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MacGyver: Jack of Lies

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Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x6
Production Number: 029
Airdate: Monday November 03rd, 1986

Guest Stars
Gregory SierraGregory Sierra
As Colonel Antunnez
Gregory SierraGregory Sierra
As Colonel Antunnez
Bruce McGillBruce McGill
As Jack Dalton
Patricia McPhersonPatricia McPherson
As Michelle "Mike" Forester
Main Cast
Richard Dean AndersonRichard Dean Anderson
As Angus MacGyver
Richard Dean AndersonRichard Dean Anderson
As Angus MacGyver
Dana ElcarDana Elcar
As Peter Thornton
Dana ElcarDana Elcar
As Peter Thornton


MacGyver returns home and discovers that everything in his apartment is missing. The thief has left a copy of Kidnapped with a note directing him to an airport hanger and threatening his refrigerator. MacGyver knows only one person with that kind of humor: his old friend Jack Dalton. They traveled across Europe together with Mike Forrester and were friends for years. The hanger belongs to Jack, and MacGyver spots an open door. Using a cardboard tube, he pokes the door open and avoid the water bucket propped above. Inside, the lights come on revealing MacGyver's stuff. Jack is waiting in the rafters and MacGyver tells him to come down. Jack falls off... and the rope around his feet catch him. He asks MacGyver to cut him down and MacGyver reluctantly cuts him down. Jack explains he now runs an air freight and was smuggling orchids. He needed to call in a botanist, and he needs MacGyver to go with him to Dinato, Central America, to rescue the botanist. Jack claims that it's a simple abduction but his left eye twitches, and MacGyver knows that means he's lying. MacGyver starts to walk off and Jack says that he's dying. He says he wants to do one thing right before he dies, and his eye doesn't twitch...

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Episode Notes
This episode marks the first appearance of Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill) on the series.

Episode Quotes
(reading a thief's note)
MacGyver: "Dear Mac. If you ever want to see your fridge alive, meet me at the west end of the airport, Hanger 13. Come alone or the fridge fries." Some folks might see the humor in something like this. I don't happen to be one.

MacGyver: Jack Dalton. Rogue, adventurer, liar, thief.

MacGyver: (to Jack, after he took everything out of his apartment) First, you're going to come down here so I can punch you in the nose.

MacGyver: Jack, wouldn't you say we're running out of runway?
Jack Dalton: You worry too much, Mac.
MacGyver: Sometimes you don't worry enough!

MacGyver: Want to level with me? I'm kinda tired of being jerked around like a big dog on a short leash.
Jack Dalton: Let it never be said of Jack Dalton that he was unkind to animals.

MacGyver: So why didn't you just tell me the whole story?
Jack Dalton: Right, sure. Drugs, blackmail, corrupt police. Sounds like a bad TV show.
MacGyver: Yeah, you want to know how it ends?
Jack Dalton: They all live happily ever after?

Colonel Antunnez: My mother taught me never to strike a lady. (slaps Mike) I never listened to my mother.

Elena: So Jack wanted to get caught? What kind of plan is that?
MacGyver: A dumb one.

Jack Dalton: The way I figure it, we take off in that plane, one of two things can happen. One, we can fly about five miles and crash into the mountains. Or two, we can fly about five miles and crash into the ocean.
MacGyver: Nice to have options.

Jack Dalton: Mike, Mike. Don't worry. I've..
MacGyver and Mike: I've got a plan.
Jack Dalton: Do I say that a lot?

MacGyver: I hope Jack doesn't object. I dug into his private stock of cheap wine.
Michelle "Mike" Forester: I don't know, Mac. I usually use a white wine to charge my dead batteries.

MacGyver: It's been said the best gift a man could ever give another was his life. Jack Dalton was never one to settle for less than the best.

Episode References
* Cardboard tube to unscrew a light bulb from an overhead lamp, turning it off
* Two baling hooks taped to an oxygen cylinder and fired using elastic to explode and knock a jeep off the road
* A stick to plug a fuel leak caused by a bullet
* Beer poured on a string of lights and ignited, causing the bulbs to explode and prevent pursuit
* Putting on a monk's habit backward to lure a guard close enough to punch him, and the rope-belt to tie the guard up
* Foil from a cigarette pack to carry a current and hotwire a truck
* A spring underneath a board as a trigger
* Cheap white wine to recharge a car battery
* Car battery hooked up to an airplane prop to pull a rope to pull up a tarpaulin as a trap

Other Episode Crew

CreatorLee David Zlotoff
Executive ProducerRobin Chamberlin  |  John Rich (1)
Co-Executive ProducerStephen Downing
Supervising ProducerBill Froehlich  |  Mark Lisson
ProducerVictor Hsu  |  Michael Greenburg (1)
EditorMarco Zappia
CastingNan Dutton
Unit Production ManagerSam C. Freedle
First Assistant DirectorRobin Chamberlin
Second Assistant DirectorMerri D. Howard  |  Gary Law
MusicRandy Edelman
Music EditorSteve Danforth
HairstylistJo McCarthy
Make-upJoe McKinney
Set DecoratorMary Swanson
Location ManagerLisa Shuart-white
Property MasterPeter McWade
Script SupervisorJoyce King
Director of PhotographyWilliam Gereghty (1)
Story EditorJohn J. Sakmar  |  Kerry Lenhart
Stunt CoordinatorVince Deadrick, Jr.
Art DirectorWilliam Hiney
Sound MixerAlan Bernard
Special EffectsBilly Myatt
Executive Story EditorStephen Kronish
Costume SupervisorThomas Welsh
Main Title ThemeRandy Edelman
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