Birth Day - Recap

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MacGyver is getting up early for a fishing trip and stops to get gas.

A pregnant woman, Elaine Harryman, is going through her husband's files at the halfway home that he runs for ex-cons. She puts a file in a briefcase.

As MacGyver pulls out, he hits a broken bottle and gets a flat tire.

Elaine's husband Andrew returns to the halfway house and Elaine hears him pull into the driveway. Andrew comes in and talks to two ex-cons having breakfast in his kitchen, wondering why Elaine is there. They tell him that she's been there all night. Andrew goes in and tries to comfort her. Elaine finally tells him that she knows he's been using her.

MacGyver tries to buy a tire from the unhelpful gas station attendant, who thinks MacGyver is blaming him for the broken bottle. MacGyver decides to use his spare.

Elaine reveals she's found the documents revealing that Andrew has been using forged papers to get dozens of ex-cons from a prison gang to work for him in illegal arms and drug deals. Andrew points out that she can't be forced to testify against him, and warns that he ran everything through her and she'll be incriminated as well. When she insists on going to the authorities with the files, he grabs a letter opener and goes after her. She knocks the letter opener out of his hands and when he bends over to pick it up, she knocks him out. She runs for the car but forgets to take the keys with her. Outside she has no choice but to run away on foot. Andrew wakes up and yells for her, and the ex-cons hear him and come running, and he tells them to get rid of her while he gets himself patched up.

Elaine runs down the street and finds herself at the gas station as MacGyver finishes changing his tire. She begs him for help and the crooks show up in their car. MacGyver agrees to help and drives away with the ex-cons in pursuit. MacGyver pulls into a boat manufacturing company and wheels a boat hull into the road behind them. The ex-cons come around the corner and slam into it and MacGyver drives away. However, there's another boat blocking the way out.

The criminals, Eric and Karl, call Harryman and tell him where they are. Meanwhile, MacGyver opens a loading door into the plant and drives his jeep inside, then closes and bars the door behind them. He drives around trying to another way out but a ramp collapses beneath them, stranding the jeep in a pit channel. As Karl and Eric break through the door, MacGyver takes Elaine on foot to find an exit. She explains that she's a social worker that met Andrew in the penitentiary, and they worked together to fulfill her dream to start a halfway house. They don't have any luck finding an unlocked exit and their pursuers are closing in. Elaine starts to have contractions and they hide as Eric approaches them. MacGyver spots water release valves and fires a blast to knock Eric unconscious. They flee and Karl arrives, realizes his partner is out, and goes to find the fugitives.

Karl corners Elaine, who is alone. She begs him to let her go but he refuses to go back to solitary. MacGyver drops down from the ceiling and knocks him out, and then ties both ex-cons up. He goes to find Elaine and discovers that her water's broke. She warns that she can't go anywhere while she's having contractions and admits that she plans to give it up for adoption. When Elaine says that, the baby kicks and MacGyver suggests the baby is trying to tell her something.

Andrew can't contact his men and sends his man Mitch to assemble the rest of the ex-cons. Meanwhile, Elaine is worried that the labor pains are coming and going and MacGyver tries to convince her to hold on for the sake of the baby. Elaine admits that she's a black sheep in her family because of her charity work. MacGyver goes to find transportation and Elaine insists on going with him.

While Andrew drives to the plant, MacGyver rigs a cable to the winch on his jeep and pulls it around so it's lined up with the pit channel. They drive along trying to find a way out. They come to a pile of boards and MacGyver creates a makeshift ramp to drive out of the pit. The boards break halfway, and MacGyver manages to pull the jeep out with the front-wheel drive. MacGyver opens a door just as Andrew pulls up. Andrew opens fire as MacGyver hastily closes the door. He drives away as Andrew gets the door open and comes after them in his sportscar, but Andrew's car briefly stalls out. MacGyver drives into a freight elevator and the doors close as Andrew arrives. They go up and Andrew goes over to the stairs to intercept them. However, he hears Eric and Karl yelling for help and goes to free them.

MacGyver pulls the jeep out onto the second floor and tries to find a way out. He pulls out onto the outside ledge and spots a freight platform on a crane, equipped with straps. Meanwhile, Andrew has Eric and Karl call Mitch and the others while he goes upstairs.

MacGyver attaches the straps to the jeep and uses the remote to swing the crane out and then lower them down. Andrew spots them and shoots, but the top of the platform protects them. However, they end up back in the blocked-off alley. MacGyver drives back through the plant and then out the other side, ducking bullets. However, Mitch and the other ex-cons arrive, cutting off their escape. They drive back inside the plant and MacGyver drives through a glass door. Mitch goes after them on his motorcycle while Andrew, Eric, and Karl continue the pursuit in Andrew's sportscar.

MacGyver drives into a junkyard and camouflages the jeep with wrecked car parts. Mitch and then Andrew drive by but soon realize MacGyver couldn't have gotten ahead of them. Meanwhile, Elaine is feeling low given how Andrew used her, and MacGyver assures her that she's way too good for Andrew. He makes sure that Elaine is secure and then goes to find a way to send a signal to the outside world. Eric approaches them and MacGyver uses his fishing rod to throw a sinker and knock the ex-con out. he promises Elaine he'll be back for her and then goes for help. He checks out the boats and finds a pack of signal flags. He spells out the world "Help" and then prepares to fill a sail bag with industrial gasses. However, Karl arrives and MacGyver is forced to hide. MacGyver tries the same trick with the sinker but tangles the line on a mast. He calls out to Karl and then yanks the mast into his head, knocking him out.

MacGyver scales a wall to get to the industrial gas tanks. He finds a tank of helium and soaks the sail bag in water to contain the gas. Meanwhile, Elaine has more contractions and Andrew gets close to her position. MacGyver sends his improvised balloon up and Mitch and the others spot it. Mitch drives toward where MacGyver launched the balloon, unaware that MacGyver has rigged the string from his fishing rod across a door. When he drives in, MacGyver yanks the string, knocking him off.

MacGyver runs back to where Elaine is hidden, and discovers that Andrew is searching for her. He hears her when she moans in pain and closes in, ready to shoot. Meanwhile, two nearby policemen spot the signal flags and come to investigate. Andrew finds Elaine, who says he's a loser and tells him to do what he has to. He takes the files and prepares to shoot her, but MacGyver grabs him from underneath the jeep, drags him under, and knocks him out. Elaine goes into labor and MacGyver lends a hand. Later, the police take away Andrew and his men while the paramedic informs MacGyver that the mother and daughter are doing fine. MacGyver gets into the ambulance and assures Elaine she's doing fine. Elaine agrees to keep her, at least for a little while.