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The Challenge - Recap

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MacGyver drops by the Challengers Club, where he’s doing volunteer work for years. The couple in charge of the club is Booker and Cynthia Wilson, who have been running the place for 15 years to help the community. Booker tries out MacGyver’s newest invention, an exercise machine, and Cynthia warns him that the council meeting is coming up in two hours and they need to get there to make sure the club has its financing.

Teenager Ray Collins is leaving Larson’s print shop and gets in the man’s van. Larson comes out and accuses him of stealing the van. Ray has no idea what he’s talking about. Larson’s men come after him and ray locks the doors and tries to drive away. One of the men gets in the back but Ray pulls out, knocking the man off. Larson’s two men go after Ray while Larson calls a policeman over and insists the officer take him along to where he thinks Ray is going. Larson’s men pursue Ray through the streets. Ray goes to the Challengers Club and Larson’s men chase him inside. Cynthia and MacGyver stop them. The policeman arrives and Ray claims that Larson is lying. The policeman takes Larson’s side and takes Ray away.

Booker, Cynthia, and MacGyver go to the police station and Booker explains that Larson has been trying to get the Challengers Club shut down because it attracts a bad element to the neighborhood. Ray is to be confined until his case goes to court. The officer in charge, Jenkins, warns that Ray has a record and she can’t release Ray because his mother’s in the hospital. Booker insists that Ray is out of the gangs and has been doing fine at the Club. Booker and Cynthia already have enough kids under their custody, so Booker convinces MacGyver to take ray in. Ray is released but doesn’t want anything to do with MacGyver. As they leave, Larson tells his men to make it appear that Ray has run.

At the Club, Ray vents his anger on a boxing bag and says MacGyver can’t understand because he’s not black. Ray starts to go outside and MacGyver warns him he can’t go far, but Ray sys he’s just going outside to play basketball. MacGyver lets him go outside, but outside Larson’s men chase him off and then leave. Ray’s friend goes to get MacGyver but by the time he arrives, it’s too late.

MacGyver tries to appeal to one of Ray’s friends, Rico, who finally directs him to where Ray’s old gang hangs out at a billiard hall. There, Ray is meeting with his old gang leader, Breeze, and tries to buy a gun. Breeze offers to sell him a gun if Ray will sell crack for him, but when Ray refuses he gives him the gun and says they’ll deal later. MacGyver arrives and Breeze figures he’s a cop. and takes the gun back. When Ray asks what it’ll take to get MacGyver off his case, MacGyver offers him a game of pool. MacGyver wins, Ray tells him what happened. MacGyver loses, he drops the entire thing. They start their game.

At the council meeting, Booker makes his presentation and talks about how all the kids the Club takes in, and how they’re all mad at the world that’s turned them out. He explains that if the Club isn’t there, then the kids will be locked out of society. It’s up to the council whether the door stays open or not.

MacGyver runs the table thanks to his knowledge of physics. Ray says that talking isn’t going to change anything and he has no choice but to hate back, but MacGyver insists that the hate has to end somewhere.

Larson addresses the council, insisting the Club is a hangout for gang members and he’s the one who represents honest working men who don’t want “these people” coming in to ruin the neighborhood. Booker takes offense at Larson’s veiled innuendo that he’s racist but Larson continues. He insists that the jails and prisons can handle the teenage criminals, and gives the council a petition from concerned members of the community. MacGyver and Ray arrive and MacGyver tells Booker to let Ray talk. Larson uses Ray to make his case and MacGyver asks the council to let Ray speak. The council allows him to speak and Ray says that he used to run with a gang until Booker caught him breaking into the Challengers Club. Booker made him work at the Club and enter a job training program. He says that he went to Larson’s shop and applied for work. He tried to apply but Larson refused to give him an application. When Ray admitted he was on Booker’s program, Larson gave him the keys to the van and told him to drive it around the back. As soon as he was in the van, Larson accused him of stealing it. Ray apologizes if it messed up the Club’s financing but he stands by the truth.

The council votes on the appropriation of funds and approves, three to two.

Later, Larson returns to his print shop and gets his gun. As he loads it, he says that it’s time to take care of Booker and gives a gun to his man Smiley.

That night, Booker is driving when Smiley smashes into him with his car. Booker tries to fight back but is quickly subdued. They put him on the floor of their car and plants drugs in his car, and then leave.

At the Club, Ray is studying physics with MacGyver and apologizes for what he said about MacGyver. The police arrive and a detective tells Cynthia and MacGyver that Booker has disappeared, and they found Rocket Brand crack cocaine in his car. They also found chips of blue paint from the car that hit him. The police wonder if the gangs are after Booker because they don’t like his anti-drug programs. Once the detective leaves, MacGyver asks Ray if he’s heard of Rocket Brand crack. Ray offers to find out who sells it and MacGyver tells him to be careful.

Ray goes to see Breeze and his gang, but Breeze isn’t interested in helping Booker. He offers to set Ray up again but Ray refuses, insisting that crack is just another form of slavery. Ray demands to know who sells Rocket Brand and Breeze reluctantly helps him.

Larson and his men hang Booker up and prepare to kill him. Booker says that he can’t murder an idea but Larson is unimpressed.

Rico and his friends haven’t had any luck finding Booker. Ray checks in to tell them that a gang called the Demons carries Rocket Brand, but they haven’t been selling it for a couple of weeks. Booker never had a run-in with the Demons. MacGyver figure it’s a setup and gets Ray and Rico to show him where the Demons’ turf is. MacGyver drives to the gang’s former headquarters and finds Booker, brutally murdered.

The next day, MacGyver tries to comfort Cynthia as the police remove Booker’s body from the building. The detective goes over the crime scene with MacGyver and figures it was a drug execution. The Rocket Brand crack was in Booker’s pockets and the detective wonder if Booker might have been selling it to raise cash. MacGyver asks for the label from the bag.

Ray contacts the Demons, who insist they’re being framed. The gang says they print their own labels on a copy machine. MacGyver checks the label and determines the fake one is printed with ink on an offset printer. They both realize Larson printed the label at his print store. Ray goes to get the police while MacGyver drives to the print shop. He slips in the back and finds Smiley’s car, with blue paint and broken headlights. Smiley comes out the back with the hoods they wore when they abducted Booker and starts to burn them. MacGyver knocks him out and nabs the second man, Frank, as he comes out. He discovers that Frank is carrying bundles of a white supremacy newsletter.

MacGyver goes into the shop and confronts Larson, telling him they have the evidence that will convict him. Larson prepares to shoot MacGyver but MacGyver grabs him and the two men struggle. Ray and the detective arrive as MacGyver disarms Larson and slams him into the wall. He demands answers and Larson spews racial epithets in his face. MacGyver loses his temper and prepares to hit him, and Ray stops him. The detective takes Larson away and MacGyver and Ray embrace.

Later, the Challengers Club has new financing and a pool table thanks to the Phoenix Foundation. Ray is there and has brought Breeze in to help at the club. Cynthia figures a little bit of Booker will always be there and MacGyver agrees.