Mask of the Wolf - Recap

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Jack is living a low-rent neighborhood after the failure of his most recent scheme and introduces MacGyver to his neighbor Jamie Two Eagles. Two Eagles has been mugged but Jack says that his friend will be fine and thanks MacGyver for the ride home. Jack makes Two Eagles breakfast and asks how he can help. As he talks, Two Eagles gets out an Indian "talking staff" and remembers a totem pole and his father giving him the necklace of the eagle as a child. He tells Jack of the Mask of the Illacom, and how his grandfather made a sacred place where the Mask of Illacom was located, on the Kaqwani Indian Reservation. Two Eagles says he must go there one last time, and that his people have been the keepers of the Mask. He asks Jack for help, saying he will be the first white person to see the powers of the mask.

Jack goes to MacGyver who has some time off and isn't planning on helping. Jack quickly guilts him into helping, and explains that the Indian talking staff has landmarks on it. He finally admits that he might be able to sell a news story but insists that he has (mostly) altruistic motives. MacGyver insists on going to the Native Indian Education Center first to do some research. He learns that the Mask is the most sacred relic of the Kaqwani tribe. They're unaware that two men are listening in as they discuss the Mask's history and Two Eagle's talking stick. Once Jack and MacGyver leave, the two men figure they're onto something valuable and go after them. MacGyver drops off Jack and goes to get some winter gear, and Grant and Perry park nearby. They lurk outside Two Eagle's door and listen as he describes the route from the staff. They then burst in and Perry, a Native American, recognizes the staff. He can't read the language so they knock out Jack and take Two Eagles with them.

MacGyver returns and finds Jack recovering from the blow. Jack tells him what happened and admits the police aren't interested on a vague report and the reservation is out of their jurisdiction. He figures they can follow the directions that Two Eagles gave him. They drive for the reservation, while Grant and Perry drive there ahead of them. Two Eagles refuses to help them but Grant knows where they can get snow mobiles and is sure that nothing will stop them.

Jack spots MacGyver as they drive through the night, but he soon starts to doze off and nearly hits an oncoming car. MacGyver wakes up and Jack assures him they're fine and will get to the reservation by the dawn. Jack worries about Two Eagles and MacGyver admits he'll only be okay as long as he's leading the villains to where they want to go.

Grant and Perry arrive and tell Two Eagles to give them the directions. When he refuses, Grant prepares to shoot him and Perry intervenes, noting that his father died following trap lines and he makes money and owns a car. Two Eagles isn't impressed. They load up on the snowmobiles and depart into the woods. As they go, a branch scrapes Two Eagles, catching his eagle necklace.

Jack and MacGyver find the main trail and spot Grant's truck. They find the snowmobile's fresh tracks and Jack spots the necklace on the branch. The next step is the worship grounds. Meanwhile, at a local supply store, Anna's Place, the owner sees Grant, Perry, and Two Eagles pass.

As Jack and MacGyver proceed on foot, Grant and Perry arrive at the worship grounds. Two Eagles scrapes aside the snow to reveal the sacred Kaqwani totems. The eagle totem pointed to the Cave of the Wolf but it's fallen. Two Eagles determines that it points into the woods and they prepare to leave. Perry realizes Two Eagles has lost his necklace but Two Eagles insists they go on. When Two Eagles seems unconcerned, Perry wonders why and Two Eagles warns that Illacom will decide his fate... and theirs. As they leave, a gray wolf comes out of the woods and follows them.

Jack and MacGyver come to Anna's Place and she invites them in. She knows Two Eagles from her childhood and recognizes his necklace. They tell her that the villains are after the Mask of Illacom and she offers them a dog sled so they can follow the snowmobiles. MacGyver has worked with sled dogs before and they head off after the snowmobiles.

Two Eagles finds the place where Illacom lives and realizes they're close. They approach a cave but Two Eagles tells them it's not too late for them to turn back. Grant refuses to listen although Perry grows increasingly nervous. As they go in, the wolf watches them. They hear a whistling noise and Grant fires but hits nothing. Two Eagles reaches into a crevasse, removes a wooden pin, and shifts a rock on wooden rollers to reveal a secret cave filled with totems. Two Eagles lights the fires and starts chanting. Meanwhile, Jack and MacGyver arrive at the worship grounds and spot the totem that Two Eagles revealed. MacGyver figures that Grant and Perry plan to dispose of Two Eagles once they have what they need.

Grant and Perry examine one of the totems. As they try to remove the pin holding the Mask of Illacom to the totem, Two Eagles steps to the side. When the mask is removed, it releases a shaft that causes the roof to start collapsing. Grant jams the wooden shaft with his knife. Two Eagles tries to pull it loose and Grant throws him against the rocks, knocking him out. Grant prepares to shoot him but Perry tells him to let the cold and the wolves finish him. Grant agrees and has Perry tie Two Eagles up.

MacGyver and Jack approach on foot and see the men leave. They figure Two Eagles is inside. Perry suggests they take the Mask back but Grant dismisses his concerns and says he'll feel better once they're away. They leave on their snowmobiles and Jack and MacGyver enter the cave. They find the secret chamber and go inside. Two Eagles recovers consciousness and admits that he tried to lure Grant and Perry there to capture them. MacGyver starts to cut him free but Jack grabs Grant's knife, setting off the trap. The support struts collapse and a huge barricade drops down, sealing them in. Everyone is okay, but there's no way out.

Two Eagles believes it's the justice of Illacom for failing to protect the Mask. MacGyver notices that sand poured out of a shaft, causing the barricade to close. They need to force the sand back in and shove the piston up to lift the barricade. Two Eagles tosses some powder into the fires to prepare for their deaths and MacGyver realizes the powder is finely ground copper and zinc. He plans to use it as an explosive charge to force the piston back up.

Grant and Perry pull to a stop at the worship grounds. Perry remembers Two Eagles’ warning and discovers that he's out of gas. Grant suggests they go back to the store to get gas and gives Perry a ride. As they drive away, the gray wolf approaches the exposed totem.

MacGyver rigs a stump and a board as a lever to thrust under the door. Two Eagles ignites the fuse and the door lifts long enough for them to get the board under it. They slip underneath it and get clear, and then go to get the Mask. Meanwhile, Grant and Perry arrive at the supply store and ask to buy some gas. When Anna's back is turned, Perry notices the eagle necklace lying on the counter and they hold Anna at gunpoint. They figure MacGyver and Jack were at the store and coming back. Perry goes out to hide the snowmobile. MacGyver, Jack, and Two Eagles arrive at the worship grounds, spot the abandoned snowmobile, and figure the men are at Anna's Place.

Grant and Perry spot an approaching dog sled with one man guiding it. Grant shoots the driver while leads with Perry to stop him. Perry shoves his partner out into the snow, but Grant shoots him and then the approaching sled driver. It's a dummy made out of snow wearing Jack's parka. MacGyver and Jack are on top of the store and jump down, knocking Grant out. Two Eagles recovers the Mask and Perry apologizes. Two Eagles assures him that he's recovered his soul. They see the gray wolf outside as it returns to the woods.