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MacGyver: Rock the Cradle

MacGyver and Jack Dalton are two men with a baby when they return from Mexico and discover Jack's old girlfriend has left a child she claims is his son at his hangar.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x18
Production Number: 062
Airdate: Monday April 18th, 1988

Director: Mike Vejar
Writer: John Whelpley

Guest Stars
Bruce McGillBruce McGill
As Jack Dalton
Mitzi KaptureMitzi Kapture
As Katie
Don ThompsonDon Thompson
As Cutler
Garwin SanfordGarwin Sanford
As Durst
Malcolm FairweatherMalcolm Fairweather
As Jack Jr.

Co-Guest Stars
Peter YunkerPeter Yunker
As Carlo
Susan ChappleSusan Chapple
As Helen Wilson
Maria WestMaria West
As Dawn
David BernerDavid Berner
As Treasury Agent
James StevensJames Stevens
As Milland
Main Cast
Richard Dean AndersonRichard Dean Anderson
As Angus MacGyver
Dana ElcarDana Elcar
As Peter Thornton


Jack and MacGyver are flying back from Mexico in the plane that Jack bought at a drug enforcement auction. Both engines cut out and the plane starts to go down. Jack tries to lower the landing gear, but only one wheel goes down. MacGyver grabs the one parachute and climbs down onto the stalled landing gear. He spots the leaking hydraulic fluid tube and grabs a fire extinguisher. MacGyver's plan works... and the wheel drops, dropping him as well. As Jack brings the plane into land, MacGyver loses his grip and falls, and activates his parachute to come in for a landing. As Jack coasts to his hangar, MacGyver gets there and promises he never plans to fly again. He leaves despite Jack's pleading...

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Episode Notes
Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) and Garwin Sanford (Durst) would later appear in the Stargate SG-1 episodes "Enigma", "Pretense" and "Between Two Fires" and the Stargate Atlantis episode "Rising" together.

Episode Quotes
MacGyver: I have this recurring nightmare. I'm on a gameshow and the hundred thousand dollar question is, "What's the opposite of Swiss Air?" And before I can think I answer, "Dalton Airways." Jack Dalton's dream. My nightmare. And at the moment, we were both living it. He picked up this lame duck at a drug enforcement auction in Mexico, at a bargain basement price, of course. Even drug-dealing desperadoes draw the line on what they'll fly. But not Jack. Oh no.

MacGyver: It didn't work!
Jack Dalton: You're absolutely right, But you've got to look at the bright side of these things, Mac. We're still airborne, we're close to home...
MacGyver: ...and we're fallin' like a rock!

Jack Dalton: Where are you goin' with that? We've only got one parachute.
MacGyver: And whose fault is that?!
Jack Dalton: Okay, okay... what about me?
MacGyver: Jack, we all know the captain goes down with the ship. I'm just the engineer!

Jack Dalton: The airfield's just ahead. I figure you've got about four minutes to come up with an ingenious plan - preferably one that works.

Jack Dalton: We made it! We defied gravity! We defied the gods! Yeah!
MacGyver: I don't know why I'm mad at ya. I already knew you were nuts. The question is, how touched am I to keep gettin' hooked up with you!

Jack Dalton: I know it got a little harem-scarem up there, but you don't ever have to fly with me again if you don't want to.
MacGyver: That's good, Jack. That's perfect! I really don't want to fly with you. Ever!
Jack Dalton: Fine. (a piece of the plane falls off) I do, however, have an opening on my ground crew for a person of your imminent qualifications...

Jack Dalton: Look, MacGyver, it's a legit contract! Legit cargo. No drugs or alcohol, no toxins. No chemical cheese. No endangered species for slaughter. Nothing you could possibly object to on moral, ethical, or scientific grounds.
MacGyver: All right, I'll bite. What's the cargo?
Jack Dalton: Portable potties for Panama.

Jack Dalton: MacGyver, If you don't help me get her airborne, I'll lose the contract. Which means I won't be able to make rent on the hangar. Which means I'm going to have to ask you to let me move in for a while.
MacGyver: I've got tools and a welder in storage, and I know where we can scrounge for parts.

