they're going to get out... read more.

7x14: Mountain of Youth recap: MacGyver parachutes into Kabustan and uses a Phoenix radio tracker to locate a downed airplane. As he explores the wreckage, he hears someone whistling. Jack Dalton strolls in. MacGyver is thrilled to have him alive, but less than thrilled to be sent in to rescue Jack from another of his scams. Jack says that he's there on legitimate Phoenix Foundation business, but MacGyver wonders how he convinced the board to underwrite his plan to find the Fountain of Youth. Jack claims the army isn't interested in the area, and that there's a spring in Amakash Valley that reverses aging. MacGyver isn't convinced despite the fact Jack's eye isn't twitching. The helicopter will be there in four hours, but Jack insists on going to find the spring. MacGyver reluctantly goes along with him despite his suspicions... read more.

7x13: The Stringer recap: MacGyver meets with a Chinese student, Tan Ye, who informs him the shipment is in a nearby warehouse. Another man watches them from the shadows and makes a report to Chung Tai Shan. Chung calls a henchman, Li, and tells him to go to the warehouse and deal with Tan Ye. Li is unaware that an American teenager is watching him. The teenager follows Li by motorcycle... read more.

7x12: Off the Wall recap: At the Dempsey & Magruta Law Offices, a black-clad figure breaks in and smashes the photos of two women hanging on the wall. He then goes through the desks and tosses paper everywhere. Finally, he goes through a file cabinet and removes a binder containing photos of plumbing fixtures in older apartment. The figure leaves with the binder... read more.
Recurring Guests

Bruce McGill as Jack Dalton (18 eps)
Dana Elcar as Andy Colson (not Pete Thornton) (10 eps)
Robin Mossley as Wrigley (8 eps)
Elyssa Davalos as Lisa Kohler (8 eps)
Michael Des Barres as Murdoc (7 eps)
Kevin Hayes as Newscaster (6 eps)
Teri Hatcher as Penny Parker (6 eps)
Jackson Davies as Sam (5 eps)
Susan Chapple as Helen Wilson (5 eps)
John Anderson as Harry Jackson (5 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 1985
Ended: May 21, 1992
• Ihmemies (Used In Finland)
• Makgaiveris (Used In Lithuania)
• Profissão: Perigo (Used In Brazil)
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