Harry's Will - Recap

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MacGyver goes to the office of lawyer Wilton Newberry. Newberry is busy cleaning his office and tells MacGyver to wait until precisely 7 a.m. for his appointment. They met during the reading of Harry's will. Newberry has a codicil to Harry's will. In it Harry says to go to Mel's Auto Storage to pick up something very special but not before 10 a.m. There's a card in the envelope that tells him to keep his eyes on the road and his hands on the wheel. MacGyver remembers back to when he was a child and Harry let him drive the car, and gave him the same instructions.

Convict Bill Cody is released from prison after serving his debt. A prisoner and cook, Tiny, chase after him to give him his cookbook but Cody tells him to keep it. As Cody leaves by taxi, Earl Dent and his lady Big Mama drive after him. Down the road, a black van pulls out and follows Earl and Big Mama as they follow Cody.

At Mel's Auto Storage, Mel explains that Harry made arrangements for the vehicle he left, including a spot at Speedy's Garage. Mel has a note for MacGyver from Harry. It says, "Our larcenous friend slipped out of the noose. Take him to robin, a chicken's a wild goose." Mel isn't surprised, insisting Harry was a clever guy. He then pulls away a sheet...

Cody arrives at Mel's later and wonders where "it" is. Mel sends him to Speedy's Garage. Once he's gone, Earl goes into Mel's while Big Mama follows Cody. The black van follows Big Mama. Cody arrives at Speedy's Garage where MacGyver is working on Harry's gift: a sky blue '57 Nomad. Cody comes in and admires the car and recognizes MacGyver from years ago. He says that he came to pay his respects to Harry because Harry was the only one who visited him in prison. He asks if MacGyver found anything in the car and then casually dismisses his interest. As MacGyver starts it up, Earl shows up and tells Big Mama that MacGyver is supposed to have the Nomad. They figure that the item they're looking for is in the Nomad. Inside the garage, MacGyver prepares to drive out but Cody says he's missing a radiator cap. MacGyver goes to the auto supply store across the street. Once he's gone, Cody starts searching the car. He finds an envelope with his name on it. Inside is a note. Cody keeps searching as Earl and Big Mama pull in. Cody knows them but before he can say anything, Earl knocks him out. MacGyver comes back from the auto store just in time to narrowly avoid being run over as they drive away.

The police take MacGyver's statement while Cody reads the note Harry left him, which talks about a bird and says to go to the "habit on third." Cody suggests to MacGyver that they go to the Chicken Habit on Third. The phone rings and the man in the black van tells him where the Nomad is and that MacGyver should bring Cody with him. MacGyver and Cody drive to the abandoned warehouse. They see Big Mama and Earl searching the Nomad. MacGyver gets the door open and tells Cody to call the police. Instead Cody starts up Big Mama's motor trike and sends it through the door. Earl and Big Mama capture them and put them in a mechanic's pit, and then starts to drop a car on them. Big Mama wants the diamond pendant and Cody denies knowing anything about it. Earl reminds him he spent six years in the cell next to Cody and Cody talks in his sleep. When they threaten to trap them, MacGyver suggests Cody talk. Cody insists that the pendant is his but gives in when Big Mama threatens to shoot MacGyver. He explains that Harry moved the diamond and left the note about the habit. Earl lowers the car, sealing them into the pit.

Once Earl and Big Mama are gone, Cody explains he was hired by the store owner to steal the man's own pendant. The owner, Biff Arnold, would collect the insurance and Cody would keep the pendant as payment. The insurance company went out of business and Biff never got his money. When Cody found out five years ago, he called Harry, who didn't want any part of it. Harry eventually agreed to keep the pendant in storage. Meanwhile, MacGyver manages to snag an air hose, places a tire beneath the car, and inflates it, lifting up the car. Cody crawls out first as the tire starts leaking. He keeps adding pressure while MacGyver crawls out. However, Cody fills the tire too much and can't get the hose lose. MacGyver gets clear just before the tire blows and the car falls down. Cody says they need to get to the Chicken Habit, but MacGyver doesn't think the pendant is there because the note Harry left him. They prepare to take the Nomad and Cody reveals he stole the radiator cap.

As a father and his very noisy family try to order at the Chicken Habit drive-thru. Earl and Big Mama take apart the giant chicken speaker. Meanwhile, MacGyver and Cody read Harry's note to MacGyver and MacGyver figures it means that the Chicken Habit is a wild goose chase. Instead MacGyver goes to see Sister Robin, who wears a habit and works at a soup kitchen. Harry warned her that Cody would be there and left a package for him. However, before she turns it over, Harry wanted her to have a meal with Sister Robin.

Earl and Big Mama don't find anything in the chicken. The man in the van slips into the restaurant, gags the drive-thru server, and tells Earl and Big Mama over the speaker to go to the soup kitchen.

Cody makes soup for the soup kitchen and everyone compliments him on his culinary skills. Sister Robin thanks him for his contribution and gives him the package. The pendant is inside along with four notes to MacGyver. Big Mama and Earl come in and demand the pendant. Earl has to pry it away from Cody and they leave. MacGyver explains the pendant is costume jewelry: he saw a scratch on it. Harry's note says to put the four notes side by side, and that he'd teach Cody a lesson at center if he was still alive. A breeze blows through the window, blowing one note onto the floor. MacGyver picks it up and realizes there's a sketch on the back. When turned over and put together, they reveal a hockey rink. MacGyver and Cody drive to a nearby rink. MacGyver remembers Harry driving him there for hockey as a child, when he kept his skates and stick behind the back seat. MacGyver crawls back there and finds his old skates and hockey stick.

MacGyver puts on the skates and goes onto the rink, and remembers playing a Pee Wee division championship game in the rink and tripping another player at the center of the rink during the face-off. Young MacGyver made the point and won the game, but afterward Harry tells him he's no winner. Young MacGyver goes over to tell the referee what he did and they lose the tournament... and Harry smiles.

MacGyver realizes what his grandfather meant and chips away the ice in the center. He reveals the pendant and explains that Harry wanted to teach Cody a lesson by having him make lunch and discover it's what the people at the soup kitchen need most. The lesson was how well one lives, not how much one has. MacGyver reminds Cody that Sister Robin is losing her lease and could use the pendant. Harry knew about the lease and set the entire thing up. Earl and Big Mama arrive with Sister Robin as a hostage. They demand the pendant and MacGyver hits it to them across the ice. Big Mama slips and drops the gun and MacGyver skates over and knocks it away. Earl knocks down MacGyver while Big Mama grabs the pendant. Sister Robin tackles her and Earl runs for the pendant. Cody grabs it first and Earl grabs him, dropping it. Earl tries to punch him and hits the Plexiglas screen, and MacGyver slams into Earl and knocks him through the screen. The pendant slides across the ice to the man from the black van, the man who pitted each of them against the other. He introduces himself as Biff Arnold, the owner of the jewelry store. Clearly stressed from years of poverty, Biff jumps from impersonation to impersonation and boasts he has the diamond. MacGyver asks to see it and Biff hands it over, and then starts rambling again. MacGyver asks for the gun and Biff obligingly hands it over.

Later, the crowd at the soup kitchen are chanting for Cody. He's starting his first day there but hasn't arrived yet. MacGyver is there and Sister Robin wonders if Cody will pay off the lease. Cody comes in wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a suitcase and admits he was heading for the airport. However, he heard Harry speak to him asking what he was up to. So Cody came back. He puts on his apron and goes out as the crowd cheers.