Cease Fire - Recap

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In Switzerland, the Phoenix Foundation is negotiating a cease-fire between the Asmirs and the Samadians. MacGyver takes a tram down from the Asmirian headquarters on a mountain and arrives at the Samadian headquarters where Pete is going over the peace treaty with the two sides. The Asmirs agree to the treaty as long as both sides withdraw their forces from contested land. President Habad asks for a moment with his advisors. Pete and MacGyver worry about Habad's assistant, Yanif, who isn't in favor of peace. Yanif advises against it but Habad goes ahead. As he thanks Pete and MacGyver for their help, Yanif calls over an aide and gives him whispered instructions. MacGyver notices them talking as Pete confirms the signing at 3 o'clock that afternoon.

As the Samadians go out onto the terrace for lunch, Yanif orders one of the waiters to remove the umbrellas. MacGyver notices the umbrellas being removed and notices Yanif's aide going to a car and giving a suitcase to another man. He goes for a walk and follows the man into the woods. The Samadian takes a sniper rifle from the suitcase and assembles it, and then prepares to shoot President Habad. MacGyver jumps the sniper, causing the shot to go wild. He knocks out the sniper but Yanif's aide knocks MacGyver out from behind. Yanif gets everyone inside and then contacts his aide, who tells him that MacGyver saw everything. Pete goes to notify the Swiss police.

MacGyver recovers consciousness as Yanif arrives. Yanif insists that Habad is too weak to lead them and then unloads the rifle and tosses it to MacGyver. Now that MacGyver has his fingerprints on it, they can frame him as the sniper. MacGyver tosses it back at them and runs into the forest. He comes to the edge of a cliff and Yanif shoots him in the side. MacGyver topples over and slides to the bottom. Yanif calls Habad and tells him that they've killed MacGyver, and he was the sniper. Pete goes to the crime scene, insisting that MacGyver would never fire a gun. Yanif takes him to the cliff and suggests that the Asmirians may have bribed MacGyver. They discover that MacGyver has disappeared. While Peter goes to the bottom, Yanif tells his men to find MacGyver first.

At an international school for girls, American student Lisa Goodman is waiting for her parents to arrive to pick her up for Parents Day. No one shows up and Lisa is left alone.

The U.S. representative, Walker, informs Pete that he needs to be there to go over the proposal with President Habad. Pete refuses to abandon his friend but Habad refuses to sign if Pete doesn't participate. At Walker's insistence, Pete gives in.

The wounded MacGyver stumbles through the woods to the school. He overhears Headmaster Blake passing on a message to Lisa that her parents are meeting with a lawyer to arrange a divorce. Lisa blames herself for her parents' problems. The police call Blake over and MacGyver gets Lisa's attention. He admits the police are after him and he needs her help. Lisa gives MacGyver her scarf to bind his wound and he asks her for her help. She claims that everyone says she doesn't know what she's doing but MacGyver insists she can do whatever she wants to do if she puts her mind to it. Lisa agrees to bring him a first aid kit and helps him hide at a nearby boathouse, and then goes into the school to get the first aid kit.

Yanif and his men have no luck finding MacGyver. Meanwhile, MacGyver tries to start a boat and discovers the spark plug is missing. He finds it but it's missing the electrode. Lisa comes back for him and helps tend her wound. They talk and she explains her parents are getting a divorce. She feigns indifference at first but MacGyver points out he's a captive audience. Lisa says that her parents are just using the divorce as an easy way out of their problems. MacGyver tells her to tell her parents that, and that she shouldn't give up.

Yanif and his men suspect MacGyver is somewhere on the school grounds and continue their search. Meanwhile, MacGyver prepares to fix the spark plug and repair the boat engine. Yanif arrives at the boathouse and looks inside as Lisa and MacGyver hide. Seeing nothing, he comes inside but Lisa steps out and stops him. She misdirects them toward a nearby clearing, offering to show them where MacGyver is. Once they're gone, MacGyver goes to work on the spark plug. Meanwhile, Yanif and his men search and Lisa notices her bloody scarf lying nearby. She picks it up and overhears them talking about Habad and a bomb. Yanif's aide notices her and Yanif realizes Lisa is involved and she runs for the boathouse. She gets into the boat and insists on going with him, inadvertently knocking his Swiss Army knife into the water. MacGyver pilots the boat out onto the lake.

As they head away, Lisa tells MacGyver what she overheard. MacGyver realizes that Yanif is preparing to kill Habad at the summit meeting. They get back to the Samadian headquarters but just miss Pete and the others as they leave for the meeting. MacGyver tells Lisa to notify the police while he gets to the tram. He steals a motorcycle and drives for the tram station while Lisa approaches a policeman. The officer doesn't believe her at first until she tells him to shut up and listen.

At the tram station, Yanif's aide plants a bomb on the underside of the gondola while Yanif stands watch. Pete, Walker, and Habad get into the tram while Yanif says he'll take the next car. His aide activates the bomb as the tram goes up the mountain to the Asmirian headquarters. MacGyver arrives just in time to see the tram depart... and the bomb attached to the underside.

As MacGyver drives through the woods, Lisa arrives with the police. She gets on the radio and tells Habad that Yanif is plotting against him. When Yanif intervenes, the police arrest him. Meanwhile, MacGyver gets up the mountain and climbs one of the tram's support poles. Pete and the others spot him on the pole ahead and Pete insists that MacGyver is trying to help them. Habad is skeptical and Pete has Lisa explain everything. The Samadian president orders his men not to shoot. MacGyver jumps onto the tram as it passes, opens the roof hatch, and tells them about the bomb.

They stop the gondola and MacGyver descends below the gondola on an emergency rope. Borrowing a Swiss Army knife, MacGyver swings toward the bomb and cuts it free just in time.

Later, MacGyver meets Lisa, who says that her parents are there and they're getting along better after Lisa told them what she told MacGyver. She's negotiated a cease-fire between them and thanks MacGyver for caring.