Out in the Cold - Recap

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MacGyver and Pete are on a skiing vacation to get away from it all while Pete's place is fumigated, and Pete isn't doing well. Despite going down repeatedly, he insists on getting up. Meanwhile, a mob informant, Phil, arrives uphill from them. He's unaware that Arnie, another mobster, is watching him. Arnie checks in with Jack, who is in the car in the parking lot with their boss Sam Leland. They need a microfilm that Phil has and order Arnie to get it before he makes contact with the Feds. Meanwhile, Phil puts the microfilm in the hollow interior of his ski pole. He skis downhill and "accidentally" slams into MacGyver. Leland knows that Phil is an expert skier and suspects something is up. Phil collects his gear and switches his ski pole for MacGyver's. MacGyver heads up the mountain for the last run of the day while Pete heads back to the lodge. Arnie confronts Phil and demands the microfilm from him. Phil denies knowing anything about Arnie and tries to make a break for it. Arnie shoots him down and the gunshot starts an avalanche.

MacGyver arrives at the top of the mountain and starts skiing down. Meanwhile, Arnie searches Phil's corpse as MacGyver skis past him. He calls in and tells Leland that Phil didn't have the film. Leland figures that MacGyver has it. Arnie spots the avalanche too late and is killed. Further downhill, MacGyver spots the avalanche and tries to outrace it. on the ground, Leland spots the avalanche and MacGyver. At the base of the ski run, Pete spots the avalanche and realizes his friend is in danger. He can do nothing but watch as the avalanche overtakes MacGyver and buries him.

MacGyver recovers consciousness to find himself buried with only a small pocket of air. Meanwhile, Pete notifies the ski patrolwoman that he knows where MacGyver went down. On the ground, Leland figures MacGyver was Phil's contact and they'll find the microfilm on MacGyver's body. He orders Jack to make sure and get the microfilm and then heads back home.

On the mountain, the ski patrol have to leave within 10 minutes or be caught in another avalanche when they use explosives to trigger a controlled slide. Pete begs for as much time as possible but they can only give the search party a couple more minutes. Meanwhile, MacGyver first confirms which direction is up. Using his ski pole, he then drills up through the snow and barely through the surface. Finally he makes a small parachute out of his bandanna and a zipper pull, then blows it out through the tube. As the search party is ordered out, Pete sees the parachute as it floats back to earth. He finds the pole and the ski patrolwoman calls off the controlled slide long enough to get MacGyver dug out. As they get the semi-frozen MacGyver to shelter, Pete trips and breaks his leg.

Later, MacGyver lets Pete stay there at his apartment while Pete's is fumigated. Pete soon starts to get on MacGyver's nerves. Meanwhile, Jack reports to Leland that they found MacGyver alive and he couldn't get the microfilm. He explains that he's been skimming gambling money from the syndicate and the microfilm has the proof. Jack has traced the car and learned Pete is with the Phoenix Foundation, and stakes the place out.

Pete becomes increasingly demanding despite insisting he doesn't want MacGyver waiting on him. As MacGyver puts away his ski gear, he notices that someone switched poles with him but dismisses it as unimportant. He serves lunch but Pete doesn't like tofu casserole and they finally agree to order Chinese.

Jack and Leland's driver Willie follow MacGyver to the Chinese restaurant when he goes to get their order. They grab him and load him into a van, and then demand the microfilm. Jack obligingly explains the whole situation and MacGyver suggests they make a deal. When Jack refuses, MacGyver squirts him and Willie in the eyes with packets of soy sauce. The van skids into the sidewalk and MacGyver makes a run for it. However, they have his registration from the jeep and head for his apartment. MacGyver gets there a few minutes later and discovers that they've already grabbed Pete. Leland calls and tells him to come to Leland's cleaning plant that night and bring the microfilm. MacGyver figures out where the microfilm is and determines what's on it.

That night, Leland waits for MacGyver and informs Pete that once MacGyver arrives, they'll both be going in a dryer. Meanwhile, MacGyver sneaks into the cleaning plant by getting into a laundry bag and activating the conveyer belt to bring it inside. Leland and his men hear the belt running and Willie goes to investigate. MacGyver's laundry bag arrives with the rest and he cuts himself out, surprising Willie and knocking him out. After locking him in a laundry tumbler, MacGyver activates some machinery. Leland sends Jack to shut off the machines and find Willie. MacGyver shoves a laundry cart at him, knocking him inside. MacGyver bundles Jack up and uses a hoist to raise him into the air.

Leland hears Jack's yells and goes to investigate. MacGyver leaps on another hanging bundle and rides it into Leland, knocking him into a storage cage. The door doesn't have a lock but MacGyver runs some wires from the nearby generator to the cage and warns Leland not to touch the metal. He then frees Pete and explains what happened, and Pete suggests the next time they go to Hawaii. However, when he gets up he slips in some water and breaks his other leg.

Later, MacGyver escorts the now wheelchair-bound Pete back to MacGyver's apartment. Pete starts asking for things again and MacGyver finally gives in. As he goes, Pete complains that living with MacGyver is no picnic.