Season 7

MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis

MacGyver teams up with his old mentor and a friend to track down the legendary treasure of Atlantis, but a rival team tries to get here first.
Guest Stars: Brian Blessed as Professor Atticus | Sophie Ward as Kelly Ward | Christian Burgess as Lord Cyril Cleeve | Oliver Ford Davies as Professor Simon Carson | Tim Woodward (1) as Colonel Petrovic | Hugh Quarshie as Inspector Rhodes |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevork Malikyan as Zavros (General Yannis Zavros) | Geoffrey Beevers as Academy Director | George Jackos as Sergeant | Andreas Markos as Greek Doctor | Barry McCormick as Detective
Director: Mike Vejar

MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday

While investigating the death of a friend, MacGyver discovers someone is manufacturing a secret nuclear plant in Britain.
Guest Stars: Beatie Edney as Natalia Krim | Peter Egan as Frederick Moran | Alun Armstrong as Chief-Superintendant Capshaw | Robert Sherman (1) as Tony Graves (as Bob Sherman) | Lena Headey as Elise Moran |
Co-Guest Stars: Nicholas Farrell as Paul Moran | Robert Gwilym as Nikolai | Michael Cronin as Dr. Massey | Vincent Keane as Claude | Rocky Taylor as Plato | Nicholas Hutchison as Jenkins | Gabe Cronnelly as Policeman | Richard James as Lab Tech | Wolf Christian as Policeman at Roadblock | Terry Richards as Mountain | Karen Tomlin as Librarian | Huggy Leaver as Dixon |
Uncredited: Jack Ellis as Joseph
Director: Charlie Correll

126 :07x01 - Honest Abe

MacGyver picks up a friend's father at the airport but soon finds himself embroiled in a terrorist plot to steal a high-tech helicopter.
Guest Stars: Shelley Berman as Abe Sherman | Lance LeGault as Elliott | David Naughton as LaManna | Ben Stein as Major Sneed | Michael Tucci as Philip Sherman (as Michael B. Tucci) | Time Winters as Marcel Perigot |
Co-Guest Stars: Dan Eisenstein as Jeffrey (Jeffrey Sherman) | David Trim as Duke Luke | Max Lazar as Fritz (as Lazar)
Director: Michael Caffey

127 :07x02 - The 'Hood

MacGyver moves into a new home and soon finds himself teaming up with his neighbors to help an actress threatened by two hit men.
Guest Stars: Adrian Sparks as Melvin Krasney | Kimberly Scott (1) as Mama Lorraine | Rob Youngblood as Bobbie Lee | Nancy Sloan as Kelly Dobbs | Sean O'Bryan as Willie | Shawn Wayans as Robo |
Co-Guest Stars: Donald Craig (1) as J. Leland Knox | James Ingersoll as J. Tyler Knox | John Hostetter as Sergeant Rudley | Jill Holden as Meter Maid | Wayne Duvall as Victor Nesbitt | Clynell Jackson III as Medical Examiner | Linnea Marie Duvall as Hotel Clark | Vince Deadrick, Jr. as Screaming Man
Director: Mike Vejar

128 :07x03 - Obsessed

MacGyver becomes obsessed with the idea that his dead archnemesis Murdoc is trying to undermine his attempts to supervise security at the trial of a deposed dictator.
Guest Stars: Wendie Malick as Cindy Finnegan | Geno Silva as Pablo Delasora | Margarita Franco as Marietta Robles | Don Galloway as Bob Stryke | Michael Des Barres as Murdoc |
Co-Guest Stars: Raymond D. Turner as Reporter | Gregory White as Guard

129 :07x04 - The Prometheus Syndrome

MacGyver lends his services to the fire department when a crazed arsonist sets fires off across the city, killing one of his friends.
Guest Stars: Jenette Goldstein as Rachel Bradley | Jack McGee as Joe Roswell | Dave Florek as Ralph Boardman | Kimberly Scott (1) as Mama Lorraine | Randolph Mantooth as Earl Stringer |
Co-Guest Stars: Misty Rowe as Betty (Betty Stringer) | Robert Ackerman as Chief | Eric Close as Guard | Sebastian White as Andy

130 :07x05 - The Coltons

The Colton brothers get pulled into the search for a Chinatown woman who witnesses a murder and is wanted by the mob.
Guest Stars: Cleavon Little as Frank Colton | Richard Lawson as Jesse Colton | Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Billy Colton | Della Reese as Mama Colton | Richard Gant as Assistant District Attorney Johnny Denmark | Fran├žois Chao as Chi | Christopher Thomas as G. Irwin Fielding | Irene Yah-Ling Sun as Loretta Fielding | James Hong as Kuang |
Co-Guest Stars: Akiko Morison as Patricia (Patricia Fielding / Medusa) | Bill Dow as Danko | Michael Sicoly as Quilla | Michael Crestejo as Wing | Derek Lowe as Hsi | Marilyn Chin as Suzi | Martin Evans as Maitre'd | Andrew Johnston (1) as Egan | Richard Yee as Chan | Mitchell Kosterman as Wyatt

131 :07x06 - Walking Dead

Haitian mobsters use the power of voodoo to enslave a student activist and MacGyver turns to Mama Lorraine for help.
Guest Stars: Kimberly Scott (1) as Mama Lorraine | Thomas Mikal Ford as Sergeant Concassuer | Antonio Fargas as Colonel Devraux | Michael D. Roberts as Dr. Pierre Redemteur |
Co-Guest Stars: Karole Foreman as Cherine | Emily Yancy as Denise | Rawle D. Lewis as Haitian Workman | Terence Riggins as Tonton #1 (as Terrence Riggins) | John Hostetter as Sergeant Rudley (Sgt. Darrell Rudley)
Writer: Mark Rodgers

