Halloween Knights - Recap

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It’s Halloween and MacGyver comes home only to hear his neighbor Milt Bozer pounding on his electric winch. MacGyver goes over and offers to fix his winch later as long as Milt stops pounding on it so MacGyver can get some sleep. Milt agrees and wonders why MacGyver is moving. He says a guy showed up with a moving van. MacGyver goes home and finds that someone, who he figures is Jack Dalton, has stolen his furniture again. Milt confirms that the man who took the furniture looked like Jack.

MacGyver drives to Jack’s hangar and finds all of his belongings unloaded in the center. However, he notices a puddle of blood with Jack’s pilot’s wings lying in it. Jack doesn’t respond but suddenly a black hearse drives into the hangar and narrowly avoids hitting MacGyver. The driver pulls outside, shoots out the wheel on MacGyver’s truck, and drives away. MacGyver notices that Jack’s phone is off the hook. He hits the redial button and ends up getting the answering machine of Haven Rest Cemetery. MacGyver drives there and spots the hearse. There’s no one inside but MacGyver spots Jack’s pilot’s hat at the door to a mausoleum. He goes inside and finds a single coffin. Inside is a lit pumpkin. A trapdoor opens beneath MacGyver, dropping him into a cage. A voice taunts him from the shadows: Murdoc. The assassin, his face unscarred, makes his entrance.

Murdoc explains he sent Jack on a wild goose chase and used MacGyver’s concern to lure him to the cemetery. The assassin tells MacGyver he needs his help in a matter of life and death, and then opens the cage door. He explains that he’s retired and obtained a new face. However, his former organization, HIT (Homicide International Trust), isn’t thrilled with his retirement. When Murdoc refused their last contract, they kidnapped his sister Ashton. He explains that he kept Ashton’s relationship to him a secret to protect her, but failed. Now HIT has sent him a photo of Ashton strapped into an electric chair. Murdoc’s mentor, Nicholas Helman, sent him a tape telling him to come to his club by midnight or he’ll kill Ashton. The club is a front for HIT and Nicholas will do anything to make sure Murdoc is dead. The assassin asks MacGyver for help but MacGyver refuses, saying he can’t trust Murdoc. Murdoc tells him he’s free to go, but will have to live with the death of an innocent girl. MacGyver agrees as long as Murdoc turns himself in and testifies against HIT. Finally, he insists that they get Ashton out his way, without weapons.

At the Helman Club, Sonya Chapel escorts an assassin, Hank Greggs, into an underground chamber and wishes him luck. Greggs is there to pass his initiation and become a HIT killer. Helman and Sonya monitor Greggs as he moves through the shooting gallery/arena, Death Alley. The mannequins are equipped with guns with real ammunition. Greggs makes his way through a false street but finds himself in a jungle setting. Ashton is at the far end, and Greggs’ test is to get to her. As he moves toward her, a machine gun with a motion sensor activates. He tries to outrun it but is shot and killed. Helman boasts that Greggs was one of the best, and Death Alley should be sufficient to kill even Murdoc.

MacGyver, disguised as a caterer, arrive with a coffin containing candy. The head of security, Ozzie, checks the coffin but doesn’t find anything. MacGyver asks to make a call, but once he’s alone he follows the security chief downstairs to where Helman is playing pool. He has Ozzie dispose of Greggs’ body and opens the passageway to Death Alley as MacGyver observes. As Ozzie goes, Helman reminds him that the members of the board will be arriving, wearing royal flush costumes. Once Helman and Sonya go upstairs, MacGyver goes into the billiard room and tries to open the secret door without success, since it requires Helman’s thumbprint. Meanwhile, Murdoc emerges from a secret compartment in the coffin, disguised as the Grim Reaper. He goes downstairs and finds MacGyver. Murdoc knows about Death Alley and offers to blow open the door with a grenade. MacGyver declines his offer and gets an idea: he plans to get Nicholas’ thumbprint from a glass and transfer it.

Ozzie hauls out Gregg’s corpse past the sobbing Ashton. Meanwhile, MacGyver makes a mask and goes back upstairs with Murdoc. Helman goes into a private room but they spot Sonya. MacGyver notices the board members going into the private room for their meeting. MacGyver spots the one remaining board member, dressed as a joker. Murdoc knocks the man out with a gas pen and they take him into an office. MacGyver finds the circuit box and tells Murdoc to throw all the circuit breakers, then go to the billiard room. MacGyver puts on the joker costume and heads to the boardroom. Sonya spots him come out of the office and tells him to get to the meeting. The board members ask about Murdoc and Helman assures them that he will be terminated that night. As they talk, MacGyver tries to grab the glass. The board members warn that if Helman fails, he’ll be disposed of.

Sonya investigates the office and takes Murdoc prisoner. The board members go on with the meeting and ask the “joker” to make his report. MacGyver fakes a hoarse throat, but is interrupted when Sonya reports that she has Murdoc, and has taken out the joker. Helman pulls out a gun and takes MacGyver prisoner. Meanwhile, Murdoc knocks out Sonya and throws the circuit breakers. MacGyver grabs Helman’s glass and slips out, barring the door behind him. He meets with Murdoc at the billiard room and grabs a pumpkin with a burning candle. MacGyver uses pool cue chalk to bring out the thumbprint and the wax to capture it on his own thumb, then presses the image to the sensor.

Ozzie finds Sonya, who releases Helman and the others. The other board members suggest it’s time to replace Helman, but he assures them everything is going according to plan. He has a closed-circuit camera to watch Death Alley.

Murdoc and MacGyver take the elevator to Death Alley while Helman goes to the control room. They spot Ashton, who cries out to them. Helman turns on the lights and Murdoc demands that Helman release his sister. Helman tells them that the chair will activate at midnight, killing Ashton, and they have eight minutes.

A gangster dummy opens fire on the two men, who duck for cover. MacGyver tosses a cabbage from a garbage can into the air to draw the dummy’s fire, then knocks it out throwing a discarded apple. He grabs a garbage can lid as another dummy opens fire. Helman activates yet another dummy. Realizing the dummies work via motion sensors, he throws a garbage can lid to draw their fire while they leap over a wall into the jungle area. Ashton warns them about the hidden machine gun, which opens fire as they try to crawl across the area. With time running out, MacGyver grabs a soldier’s helmet and a piece of bamboo. He has Murdoc draw the gun’s fire while he gets to the machine gun and throws a cloth awning over its sensor, disabling it.

MacGyver and Murdoc proceed to the passageway leading to Ashton. A cage door cuts off their exit and the floor opens to reveal a pit of snakes. Murdoc admits he’s terrified of snakes. MacGyver douses them with kerosene from a torch to repel them and then descends into the pit. He has Murdoc get on his back and then crosses through the snakes. They get to the other side and free Ashton with seconds to spare. Helman closes the snake pit and comes after them. He shoots Murdoc in the shoulder and approaches. Murdoc tells MacGyver to get Ashton to safety and then pulls out a grenade. Helman prepares to shoot Murdoc but Sonya betrays her boss and seals the passageway, then opens the pit, dropping Helman in with the snakes. Murdoc tosses in the grenade and Helman is killed once and for all.

Later, MacGyver takes Ashton to the airport and tells her it was a case of mistaken identity. She extends her condolences to MacGyver about Murdoc’s death and then gives him a hug before departing. As MacGyver goes back to his truck, he finds an envelope containing the evidence against HIT. There’s also a recorded message from Murdoc saying he turned over the evidence as agreed, but he has no intention of going to prison. He laughs as he warns MacGyver to keep looking over his shoulder.