Second Chance - Recap

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In Bangkok, MacGyver is at the docks working with Dr. Sumlee Triwai to receive a delivery of a dialysis machine sent by the Phoenix Foundation for their local clinic. Jesse Colton arrives and MacGyver introduces him. Sumlee explains that his wife, who he met fifteen years ago when he was in the Army, died the previous day. MacGyver explains to a skeptical Jesse also has a 15-year-old son named Willie.

A gang of young boys is stealing equipment from a factory. One of them attacks a shop owner as he comes out. Their leader, Frank Skinner, grabs one boy and forces him to go through with the theft. They load up two trucks and leave.

MacGyver and Jesse arrive at the Phoenix Foundation clinic and oversee the delivery of the dialysis to a dying girl, Suzie. Suzie is determined to get to the U.S. where she can receive a new kidney and do everything she used to do. Jesse entertains the children with magic tricks and afterward, MacGyver explains that the Phoenix Foundation will fly Suzie and five other emergency patients to the U.S. for treatment. Sumlee notes that many of her patients are half-American/half-Asians Amerasians who are low-priority when it comes to treatment.

MacGyver and Jesse go to the funeral of Jesse’s wife and see her son, Willie. He vows to keep his promise to her to put a headstone on her grave like the rich people have. The men approach Willie and MacGyver introduces Jesse to his son. Jesse hugs the boy and admits he’ll have some adapting to do. Willie snaps at Jesse, then steals his wallet and runs off through the graveyard. He discovers that Jesse doesn’t have much money in his wallet. He sees Skinner selling his black market goods decides to sell the man Jesse’s credit card. Skinner notices that Jesse has a card for the Phoenix clinic and pays him $500. However, he says there’s something Willie will have to do first.

At the clinic, Suzie is doing better. However, Sumlee tells MacGyver that the embassy hasn’t issued the children their visa yet. Meanwhile, Jesse tries to find Willie by tracking stonecutters who might make a headstone for Willie’s mother. MacGyver agrees to go along but first they stop at the U.S. Embassy. The U.S. representative, Roger, explains that the local government is reluctant to let the Phoenix Foundation show them up and there’s nothing he can do. MacGyver threatens to go to the press and Roger asks for a week. MacGyver warns they need the visa by tomorrow noon and asks for an extra visa for Willie.

At the clinic, Skinner waits at the back while Willie goes in and claims he’s waiting to give Jesse his wallet back. Once the receptionist goes back to work, Willie slips through the clinic and opens the back door. Meanwhile, Jesse finds the stonecutter that Willie ordered his stone from. As they head back to the clinic, Willie goes to see Suzie, who wonders if he’s doing okay. She says she’s doing better and he asks about the dialysis machine. The staff stores the dialysis machine in back and Willie hides in the room, then opens the rear exit. Skinner and his gang take everything and pay off Willie. When they start to take the dialysis machine, Willie tries to stop them. Skinner throws him into some shelves, knocking him out. MacGyver and Jesse return and Sumlee mentions that Willie returned Jesse’s wallet. A boy says there are strange people in the back. MacGyver goes to investigate while Jesse hears he men in back and breaks down the locked door. He chases after Skinner’s second-in-command, Ringe, but he escapes with others before he can catch them.

The guys find Willie and tend to his wound. MacGyver checks with Pete and learns the new dialysis machine won’t arrive for another four to five days. Meanwhile, Jesse demands answers from Willie and tries to pay for the headstone. Willie refuses his offer, and figures Jesse is trying to buy his affection. He wonders where Jesse was all the years that Willie’s mother was working to feed her. Jesse explains that he promised to come back but she had fled Vietnam. He says he never stopped looking for her. Willie says he’ll pay for the headstone on his own and flashes the money that Skinner paid him. MacGyver takes him to the storage room and asks how the thieves got in. He claims innocence but they figure he’s lying. He shoves a shelf down and runs off into the streets before they can catch him. MacGyver has no choice but to try and fix the old dialysis machine, while Jesse checks his Army contacts. MacGyver admits there’s nothing he can do with the old machine and Suzie asks if she’s going to die. MacGyver vows to find the stolen machine and get her back on it.

Jesse gets a lead that Skinner is involved and likes to gamble. MacGyver and Jesse go to a boxing match where Skinning is betting. They spot Skinner and Jesse decides to make him a business offer. Jesse claims they’re Army officers and someone set them up with Skinner to buy arms. Skinner has no idea what they’re talking about but is interested in taking their money for weapons. As Skinner waits for the fight to end, Ringe arrives and recognizes Jesse from the clinic. Jesse punches Skinner and a fight breaks out. Skinner and Ringe make a run for it and Jesse runs after them. MacGyver falls behind and can only look on as Jesse leaps into the back of Skinner’s truck.

Skinner goes to his black market warehouse and Jesse tries to sneak in, but one of Skinner’s men knocks him out. The next day, Willie returns to the clinic and MacGyver confronts him and asks to talk. He points out that Suzie needs the dialysis machine and Willie agrees to show him where Skinner is… for Suzie, not for Jesse. They go to the warehouse and MacGyver sneaks around the back. Ringe and another man spot him and prepare to shoot him. MacGyver throws a fishing net over them and runs for it. Willie looks on as they split up to go after MacGyver. Ringe captures Willie and threatens to kill him unless MacGyver comes out. MacGyver turns himself in and Skinner locks the two of them in a storage cage with Jesse. Jesse thanks Willie who refuses to accept his thanks. MacGyver has Jesse rig the lock with chloroform to set it on fire and burn through the lock. As he works, Jesse tries to make amends with Willie, who thinks he’s rich. Jesse explains he’s not rich but Willie doesn’t believe him. Jesse explains that Willie isn’t the only outcast and he’ll have to overcome his anger.

MacGyver makes a crude blowgun and shoots a hypodermic syringe filled with sedative into the guard. Before it can take full effect, the guard manages to fire off several shots. Skinner and Ringe hear the shots and run to investigate. MacGyver lights the fuse and they wait as Skinner and his men approach. The chloroform finally explodes, knocking Skinner and the others unconscious. The dialysis machine is intact and MacGyver assures Willie that Suzie will be fine.

Later, Willie makes sure that his mother gets her headstone. Jesse and MacGyver look on and MacGyver prods Jesse into talking to Willie and offering to fly him to the States with the Amerasian patients. Willie says nothing and Jesse starts to walk away. Willie asks his mother what he should do, then says goodbye to her and goes with Jesse.