132 :07x07 - Good Knight MacGyver (1)

After a head injury, Mac finds himself in medieval times where he comes to the aid of King Arthur and must go on a quest with the wizard Merlin.
Guest Stars: Time Winters as Merlin | Christopher Collet as Galahad | Colm Meaney as Irwin Malcolm | Peter Vogt (1) as Hector | Christopher Neame as Duncan |
Co-Guest Stars: David L. Considine as Balladeer | Nolan Hemmings as Page |
Uncredited: Robin Strasser as Morganna
Director: Mike Vejar

133 :07x08 - Good Knight MacGyver (2)

MacGyver continues his adventures in the time of King Arthur as he helps Camelot battle Queen Morganna, who is using gunpowder to conquer the land.
Guest Stars: Time Winters as Merlin / Paramedic | Christopher Collet as Groom | Lynne Harbaugh as Cecilia / Bride | Mark Holton as Guard #1 | Harry Victor as Guard #2 | Robin Strasser as Morganna
Director: Mike Vejar

134 :07x09 - Deadly Silents

Two crooked special effects experts steal the only surviving prints of silent movies from aging star Pinky Burnett, and MacGyver helps Pinky to get them back.
Guest Stars: Henry Gibson as Pinky Burnett | Tommy Hinkley as Neil | Frederick Coffin as Karl Meredith |
Co-Guest Stars: James Anthony Cotton as Young Pinky | Zoe Trilling as Violet Meredith
Writer: Brad Radnitz

135 :07x10 - Split Decision

An ex-con friend of MacGyver's, Earl Dent, needs MacGyver's help when he tries to prepare for a boxing comeback, retain custody of his daughter, and deal with gangsters who want him to take a dive.
Special Guest Stars: Herb Edelman as Bart Riggins |
Guest Stars: Dick Butkus as Earl Dent | Sam Scarber as Crazy Eddie Jackson | Don Gibb as Herman the German | Bubba Smith as Bailey | F. William Parker as Stimson | Sarah Koskoff as Veronica "Ronnie" Dent |
Co-Guest Stars: Ann Walker as Clarice Miller | Gene Knight as Ring Announcer | Jim Lampley as Radio Announcer | Ted Pitsis as Man (as Theodore Pitsis) | Gene LeBell as Murph | Marty Denkin as Referee | R.J. Arterburn as Phil (as Robert James Arterburn)
Director: Michael Caffey

136 :07x11 - Gunz 'N Boyz

MacGyver becomes involved with street gangs when a boy takes the rap for a murder, while a weapon dealer tries to set off a gang war for profit.
Guest Stars: Margaret Avery as Regina Jefferies | Garvin Funches as Brian Jeffries | Tommy Morgan as Player G | Vonte Sweet as Kelvin Jeffries | Lee Weaver as Stumpy | Larry Wilcox as Minton |
Co-Guest Stars: James Mathers (1) as Officer Mullins | Christopher M. Brown as JoJo | Richard McGregor as Hard Rock | Jeremiah Birkett as Maynard (as Jeremiah W. Birkett) | Jeffrey Hylton as Bobby | Vicellous Reon Shannon as Tookie | Lee Dupree as Male Parent | Ann Weldon as Mrs. Caswell

137 :07x12 - Off the Wall

A teenage graffiti artist comes to MacGyver for help when his grandmother is evicted from her apartment by a crooked landlord.
Guest Stars: Richard Coca as Lobo | Kathleen Freeman as Rose Magruta | Ruth Manning as Helen Dempsey | Betty Carvalho as Gloria Diaz | Stanley Kamel as Victor Kasanti | John Considine as Andrew Lawton |
Co-Guest Stars: Kent Williams as Clinton Ferris | Robert Dryer as Stroud | Tiiu Leek as Cindy Clark | Charles Dierkop as Mo Nimitz | Bette Rae as Gladys | Michael Francis Kelly as Wilkens (as Michael F. Kelly) | Mark Costello as Cop | Bob Fimiani as Det. Neighbors

138 :07x13 - The Stringer

MacGyver comes to the aid of Chinese dissidents trying to expose illegal labor camps in their homeland, and meets a young photojournalist... who turns out to be his son.
Guest Stars: Michele Chan as Mei Jan (as Michele B. Chan) | Keone Young as Chung Tai Shan | Dalton James as Sean A. Malloy |
Co-Guest Stars: Craig Ryan Ng as Li | Henry Kingi as Po | Steve Park (1) as Tan Yee | Lisa Savage as Kate Malloy | Nicholas Matus as Young Sam
Director: Mike Vejar

139 :07x14 - Mountain of Youth

Jack ropes MacGyver into a hunt for the Fountain of Youth.
Guest Stars: Roya Megnot as Mukti | Ned Romero as Baba | Alex Colon as Captain Samad | George Cheung as Dr. Liang (as George Kee Cheung) | Bruce McGill as Jack Dalton |
Co-Guest Stars: Bruno Marcotulli as Lieutenant | John Lykes as Ram | Gary Hourani as Cell Guard | Fred Toma as Soldier
Writer: Brad Radnitz
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 1985
Ended: May 21, 1992
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