Log Jam - Recap

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In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a logging companies brings down thousands of trees. MacGyver flies up and the pilot points out that that the companies clear cut and keep a strip of forest near the woods. Eighty percent of the old-growth has been cut down and the pilot explains that a timber summit was planned but got cancelled. MacGyver brings up the name of an old friend, Amy Chandler, who he claims let him down.

Amy and other protestors are stopping a truck carrying lumber. Sheriff Delaney arrives and warns Amy that she's violating a restraining order and he'll have to take her in. The owner, Foxworth, comes in and insists that he replants what he cuts down. His assistant, Jack Chandler, objects and asks if she wants to shut down logging for good and impact the community. Amy is fine with that. The sheriff takes her away and Foxworth asks Jack when he's going to do something about his wife. Jack admits that he can't, which is why they're separated.

MacGyver arrives in town and confirms that the timber summit was cancelled. As one of the logging truckers, Braddock, files a statement. MacGyver sees the sheriff take Amy into the station and warns her that if she doesn't rein herself in, he'll lock her up. She insists that one of her people, Lopez, died mysteriously but Delaney insists it was an accident and logging is a dangerous business. Amy storms out and runs into MacGyver. She admits she cancelled the summit and an exasperated MacGyver notes that the Foundation spent months trying to put it together. Amy says that there's a cover-up and takes MacGyver back to her house. She explains that Lopez, a chokerman with Foxworth's company, contacted her several days before his death and claimed he had evidence that Foxworth was violating his contract with the forest service. Lopez said to "check Betsy" and hung up. Amy figures Foxworth had Lopez killed to silence him and she refused to meet with anyone who would kill a man. MacGyver tries to convince her that compromise is the answer and Amy notes that he sounds like her husband. She tells him that they separated six months ago. She agrees to reschedule the summit if MacGyver helps her find out what happened to Lopez. He agrees as long as she promises not to aggravate the situation further.

Outside, Jack arrives with flowers. He comes to the windows and sees Amy and MacGyver share an embrace. Jack drops the flowers and leaves.

The next day, MacGyver drives out to the logging camp and signs on as a chokerman. Jack recognizes him from Amy's cabin but doesn't let on. He warns that the chokerman position is the most dangerous on the line but MacGyver insists and Jack hires him. Meanwhile, Foxworth meets with Glass, a representative of the Japanese Yakuza. He insists that he's going as fast and that the authorities are all over the camp due to Lopez's death. Glass threatens to call in his lien on Foxworth's equipment if the owner doesn't meet the delivery date and get the logs onto his freighter. When Foxworth tries to argue, Glass casually threatens him and then leaves. Foxworth tells his man Braddock to take the next loads out. Braddock warns that if he's not careful the authorities will realize he's reusing tags, Foxworth tells him to go ahead regardless. The owner spots MacGyver and Jack says he plans to break him in. After Jack leaves, Braddock realizes that MacGyver was at the station with Amy and figures he's a spy.

Out in the forest, Jack rides MacGyver. The lunch horn goes off and they head back to the mess hall where loggers are discussing the rumor that the timber summit is back on. Braddock is leading the opposition but when MacGyver suggests a compromise might be possible, some of the other loggers agree. As Braddock prepares to leave in his truck, MacGyver notes that the mudflaps have the name "Betsy" on them. He asks a cutter about the tags, and the man notes that there's only a handful of inspectors. Braddock spots MacGyver in the rear view mirror and backs up ominously before leaving.

In town, Amy is trying to rally the townsfolk when Braddock pulls into town. Meanwhile, Foxworth meets with Glass at a bowling alley and warns that the danger is increasing. Braddock arrives and warns Foxworth that MacGyver is a spy. Foxworth has checked MacGyver's background and learned that he's with the Foundation. Glass tells him to eliminate the problem or he'll lose more than his company. Amy arrives and briefly confronts Glass as he leaves. She asks the owner, Meg, if she'll put up a poster, but Meg is reluctant to antagonize her customers. When Foxworth and Braddock come over, Amy briefly loses control and threatens to sabotage his equipment. After she leaves, Foxworth makes sure that everyone heard her threaten him.

That night, MacGyver goes to see Amy and tells her what he discovered about Betsy. Amy remembers Jack saying something about Glass having a hold on Foxworth. When MacGyver mentions Jack is his foreman, Amy finally explains that Jack is her husband. She wants to know if Jack mentioned her but claims she didn't care.

