The Outsiders - Recap

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MacGyver is driving through Pennsylvania after an extended session in a space simulator testing lab. He's passing two children, an Amish boy Jacob and a local girl Christy, when his jeep tire blows. He manages to jump clear just in time but is injured and knocked out in the crash. The children come to investigate. Jacob says he'll go to get his grandfather as Christy takes a dose of medicine for her asthma. He says they shouldn't be seen together and tells her to go home while he gets his grandfather to help MacGyver.

MacGyver wakes up in a bed at the local Amish community. The mother, Elizabeth Miller, is tending to him. When MacGyver mentions Jacob and Christy, Elizabeth says that Jacob couldn't have been playing with a girl and MacGyver passes it off as a hallucination from his injury. Outside, a construction crew confronts Elizabeth's father, John, and tell him he and the others don't own the land any more. John insists that it is their land and they're not moving, and goes back to drilling a well. The workers notify their owner, Wrightman, Christy's father. He goes to deal with it, telling his daughter to go home because he doesn't want her anywhere near the Amish.

The construction crew's leader, Stevens, confronts John again and yanks the hat off of his head. One of the other Amish, Will, intervenes and stops Stevens by grabbing his wrists, but lets go when John indicates he should relent. Stevens insists they have to finish the highway project after two years and attacks the drill. Jacob throws a baseball at him and Stevens comes toward him. MacGyver intervenes and stops the fight, and Wrightman arrives to tell Stevens to back down. Wrightman apologizes to John but insists the land belongs to the government now and the interchange means money for the community that they sorely need. He warns John that if they're not gone in two days, he'll call in the state troopers. John says he'll do what he must. The weakened MacGyver collapses and Elizabeth and the others get him back into the house. As Elizabeth tends to MacGyver, he warns that the government can take the land but there are ways to fight back. She says they have nowhere else to go and her husband died there

Wrightman tells Stevens that he doesn't want him causing trouble and if he or anyone else makes trouble, they'll lose their job. Stevens insists that if they don't get the work started, he'll lose his house. Wrightman tells them to show up in two days and to behave until then. Once he leaves, Stevens tries to rile up the other workers but they ignore him. He looks over at the explosives shack.

The next morning, the Amish are up before dawn to go to work and get MacGyver's jeep. Elizabeth thanks MacGyver for talking to Jacob about throwing the baseball at Stevens. Later, the Amish arrive with the jeep and John offers what help they can before walking off. MacGyver asks Elizabeth if Will can help but she informs him that Will is being shunned for running off to the city for two months. Worse, Will is her brother.

Christy meets secretly with Jacob again and worries that he'll move away. They swear to be best friends forever and promise to come to each other's help.

MacGyver gets Will to help lift the jeep and then goes to work. He tells John that it'll take at least another day and he tells Elizabeth to set another place for dinner. Later, MacGyver practices baseball with Jacob but still has trouble due to his injuries. When Will picks up the ball and MacGyver talks to him, everyone else turns their back on him. Will drops the ball and goes back to work. Elizabeth, upset, runs back to the house.

That night, John says grace while Will sits separately from the others. Meanwhile, Stevens slips onto the grounds and plants explosives on the well derrick. He sets off the charge and the Amish and MacGyver run outside to see the destruction.

The next morning, MacGyver goes to Wrightman and tells him what happened. Stevens reacts angrily and Wrightman figures he's involved. Stevens doesn't deny it and Wrightman knocks him to the ground and then fires him. MacGyver tells Wrightman that the Millers won't press charges but Wrightman plans to file charges of his own against Stevens for theft. As MacGyver goes, Wrightman warns him that it doesn't change anything and he'll be there on time. MacGyver tells him he'll be there too.

The construction crew goes to work and the state troopers arrive to move the Amish. Wrightman apologizes and offers to pay for the damages, but John points out he would have destroyed the derrick anyway. The state troopers order them to leave but the Amish form a human chain and MacGyver joins them. Meanwhile, Christy has snuck onto the farm and is watching. The troopers tell Wrightman to go to work while he calls in the county jail bus. The bulldozer moves in and Christy runs out and tries to block it. Wrightman stops the bulldozer and Christy begs her to let Jacob and the others lay. Her father tries to get her away and Christy backs onto the derrick site. She falls through and plunges down the well shaft, and MacGyver tells everyone to move back. He has one of the workers raise him above the shaft on a digging crane and determines that Christy is 20' down, wedged in some wreckage. He suggests to Wrightman that they dig a parallel shaft and then a cross tunnel, but admits he's never done it before.

Wrightman's crew go to work and the Amish help. However, the machinery causes the earth around Christy to start and crumble and they're forced to shut down. Christy begins to choke due to the asthma and Jacob explains. He's forced to admit that he's been seeing her. Jacob volunteers to take her asthma breather to Christy and Elizabeth reluctantly agrees. They raise the crane above the shaft and then lower Jacob on a rope. He gets the breather to her and they start to bring him up. Jacob refuses to leave his friend and unties the rope.

The crews work throughout the night and Will offers to help. John gives his permission and Will joins the work teams. Meanwhile, Jacob continues to help Christy. The work teams realize the earth is too soft for further tunneling. Under MacGyver's guidance they shove barrels through to provide the necessary support. MacGyver goes in and comes beneath Jacob and Christy. The tunnel starts to collapse and the work crews rush to brace it while MacGyver loses his grip and hangs above the water far below. He manages to pull himself up and tells Christy to ease herself down. Will holds the main support beam up while Wrightman moves everyone else away.

MacGyver gets Christy into the side tunnel but she refuses to go without Jacob. Jacob climbs down and MacGyver follows the two of them out. MacGyver sends them out and follows, pushing Will out with him just as the tunnel collapses. John shakes Will's hand and thanks MacGyver for his help.

Later, Wrightman comes to visit the Millers and tell them Christy will be fine. He tells John that he'll go back to the planning commission and propose an alternate route, no matter how expensive. MacGyver promises to have the Phoenix Foundation do what it can, and John promises to be there with Wrightman.