Runners - Recap

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Pete is waiting for MacGyver outside a convention center holding an aerospace technology conference. His friend finally arrives and Pete admits that he needs his help to set up their display for the convention.

Once they go inside, a pimp, Snakeskin, arrives with his prostitute Jennifer. He reassures her that she’s the best and prepares to send her in. Another of his prostitutes, Kandy, comes out and when she doesn’t have enough money to satisfy him, he twists her fingers. Kandy insists she needs to get fixed up and Snakeskin lets her go. He sends Jennifer in, saying he loves her and telling her to bring in at least $500. Once Jennifer is gone, Snakeskin gives Kandy some junk.

Inside the center, Jennifer starts approaching men but the firs few avoid her. Meanwhile, MacGyver finishes setting up the Foundation’s displays. Jennifer arrives and tries to hit on both of them. They’re both amused and shocked and she quickly leaves. MacGyver finishes his work and notices Jennifer leaving with a businessman. She starts to go up to the man’s room but he tells her what she wants to do and she has second thoughts. She walks away and the businessman tells a security guard that Jennifer propositioned him. She tries to get out of the conference center but finds the security guards covering the entrances. She hides in the Foundation booth and asks MacGyver to cover for her. He misdirects the security guard and then asks Jennifer what she plans to do next. He wishes her luck and leaves to get something to eat, and Jennifer asks if she can come along. He agrees and she introduces herself as Crystal.

As they eat, Jennifer asks what MacGyver does and he explains that he helps people in trouble. As he pays for the bill, she notices that he has a lot of money and offers herself as a steady date. MacGyver tells her to stop and Jennifer explains that she loves her boyfriend. He tries to get through to her, pointing out that she has to bring in money. MacGyver offers to put her up at the Challengers Club where she can get decent food and a place to stay.

As MacGyver and Jennifer leaves, she spots Snakeskin pulling up. He draws a knife on MacGyver, who quickly disarms him and then releases the brakes on Snakeskin’s car. As the pimp chases after it, MacGyver drives away with Jennifer.

MacGyver gets Jennifer to the Club and she wonders what he wants. He insists that he just wants to get home and get some sleep without having to worry about her. MacGyver turns her over to Cynthia Wilson, who asks if Jennifer’s parents know where she is. Jennifer tells them that her mother died in a car accident and she doesn’t know where her father is. MacGyver promises to see Jennifer there later and Cynthia assures him they’ll take good care of the girl. As MacGyver leaves, Cynthia explains the house rules and emphasizes she can’t have any contact with Snakeskin. She warns Jennifer that she still has a chance and they’ll give her all the support she needs. Jennifer asks Cynthia not to call her father and Cynthia says that she’ll wait until tomorrow.

MacGyver pulls in at a gas station. As he fills up, he remembers Jennifer mentioning that her mother died in a car accident and how his father and grandmother died the same way. As he goes to pay up, he realizes that Jennifer has stolen his money. He goes back to the Club and tells Cynthia what happened. They discover that Jennifer has snuck out the window and Cynthia figures she went back to Snakeskin. Cynthia knows Snakeskin’s address and promises to check with the police.

Jennifer returns to Snake’s house and the other prostitutes warn her that she’s not Snakeskin’s number one girl any more. Snakeskin arrives and activates his car alarm, and then sees Jennifer waiting for him. MacGyver pulls up down the street while Jennifer tries to give Snakeskin the money. She insists she did it for him but Snakeskin accuses her of not showing her appreciation. As she asks for another chance, MacGyver goes over to Snakeskin’s car and uses a cable from a nearby garbage bin to tie the back of the car to the bin. He activates the alarm and then drives up the sidewalk to rescue Jennifer. When Snakeskin tries to follow, he pulls the bin along and when he brakes, it smashes into them.

MacGyver takes Jennifer to the police station because he doesn’t know what else to do with her and she’ll get killed on the streets. She explains that she has stuff to work out with her father and asks to go home with MacGyver. Jennifer just wants someone to talk to .MacGyver reluctantly agrees to take her in. She puts on one of his hockey uniforms while he cooks wholewheat banana pancakes. She digs in and figures that they’re both running into trouble. Jennifer admits she’s running from herself. Her dad’s a cop and he works all the time. Jennifer says they have problems but figures MacGyver wouldn’t understand. She asks about his parents and he explains that he didn’t hear about his mother’s death until the day of the funeral. When he talks about his father and grandmother dying when he was 7, Jennifer wonders if he felt that his father abandoned him. MacGyver admits that he felt like he abandoned his father and wonders if he could have done something if he’d been there that night. When MacGyver wonders if she blames herself, Jennifer dodges the question and goes upstairs to sleep while MacGyver takes the downstairs couch. As she goes, she gives him her real name.