MacGyver: It's a baby, Jack.
Jack Dalton: What's it doing here?
MacGyver: You're asking me? It's your airplane.
Jack Dalton: Okay, it's my airplane. But what's that got to do with me?
MacGyver: Am I supposed to believe that whoever abandoned this baby picked your hangar and your airplane by pure chance?

Jack Dalton: What do you think a kid like this eats? You know about these things, Mac.
MacGyver: What, do I look like Dr. Spock?

MacGyver: Get a grip. We got to change him.
Jack Dalton: Can't we hose him down.
MacGyver: (thinks about it) No.

(the baby cries)
MacGyver: Jack, it's your turn.
Jack Dalton: I'm sorry. Captain Dalton is currently in a coma and unavailable.
MacGyver: You've been in a coma all your life. Even when you are awake, you don't do anything right. I send you to the store for a few necessities, and you come back with chips and beer instead of talcum powder and diapers.
Jack Dalton: They were sold out. In case you haven't heard, the yuppies are breedin' like guppies in these parts.

Jack Dalton: I'm not wild about havin' a baby dumped on us, but at least it was darn decent of her to leave some child support.
MacGyver: What, ninety-five thousand dollars' worth? You said she was a waitress at the Officers' Club. Call me skeptical, but I don't think her tips were quite that good.

Jack Dalton: It doesn't look like me, does it?
MacGyver: "Him," Jack, not "it." "Him." And as a matter of fact, with a little mustache, a forked tongue, a twitching eye, there's a strong possibility.

Pete: You guys are pathetic, you know that? Where did you learn to diaper a baby, in a fish market?

Pete: You building this for the kid or yourself?
MacGyver: A little of both.

Jack Dalton: I think this little fellow could be my kid. Well, I mean, he loves to fly, he's got a great belch, and I can tell by the gleam in his eye he's gonna be dynamite with the ladies.

MacGyver: So you pick up the phone. Who do you call?
Jack Dalton: My telephone's been temporarily disconnected for the last year or so.

Pete: This little boy's going to need a family. Some family.
MacGyver: Yeah, like uncles. Lots of uncles. Three. Three uncles.
Jack Dalton: Yeah. Somebody to take him fishing. Throw him a football. Fly him to Panama...

Episode References
* Fire extinguisher hooked up to a hydraulic fluid tube to replace missing fluid and lower landing gear on an airplane
* A rocking cradle for a baby, using four hockey sticks as an anchor, a hockey net tied beneath them, and cords hanging it from the ceiling and running from MacGyver to pull and rock it
* A clock inside a teddy bear to help a baby get to sleep

Other Episode Crew

CreatorLee David Zlotoff
Executive ProducerHenry Winkler  |  John Rich (1)  |  Stephen Downing
Supervising ProducerCalvin Clements, Jr.
ProducerMichael Greenburg (1)  |  Stephen Kandel
Co-ProducerJohn Whelpley
Associate ProducerJohn B. Moranville
Production DesignerRex Raglan
EditorWilliam Paul Dornisch
CastingFiona Jackson  |  Barbara Hanley  |  Cathy Henderson
First Assistant DirectorPeter Dashkewytch
Second Assistant DirectorMick Mackay  |  David Markowitz
MusicJohn E. Davis
Music EditorSteve Danforth
HairstylistIan C. Ballard
Make-upJan Newman
Key GripNick Kuchera
Set DecoratorDominique Fauquet-LeMaitre
Location ManagerTed Bauman
Property MasterPat O'Brien (3)
Construction CoordinatorCharles Leitrants
Script SupervisorSusan Weir
Production CoordinatorElaine Fleming
Post Production SupervisorBruce Williams
Supervising Sound EditorWilliam H. Angarola
GafferLen Wolfe
Director of PhotographyWilliam Gereghty (1)
Story EditorRick Drew
Stunt CoordinatorVince Deadrick, Jr.
Production ManagerRobert Frederick
Sound MixerEric Batut
Special EffectsBilly Myatt
Executive Story EditorReed Moran
Costume SupervisorThomas Welsh
Main Title ThemeRandy Edelman
Assistant Costume DesignerStephanie Nolin
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