The Wish Child - Recap

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MacGyver is at his apartment sparring with a masked woman and honing his martial art skills. He ends up with his foot in a wastebasket and goes down, then surrenders. His opponent, Lisa Chan, tells him not to telegraph his moves. They're interrupted when someone calls for Lisa: a man offering to finance her marital arts studio. She asks MacGyver to pick up her brother Paul, who is at a birthday party. MacGyver willingly agrees but Lisa warns that the 14-year-old Paul is getting out of her control and is bringing up their parents' death from seven years ago. MacGyver assures her that as long as Paul still has a white streak in his hair.

MacGyver goes to Chinatown to pick up Paul. Meanwhile, at a restaurant Dr. Shun Wei arrives and meets with Ston, who says that he has found the Wish Child. His assistant brings in Paul, dressed in traditional robes. Paul senses Dr. Wei's disbelief and knows he has brought a test. Wei hands him a rock from the dynasty of the Wish Child, and informs Paul the true Wish Child will bring a sign from the rock. Paul takes it in his hands and concentrates, and then the incense burner in front him first glows and then explodes in smoke. Paul reveals that the rock has disintegrated and a stamp bearing the Sign of the Wish Child is within. Impressed, Wei bows to Paul.

MacGyver arrives at the restaurant but a street thug is guarding the place and refuses to let him in. MacGyver retreats, borrows a RC car, and puts a dragonhead on it. He sends it up to the restaurant to distract the thug while he slips into the restaurant. MacGyver sees Paul performing more parlor tricks and enters the room. Paul recognizes him but a man comes at him with a knife. The guard comes in while Paul's entourage hustles him out the back. The guard steps on the stamp of the Wish Child and then knocks MacGyver unconscious, while Ston gets Wei out.

MacGyver wakes up in a crate with no idea where he is. He discovers fireworks in the crate and uses a watch crystal to ignite a firecracker and blow a hole in the side. The explosion knocks him out of the crate, and he discovers the crate is dangling over a ship. Surprised workers lower him down, and MacGyver heads off to find Paul. He's unaware that that the wealthy Mr. Lee is on a nearby ship. Wei pays Lee a visit, and Lee takes him to a high-security section of the ship. Lee opens a locked door to reveal a room filled with relics of the Wish Child, then dons traditional robes. He explains he's dedicated to making the legend of the Wish Child a reality. Wei shows Lee the stamp and explains how Paul revealed it despite the fact x-rays showed nothing inside the stone. He mentions his suspicions about Ston, and Lee admits he knows that Ston is a criminal with several murders to his credit. He pays Wei and tells him he has a spy among Ston's people. Once he's gone, Lee examines a bust of the Wish Child... with a white streak in his hair.

MacGyver is unable to contact Lisa by phone so he goes back to the restaurant. He discovers that everyone is gone but spots the imprint of the stamp on the wooden floor. MacGyver pries up the board and takes it to a friend, Sam, who sells cheap goods out of his trunk. Sam translates the mark as the symbol of the Wish Child and gives MacGyver a postcard that he's attached to a plaque and is selling as a relic. He knows that someone is running a scam involving the Wish Child, an ancient legend. Sam explains how the Wish Child was reborn as a warlord's son and then lost his memory and his family during a battle. He gained a white streak in his hair, and gives immortality to those who "link their souls" with him. Sam tells him that Ston is running the scam and will dispose of Paul once he's run the scam as much as he can.

Ston and Paul are at Ston's restaurant and discussing how Paul made the switch of Wei's rock for a fake. He plans to take Lee's money and then dispose of Paul. Ston pays Paul, who plans to use the money to buy Lisa her martial art studio. Paul wonders if he might really be the Wish Child and Ston praises him. MacGyver secretly arrives and pulls Paul out. Outside, they hide in an alley and MacGyver tells Paul that Ston's people attacked him, but Paul doesn't believe it. Ston discovers Paul is missing and sends his people to find the boy. Paul insists that he can trust Ston and they're not hurting anyone, and he notes that the accident that killed his parents left him untouched. He wonders if he does have powers. MacGyver offers to talk to him man-to-man once they get out. He spots an umbrella and uses it to make a crude grappling hook so they can get over the alley wall. Ston's people catch up to them and Paul agrees to go with them. Once they get him away, the guard comes at MacGyver with a gun. He uses a trash can to knock the guard down long enough to get over the wall, then cuts the rope loose when the guard tries to follow.

MacGyver sees Paul leave with Ston but has no idea where they're going. He looks at the Chinese postcard Sam gave him and realizes he got it from a museum. He goes there and discovers that Wei is the curator. Wei insists that Paul is the Wish Child and explains the legend. Wei denies knowing anything about Lee's business but MacGyver wants to know who is paying the bills. Wei insists that Lee is only interested in the Wish Child as a scholar. Meanwhile, Ston takes Paul to the docks and explains that they're not hurting anyone by taking Lee's money. Lee greets them and takes them aboard the ship then asks Paul about the accident that killed his parents. Paul describes it, re-experiencing the pain. He admits he doesn't remember how he survived and wandered into the mountains, and Lee reassures him that the Wish Child didn't remember his parents' death either.

One of Lee's men, Tong, goes to the museum while MacGyver demands to know where he can find Lee. When Wei refuses, MacGyver explains that he's been attacked repeatedly and figures Lee wants something. Wei explains how one can achieve immortality and Lee is old. The millionaire will protect Paul and keep him safe by imprisoning him. MacGyver points out that Wei is helping enslave Paul and demands answers. Ston's man sneaks in and shoots Wei, but the doctor manages to gasp out the ship's location and Lee's secret vault before he dies.

Lee takes Paul to a stone with a handprint of the Wish Child in it. Paul has no choice but discovers that his hand is an exact match. Lee reveals the bust, a near-match of Paul, then tells Ston he'll receive his money for delivering Paul. They lock Paul up and leave.

MacGyver gets to the ship while Lee pays Ston his one million dollars in gold. Tong then knocks Ston out, ties the gold to him, and throws him overboard. Meanwhile, MacGyver covers himself in oil and grease and sneaks aboard the ship disguised as an engineer. Following Wei's instructions, he gets to Lee's secret shrine but a crewman spots him. MacGyver bluffs his way past the man and continues. As the ship prepares to leave dock, MacGyver approaches the guard protecting the shrine, drops a part on his foot, then hooks him to a winch and raises him into the air. He takes the man's gun and goes to the shrine door, but it's locked. MacGyver takes the gunpowder out of the bullets and uses a bandanna to wrap up the powder and break open the lock. He gets Paul out and they run for it, but hear Lee coming down in the elevator. MacGyver grabs a fire extinguisher and then they retreat to the shrine. MacGyver has Paul hold up the Wish Child bust and then sprays the fire extinguisher throughout the chamber. Lee enters and sees the bust seemingly floating in mid-air. He runs in, distracted, and MacGyver shoves him aside and they get out. Lee sets off the alarm and the guards release him. He clutches at his chest and heads for the deck.

MacGyver and Paul head for the deck but Tong intercepts them. MacGyver is outclassed in martial arts but trips the man with a rope and they get topside. Lee begs Paul to come back as they get off the ship, then collapses and falls into the netting below. MacGyver wonders if Lee believed in the legend too much. Later, MacGyver and Paul enjoy pizza at MacGyver's apartment when Lisa arrives. She tells them she's had a bad day and wonders how the birthday party was, and MacGyver says it was outstanding.