The next day at the Challengers Club, Sgt. Jim Reiner, Jennifer’s father, comes in to see Cynthia. He claims he didn’t report Jennifer as a runaway because he doesn’t want his fellow officers questioning him. Reiner wonders what Jennifer might have told her and insists that she’s been lying for years. MacGyver calls and asks if Jennifer wants to see her father. She doesn’t believe her father wants to see her and doesn’t think he’s interested in working out their problems. MacGyver wonders if she’s the one who is not ready. Jennifer agrees to go to the Club and enters Cynthia’s office. The first thing her father wants to know is what she told them about him. Jennifer realizes that’s all he cares about, if people find out, and starts yelling at him. He tries to quiet her down but Jennifer insists he’s only worried about what his co-workers will think of him. Reiner slaps her and she runs out. MacGyver stops him and Jennifer explains that her father has beat her before, and her mother as well. He beat her the night that her mother went off the road. Jennifer runs off and Reiner insists that it’s a misunderstanding. He goes after he and MacGyver and Cynthia follow him out to the street. Jennifer has disappeared and MacGyver figures she’s gone back to Snakeskin. Reiner is furious that his daughter is hooking and MacGyver tells him to calm down while he goes to find Jennifer. Once MacGyver has gone, Cynthia refuses to tell Reiner anything and tells him that he needs to get help. Reiner calls into the station and gets Snakeskin’s last known address. As he waits, he gets out his gun and makes sure it’s loaded.

Jennifer goes back to Snakeskin’s house. She goes inside while MacGyver pulls up around the corner and sneaks toward the building. He spots a nearby homeless lady and gets an idea.

Jennifer knocks on Snakeskin’s door and he lets her in. He fakes sympathy when she explains that her father hit her. Outside, MacGyver approaches a bag lady and offers her $20 for her coat and hat.

Snakeskin goes through Kandy’s purse and prepares to give Jennifer some heroin. He ignores Kandy’s objections and orders her out, and then prepares to inject Jennifer.

MacGyver approaches Snakeskin’s house dressed as the bag lady, while she rams her cart into Snakeskin’s cart. MacGyver sneaks in, loses the coat, and goes upstairs. He sees Kandy come downstairs and demands to know where Jennifer is. Kandy tells her where Snakeskin is and what he has planned. MacGyver goes upstairs and overhears Jennifer telling Snakeskin about her parents. As Snakeskin consoles her, MacGyver spots a fire escape door and climbs out onto the window. Below, Reiner arrives and pulls a gun on Snakeskin’s assistant Sammy. The policeman disarms Sammy and handcuffs him to a railing, and then threatens Sammy until he gives up Snakeskin’s apartment.

MacGyver slips the jam on Snakeskin’s bedroom window while Sammy calls up to warn Snakeskin that Jennifer’s father is coming and he’s a cop. Snakeskin slaps her and then goes into the bedroom, and MacGyver is forced to jump back, almost losing his grip. Snakeskin gets his gun and then goes back out into the apartment living room with Jennifer. MacGyver climbs in but knocks over a lamp, alerting Snakeskin. However, before he can investigate, Reiner pounds on the door. Snakeskin fires through the door and tells the cop to back off, and then heads for the fire escape. MacGyver slams the door on his hand and then punches him unconscious. Reiner shoots his way in and prepares to kill Snakeskin. Jennifer begs him not to kill. When Reiner says that Snakeskin turned Jennifer into a whore, she yells that he’s the one who forced her into it. Reiner recoils in shock as Jennifer goes sobbing into MacGyver’s arms.

Later, Jennifer is at the Club and Cynthia tells MacGyver that Reiner is in counseling and will be having arranged visits. She assures MacGyver that Jennifer has realized that her mother’s death wasn’t her fault. Jennifer comes over and tells MacGyver that she figures part of him is trying to save his father and grandmother, and part of him is trying to get back home to see his mother one last time. MacGyver admits she might be right and Jennifer kisses him goodbye.