The Ten Percent Solution - Recap

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A woman is jogging in the park when a skinhead comes after her. He herds her down an isolated path to where several of his fellows are waiting.

As the news hits the stand of a third assault in the park, the Phoenix Foundation hosts an art acquisition program at the Carlysle Auction House. Pete is overseeing the preparations when MacGyver arrives in a tuxedo. Pete goes to find Dr. Laura Sand, the Foundation's art acquisition expert. MacGyver runs into her and Pete returns to introduce them. The auction begins and a Rubens comes up for bid. Sand advises Pete to start bidding.

Sam Bolinski arrives by taxi and rushes inside. Pete continues to raise the bid while a man, Hoggart, advises his client by radiophone and signals to his bidder in the audience. Pete wins the bid just as Sam comes in and tries to stop the sale. He objects, insisting that it's his painting. He grabs for the painting, ripping it. Hoggart warns his superior that there's a problem. MacGyver intervenes and Sam says that the ERR stole the painting. His sleeve is pulled back, revealing a concentration camp tattoo. The security guards escort Sam out as he insists that he can prove it's his family's painting.

The next day at the Foundation, MacGyver insists that there must be something to Sam's story but Pete isn't so sure. As they go into the office, a local Congressman, William Brand, is speaking out against the violence in the streets. In the lab, Laura believes that the painting can be restored. Laura explains that the ERR, the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg, was Hitler's personal band of art thieves. They stole hundreds of pieces of art during World War II. MacGyver suggests that he go talk to Sam, who is still in custody. Laura wants to see the certificate of provenance and Pete goes to the auction house to get the certificate from Lyle Hoggart, the seller.

At the Bonaventure Silver Mine, Hoggart arrives and meets with Madame Brandenburg. He tells her that Sam is a Jew, a possible camp survivor, and she wonders what proof he might have. Hoggart insists that there's nothing that can connect the sale of the artwork to the campaign funds. Brandenburg tells Hoggart to eliminate Sam before he can prove he owns the painting.

MacGyver meets with Sgt. Gray and convinces him to bring Sam up for an interview. As Sam is brought in, a janitor comes at him with a knife. MacGyver manages to stop the attacker. The killer refuses to surrender and Gray is forced to kill him. Sam has no idea who the man is and thanks both of them for saving his life.

Madame Brandenburg tells her grandson William Brand that there is nothing to worry about. He warns her that if there's any hint of scandal, his campaign will be ruined and they'll all go down together. Brandenburg tells him not to worry. After Brand leaves, Hoggart tells her who MacGyver is and she tells him to eliminate anyone that can compromise their operation.

At the Foundation, MacGyver and Sam meet with Laura. She tells them that she found an odd residue on the painting. The lab is still running an analysis. Sam insists that he grew up with the painting and that the Nazis stole it. Laura explains that Hitler used the ERR to create a museum of the master race. The Allies found thousands of paintings after the war but not all of them were recovered. Sam knows exactly when the ERR took the painting and Laura notes that there are no records of the Bolinski family. Sam explains that he has the records and the Nazis forced him to work for him to catalog art pieces. He took his family files from the ledger and has them at his home. He offers to show Laura and MacGyver the papers and he leaves with MacGyver to get them. As they go, Laura admits that her grandfather was Jewish and changed his name from Sandberg when he arrived.

Hoggart tells the park thugs to find Sam and bring him to silver mine.

Pete goes to the lab to find MacGyver and tells Laura that that the provenance shows the Hoggart family purchased the painting eight years before Sam claims it was stolen from his family. He goes to call the archives in Washington to determine which claim is correct. Laura goes to see Hoggart and confront him directly.

MacGyver and Sam arrive at Sam's house, unaware that the skinheads are watching the place. They go inside and get the files. Sam shows MacGyver photos of his family before the Nazis took them away.

Laura arrives at Hoggart's realty company just as he's coming out to his parking spot. She identifies herself and asks about the provenance. He tells her to talk to his lawyer and she warns that she has evidence contradicting his claim. He draws a gun on her and takes her prisoner.

As Sam shows MacGyver the files, the skinheads burst in and quickly subdue MacGyver, and then take both men away.

Later, Pete arrives as Sgt. Gray arrives with his men. Pete figures that Laura's disappearance is tied in with the abduction of MacGyver and Sam. The lab report on the particles identifies them as lead sulfide, a common residue from silver mining. Gray goes to check the local silver mines.

The skinheads take MacGyver and Sam to the silver mine and hand over the files to Hoggart. They're taken to Laura and Madame Brandenburg greets them. Sam recognizes her as an officer's wife from the concentration camp who dug through the stolen art and took the dead's valuables. Hoggart gives Brandenburg the documents while MacGyver notices she has a poster for her son's campaign. She boasts of her son's congressional campaign. Meanwhile, Hoggart learns that the police are checking silver mines in the area and Madame Brandenburg orders everything moved. She burns the ERR files and draws aside a curtain to reveal Nazis banners and a map showing their master plan: the 10 percent solution. She plans to take over five of the fifty states and create a new Aryan Nation. Her organization has people of influence in positions of authorities throughout all five states. This time she plans to infiltrate and then dominate, even though it may take twenty years. Brandenburg has them taken away but Sam warns that they'll meet again.

Hoggart and his men take Laura, MacGyver, and Sam to the silver mines where the skinheads are loading up all of Brandenburg's stolen art. Gray is there, and admits that he's been working with the Aryan Nation for years. He takes MacGyver into the mines and Hoggart tells his man to bring a welding rig in. Gray and Hoggart knock MacGyver out when he struggles and lock the three prisoners into a chamber and then start pumping acetylene gas into the room. Gray wonders why they don't just shot the prisoners but Hoggart explains that Brandenburg is feeling nostalgic. Sam realizes they're pumping gas in and pounds desperately on the door.

MacGyver wakes up and Sam insists that they'll get out and make sure the horror doesn't happen again. MacGyver realizes the door is a fire door, hollow. He takes the acetylene hose and punctures a hole in the door, and then feeds the gas in.

At the Foundation, Pete realizes that the Bonaventure Silver Mine is owned by Hoggart, and that Gray is a shareholder.

MacGyver uses the spark from a light bulb to ignite the gas, blowing the door open.

Hoggart tells one of his men to get a gas mask and dump the bodies down a shaft. MacGyver knocks the man out and takes his uniform and gas mask. He goes to get the van with the art, hot-wiring the ignition. Laura and Sam circle around and see Madame Brandenburg preparing to leave in her personal car. Sam slips away and Laura sees him grab a shovel and knock out Hoggart. He takes Hoggart's gun and goes to confront Brandenburg. Meanwhile, Gray spots MacGyver working on the ignition. MacGyver knocks him out as the police arrive thanks to Pete's call. Pete shows up to arrest Brand personally.

MacGyver and Laura run inside and find Sam holding a gun on Madame Brandenburg. She believes he's too weak to pull the trigger but Sam insists she deserves to die. He tells MacGyver not to stop him and prepares to pull the trigger. At the last minute Sam stops, choosing instead to march her out and turn her over to the police.