Black Rhino - Recap

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Pete informs MacGyver that Billy Colton has compromised their files. He stole a confidential file on the Phoenix Foundation’s endangered species program. The Foundation hired Billy’s brothers to track down a major poacher, Anton De Bruin, aka Ladysmith. Ladysmith is still at large and endangering several species. They checked Billy’s locker and found information about the Nabo Ranch, a nature preserve in Kambezi run by Kate Hubley. Ladysmith is suspected of poaching for rhino horns in the area, and Pete figures Billy left his job to try and capture Ladysmith and get the $50,000 reward. Worse, Billy booked a flight and charged it to the Foundation. Pete figures Billy is trying to prove something to his brothers, who aren’t available. He wants MacGyver to go to Africa to bail Billy out.

MacGyver takes a plane to Africa and drives to the Nabo Ranch where endangered rhinos are protected. He arrives as Kate is conducting a funeral for Sam, a ranger killed while guarding a stockpile of rhino horns that they were going to burn as a message to governments to enforce the import ban on rhino horns. Two representatives of the local military, General Mabuto and Zimba, are also present. MacGyver introduces himself to Kate. While she talks to Sam’s family, Mabuto introduces himself to MacGyver and admits that he doesn’t have enough manpower to stop the poachers. MacGyver assures him that he’s there on other business. Kate comes over and MacGyver shows her a photo of Billy, who Kate doesn’t recognize.

Billy is working undercover on a boat at a sugar refinery where poachers are smuggling out black rhino horns. Ladysmith arrives as does Mabuto, who is working with the poacher. Billy sneaks into the warehouse and listens as Mabuto and Ladysmith conclude their arrangement. Ladysmith is smuggling out the rhino horns hidden among brown sugar. He has a meeting with Chan, the only purchaser who can handle a shipment of that magnitude. Ladysmith is meeting with Chan at a resort later, and tells Mabuto to be there. Mabuto warns that if Ladysmith doesn’t have his money, he will kill him.

At Nabo Ranch, Kate informs MacGyver that none of her ranchers have seen Billy. She gets a report that poachers are in the area and MacGyver volunteers to go along with her. The rangers have captured a poacher who has a bloody rhino horn in his possession. The rhino is dying from the chainsaw-inflicted wound and there’s nothing they can do for it. Kate has no choice but to put it out of its misery.

The head ranger, Djano, tells Kate that the poacher was working with Ladysmith and said something about a “sugar house.” Kate blames the traders, who pay more than the price of gold for rhino horn on the open market. MacGyver wonders what Billy was looking for in Nabo and Kate realizes that the “sugar house” refers to the Nabo sugar refinery. MacGyver goes to check it out and Kate insists on going. As they travel, Kate explains about how they were going to burn the stockpile and destroy millions of dollars worth of the horns.

At the sugar refinery, Billy checks the boxes and Mabuto orders the men to assemble. Zimba spots Billy and takes him prisoner. They soon realize that he’s no tribesman and Billy claims he’s a spy for Ladysmith, sent to keep an eye on things. Mabuto accepts his story, but decides to hang Billy to send a message to his racist partner. MacGyver and Kate arrive and MacGyver decides to sneak in the back. They spot a boat leaving with the horns, but there’s nothing they can do. They spot Mabuto’s men preparing to hang Billy. MacGyver sends Kate to the jeep to drive at the men while he grabs a machete and gets in. MacGyver cuts Billy free and he runs to the jeep as they make their escape.

Back at the ranch, Billy explains that he was trying to prove to his brothers that he’s just as good as they are. The two of them argue and Kate invites them up to the house for a drink. Billy explains that he checked with an escrow office and connected Ladysmith to Nabo Sugar. He planned to bag the entire operation, and explains that Ladysmith is also smuggling dope in the sugar packets. MacGyver determines that the “dope” is actually powdered rhino horn, and Ladysmith is selling both the intact horns and the powder. Billy tells them about Ladysmith’s meeting with Chan at the resort in South Africa. MacGyver figures he’ll take Chan’s place and admits he needs Billy’s help.

MacGyver, Kate, and Billy go to the resort and find out which room Chan is staying in. They spot Ladysmith as he arrives. Billy steals a waiter’s uniform and goes to Chan’s room, then knocks out Chan. Below, Ladysmith waits for Chan to arrive and MacGyver approaches him. He claims Chan sent him and asks to see the horns. Ladysmith insists he gets the money first and refuses to give in. As he leaves, Kate approaches him and claims she also works for Chan. She manages to negotiate with Ladysmith to agree but he insists that she goes with him. Then she’ll make the call to MacGyver to show with the money. They set up a rendezvous on a nearby dam. MacGyver is less than thrilled with the change in plans but Kate insists she knows what she’s doing and gives MacGyver directions

MacGyver collects Billy and they beat Ladysmith to the dam. The boat with the horns is parked nearby and Mabuto and Zimba are there. MacGyver realizes that Mabuto knows Kate and will blow the entire deal once he sees her. MacGyver spots a shingle-bolt flume and he slides down it. Billy reluctantly follows him and they manage to stop themselves at the bottom as the water spills out into the reservoir below. They climb up to the road just as Ladysmith and Kate drive by.

Ladysmith goes to see Mabuto and Kate realizes Mabuto can make her. MacGyver sneaks up to Ladysmith’s car while Mabuto has his men show Ladysmith the horns on the boat. MacGyver gets into the car and then opens one of the cars. Mabuto sees Kate and prepares to kill her. MacGyver slams the car doors into Mabuto and Zimba, and Billy crawls under the car to trip Ladysmith. Ladysmith makes a run for it and MacGyver goes after him him, while Kate and Billy hold Mabuto and Zimba at gunpoint. MacGyver and Ladysmith fall over the edge of the bridge and dangle above the boat. Ladysmith hangs from MacGyver’s legs but is unable to hold on. He plummets to his death, falling on the boxes of horns. MacGyver pulls himself up to safety

Later, Kate continues with the horn burning ceremony and thanks Billy and MacGyver for their help. Billy tells MacGyver that he has another case to take on that his brothers never solved. MacGyver suggests he take a break and Billy admits using the reward money to protect the rhinos is a better idea. Kate begins the ceremony and implores the governments to enforce the import ban. MacGyver and Billy hope that it will make a difference.