The next day, MacGyver is working and mentions to Jack that he and Amy went to school together. Jack admits that he saw MacGyver at Amy's place and doesn't believe his claim that they're just friends. MacGyver suggests that Amy is still in love with Jack, and Jack admits that he doesn't know what's going on. They let the logging situation come between them, but MacGyver says it's never too late. Jack asks MacGyver for some answers about what he's really doing there and looking into Lopez's death. Before MacGyver can answer, a cable snaps and MacGyver pushes Jack out of the way to keep him from being crushed. They examine the cable and determine it's been cut. The men think that Amy did it and Foxworth mentions the bowling alley incident. He calls the sheriff over Jack's and MacGyver's objections.

Delaney brings Amy in and his men find a pair of bolt-cutters in her cabin. They also found steel spikes like the ones that eco-terrorists use to sabotage trees. Jack refuses to let her take the rap but Foxworth insists Amy is responsible. When Jack balks, Foxworth fires him and MacGyver. Meanwhile, Glass meets with his superior, his oyabun, and is instructed to tell Foxworth to kill Jack and MacGyver. Glass shows the missing finger that he cut off to prove his loyalty to the Yakuza, and warns Foxworth that he'll torture him if he doesn't get all the lumber due him.

Braddock staples more reused tags on his newest shipment of logs. MacGyver is clearing out his stuff when he spots Braddock. Jack checks Lopez's locker and doesn't find anything. As they go over to check Betsy, Jack explains how Glass can't export whole logs from the public service lands that Foxworth is contracted to cut down. He explains that the system is foolproof once the loads go to the scaling stations, but MacGyver realizes Braddock is reusing the tags and Foxworth is the one who controls them. Braddock comes back and the two men hide. MacGyver tells Jack to go to the sheriff and confirm what they've discovered, and figure out where Foxworth and Braddock are taking the logs. MacGyver gets on the back of the truck and rides out.

At the sheriff's office, Delaney refuses to act without evidence and tells Jack to stay there while he checks on the tag receipts. While he waits, Jack asks the deputy to check which properties that Glass owns in the area.

Braddock drives his truck to an old sawmill and removes the tags, while Foxworth's men cut off the brand.

The deputy determines that Glass owns the sawmill. Amy is released thanks to her lawyer, while Delaney confirms that the scaling station hasn't had any of Braddock's receipts in the last two weeks. Amy insists they should go to the sawmill but Delaney tells them to stay put for the two hours he'll need to get a warrant. Once he's gone, Amy insists on going to the sawmill and Jack has no choice but to go with her.

MacGyver watches as Braddock burns the pieces of log with the brands on them. He then goes to the office and finds the schedule of shipments and a map with the coordinates for Glass' freighter. Looking outside, MacGyver confirms that Foxworth has a trawler that moves the logs by water. He's interrupted when he spots Amy and Jack pull up and try to sneak into the sawmill. Foxworth captures them at gunpoint.

MacGyver goes up into the warehouse where Foxworth is taking his prisoners. Glass is there making a call to his superiors. Amy boasts that Delaney knows all about what's going on but Glass informs them that they're going to suffer an accident. When Jack tries to fight back, Glass easily subdues him and ties up Amy. He then turns on the conveyer belt and the machinery to grind up logs. MacGyver swings down via a pike and knocks down Glass. Jack, waking up, takes on Foxworth while MacGyver chases Glass outside. The two fight and MacGyver tackles the superior martial artist, knocking him into a pile of sawdust below. Glass grabs a chainsaw and comes after MacGyver, who tries to defend himself by using a firehose. It runs out of water and Glass goes for his knife. As they fight, they turn on a conveyer belt crane and MacGyver leaps onto it. Glass comes after him and the two men struggle as they ascend on the belt. MacGyver gets on top and leaps clear just as the two men get to the top of the crane and Glass falls to his death. The police arrive to take Braddock and his men into custody.

Later, the authorities intercept the trawler taking the logs to the Japanese freighter. Amy admits she's the one who dragged Jack along and that she tends to act before she thinks. She says it's time to listen to what others say and try to work things out and Jack agrees. They both agree to get their respective sides to the timber summit.