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Every Time She Smiles - Recap

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MacGyver travels to Bulgaria to run an errand. He meets with Burak, a chess player in the park, exchanges sign and countersign, and his contact slips him the microfilm on a postcard. MacGyver places a stamp over it and takes it with him to the airport to leave the country. As he waits in line, a young woman waits with him and is glad to see another American. She introduces herself as Penny Parker, a dancer who fell in love with Stefan and decided to stay. Penny admits Stefan started to become possessive, they fought, and she left him. She spots Stefan, a soldier, come in with two soldiers and hides a pouch in MacGyver's jacket pocket. Penny then excuses herself for a few minutes and goes to see Stefan. One of the soldiers smiles at her and Stefan orders them away. He admits he can't hold her but asks for the jewelry she took from him as a gift. He searches her bag but doesn't find anything. At the gate, MacGyver goes through the metal detector, it goes off, and Stefan realizes he has the jewels. MacGyver tries to proclaim his innocence, but Stefan doesn't believe him. MacGyver tries to make a run for it but is quickly caught.

MacGyver and Penny are taken to an office and Stefan handcuffs them together and leaves with MacGyver's luggage and passport, including the postcard with the microfilm. Penny apologizes and says she had to put the jewelry in his pocket because he was the closest one. MacGyver figures that she's holding something back and Penny admits she kept one ring. MacGyver listens at the wall and then uses a coatrack to knock a hole in the wall adjoining the luggage conveyer belt. Chicken wire in the wall keeps him from poking all the way through. MacGyver hooks several coat hangers together, attaches them to a chair, then extends the hanger hook onto the conveyer belt and hooks a hinge. The chair bursts through the wall and they ride the conveyer belt out with the luggage and past the astonished passengers.

As MacGyver and Penny leave, Stefan calls the authorities and warns that the escapees should be considered enemies of the state. He then reports to his uncle Petrovich and superior, who asks why Stefan is so obsessed with Penny. Stefan admits he gave Penny his mother's jewelry, which he thought was paste. Petrovich explains that the jewelry is real and worth a fortune. Worse, he knows someone has duplicated Swiss bank account records that show that he and others skimmed funds, including the jewelry. Stefan's number is among them. They need to find the underground, and Stefan knows about Burak. Petrovich tells him to bring Burak in and torture him if necessary to get the information.

MacGyver takes Penny to the park and Burak calls to him from a shed. They go inside and while MacGyver gets the handcuffs open, Burak wants to know why the militia is hunting them. MacGyver admits that Stefan has the microfilm and Burak asks to see the ring that Penny kept. Burak realizes it's part of a treasure that Petrovich looted from the state. He agrees to hide Penny and they go outside, but spot Stefan and his men approaching them. Burak goes one way and is quickly caught, while MacGyver and Penny go to a nearby carousel. MacGyver switches the carousel on and throws it into overdrive, then throws brass rings into the gears. The carousel jerks to a halt and Stefan and his men are knocked out.

MacGyver takes Penny to a restaurant where they hide in plain sight. Penny draws the plans for Stefan's apartment and describes the security procedures. He has her stay there while he goes to Stefan's apartment, figuring he'd keep the evidence way from headquarters. Penny insists that MacGyver promise he will come back for her, and MacGyver admits he admires her for speaking her mind.

Petrovich and Stefan interrogate Burak and threaten his family. Burak thinks they're safe but Petrovich reveals he knows where they're located. Burak breaks and tells them what they know, including Penny's name. Petrovich thinks that Penny is an American agent and the microfilm is among the things Stefan is keeping at her apartment. Petrovich tells him to kill MacGyver if he sees him.

MacGyver breaks into Stefan's apartment and finds his luggage, including the postcard. Suddenly someone knocks on the door: Penny, who had to leave the restaurant when soldiers started buying her drinks. She explains that she came in the front and the doorman knows her. Stefan comes in and MacGyver hides while Penny sits on the couch and waits for him. She keeps him busy while, in the kitchen, MacGyver severs a gas line in the kitchen and places it on a tray. He then mixes together kitchen substances, then makes a fuse out of lard. When Stefan demands to see MacGyver and MacGyver comes out. Stefan points out there are policemen surrounding the building. He draws a gun and demands the postcard. MacGyver refuses and Penny thinks they're both crazy. In the kitchen, the kitchen chemicals come to a boil and Stefan sees the smoke. He goes to the door and MacGyver knocks him out. They put on nightclothes and go outside, and MacGyver starts to hotwire Stefan's car, until Penny gives him the keys she stole.

Stefan tries to figure out where MacGyver and Penny are heading for. He assigns men to all the gas stations and turnoffs. As Stefan goes out to search, Penny suggests they stop at Petrovich's house, where Stefan used to bring her. She remembers that the gas can was empty but suggests they get gas from a tractor. Stefan arrives, having estimated how far they could get and that would Penny would remember the house. Stefan is clearly reluctant to pursue the matter and protect his uncle's corruption, but insists that Penny hand over the microfilm. Petrovich arrives and demands the microfilm, and MacGyver is forced to turn it over. He admits that his nephew has done well and tells him to finish the job and kill them. Stefan balks, insisting that Penny is innocent. Petrovich doesn't care and Stefan seemingly agrees. He makes sure that his uncle's men are down the road so there are no witnesses, then grabs Petrovich. MacGyver knocks him out and Penny embraces Stefan. MacGyver recovers the postcard and Stefan agrees to drive his uncle's car and lead them down the back roads to get to the border.

Petrovich's men come to the house and he tells them to go after the fugitives. They catch up to MacGyver and the others, and MacGyver has Penny take the wheels while he jumps across to a water tanker on the road ahead of them. MacGyver takes a hose and attaches it to the exhaust pipe, and then into the water. He opens up the diesel fuel valve and the resulting mixes makes the road so slick that the pursuing cars crash.

MacGyver, Penny, and Stefan get over the border to Greece where a border guard asks for their passports. Fortunately, Penny knows the guard and they embrace.