MacGyver's Women - Recap

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MacGyver returns home from a vacation with Maria Romburg. She tells him she's been offered a position with the university that will offer her plenty of free time. She wants to be together with MacGyver all the time but MacGyver starts suggesting she'd be better off staying with the Phoenix Foundation. When Maria suggests she wants to be together with him as a family in a full-time committed relationship, MacGyver admits it's not an easy thing for him to talk about. He invites her in to talk about their relationship only to find Lt. Kate Murphy, dressed as a prostitute for undercover work. As they introduce themselves, a girl from the Challengers Club, Jenny, comes downstairs wearing nothing but MacGyver's hockey shirt. Kate explains that the Club is out of beds and she brought Jenny along in the hopes she could stay with MacGyver. MacGyver reluctantly agrees.

Everyone orders in Chinese and the women talk about men and how they can't talk about their feelings. MacGyver tries to defend himself but finally gives it up as a lost cause. He turns on a movie and dozes off as a Western starts to play...

In the Old West in the town of Serenity, MacGyver has made a pump for the local blacksmith, "Bear" Butterfield. He asks to borrow one of Bear's spare wagons but the blacksmith has loaned his last one to the Bozer brothers, who have hit gold in the hills. They've contracted two mail-order brides and are bringing them in using the wagon. MacGyver warns that mail-order brides are usually pretty desperate and can't refuse. Bear loans him his personal rig to get supplies at Last Chance Gulch. They're interrupted when the wagon arrives with their brides: Maria and Jenny. Kate greets them, having made the arrangements to bring them in. Maria spots MacGyver and thinks he's her intended, but the Bozers arrive to introduce themselves. They're eager to get started but Kate protests, insisting they be treated courteously. MacGyver intervenes and when the Bozers try to attack, MacGyver and Bear subdue them. The Bozers tell Kate to get them cleaned up and over to their house in a half-hour or there'll be trouble.

Kate prepares to get Maria and Jenny on a train at the station at Last Chance Gulch. MacGyver offers them a ride and the women are eager to accept. A local reporter, News, overhears their conversation and rides out to Hole-in-the-Wall where Kid Curry, Sundance, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Tansey are waiting for news on the gold shipment. News tells them that Kate crossed them and went into business for herself contracting for mail-order brides, and she's traveling to Last Chance Gulch. He informs them that MacGyver doesn't carry a gun and Tansey makes fun of Kid Curry, telling him MacGyver figured out a way to steal his woman, Kate. Kid Curry guns him down and they go to hunt down MacGyver as he makes camp for the night with the women.

As MacGyver travels down the road with the women, he comes across a snake-oil salesman, Dr. Destiny (Pete). He's finished fixing his wagon and has heard of MacGyver as the man who carries no gun. Dr. Destiny offers a free reading of Maria's hand, insisting he's not a charlatan and determines that she's fleeing something in her past and needs a new life. He warns that there is danger and a strong champion in her path. He gives MacGyver a bottle of his iron tonic and notes that each of the women carries secrets, wounds on their souls. He tells them that the wounds will only heal if they trust each other.

The Bozers trail MacGyver and the women and the outlaws and News find them. News explains to Kid Curry who they are and Kid Curry says they plan to ride along with them, whether they want them to or not.

MacGyver and the women stop and MacGyver gently rebuffs their efforts to get close. Jenny wonders why but Kate assures them it has nothing to do with her. Maria decides to take a bath in a nearby stream and MacGyver comes across her. He admits he hasn't seen too many beautiful women and Maria offers him her soap. MacGyver admits he's shy and then follows up on Dr. Destiny's comment about something terrible in her life. Maria insists she doesn't want to remember the past. They hear gunshots and MacGyver goes to investigate. He discovers that Kid Curry and the others have captured Jenny and Kate, and they quickly capture him as well. Kate claims she shipped the Bozers' gold to California and she just wanted to get away from Kid Curry. He insists she's his for life. Maria rides away and Jesse James finds a poster saying that Maria is wanted for murder. MacGyver suggests that Kid Curry talk to the Bozers if he wants gold and Kid Curry tells them to take him to their gold mine.

The outlaws string MacGyver up by the next and leave him suspended on a shaky signpost. After they ride off with the women, MacGyver manages to twist his belt around and use the buckle to cut his hands free and grab the road just as the sign breaks. He heads down the road to where the outlaws take the women back to Hole-in-the-Wall. Maria finds MacGyver, who demands to know who she murdered. Maria explains that she stayed with her sister and her husband and one day, he tried to assault her. When Maria's sister came home, she killed her husband to save Maria. Maria took the blame to let her sister stay with her children and keep her out of jail, and then fled to America. MacGyver believes her and they head for Hole-in-the-Wall.

At the hideout, the Bozers wait nervously while Kid Curry puts Jenny and Kate to work serving drinks. When Billy the Kid hits on Jenny, the Bozers are careful not to come to the defense of their former brides. Milt claims they don't have a gold strike but when Kid Curry says he’ll kill him, Milt quickly provides directions. Meanwhile, MacGyver and Maria arrive outside as the outlaws lock the Bozers in a shed and ride off to the gold mine. MacGyver and Maria go in and claim that Jenny has a social disease and has killed six men. Jenny and Kate play along and MacGyver convinces the remaining outlaws to strip and scrub themselves. Before they can start, News arrives, recognizes MacGyver, and captures him.

The outlaws lock MacGyver in the shed with the Bozers. As MacGyver cuts himself free, the Bozers admit they don't have a gold mine and they gave Kid Curry fake directions. They stole the gold from a dead prospector and told the townspeople they struck it rich to earn some respect. MacGyver finds a rifle and takes it apart, and then unties the Bozers when they ask for a chance to atone for their sins. He uses the rifle barrel as a blowgun to shoot a rock at a wagon, distracting a guard. MacGyver has the Bozers keep shooting rocks while he uses a branding iron to slip the bar on the door, get out, and knock out the guard. He then spots some pinecones and takes out Dr. Destiny's iron tonic.

The Bozers go in to the cabin and claim MacGyver escaped. The outlaws take Milt outside to show them while Wilt warns the women. MacGyver ties a rope around the porch supports on the cabin and fastens it to a horse. Kid Curry and Sundance arrive and demand answers from the Bozers. Up above, MacGyver soaks the pinecones in the tonic and drops them down the chimney. The cones go off with the sound of gunshots and MacGyver swings a rock into the window. While the outlaws open fire, the Bozers bolt the door and get the women out to the wagon. Kid Curry and the others realize they've been tricked. MacGyver jumps onto a horse and picks up Maria, and then rides off. As the outlaws break down the door, the horse pulls down the porch, burying them.

Later, Kate removes the Bozers' gold from a hidden compartment in the wagon and returns it to them. The Bozers give the women the gold and receive thankful kisses for their efforts. Each of the women give MacGyver a goodbye kiss but as Maria leaves, MacGyver stops her and insists she can't leave. The two of them embrace as Kate and Jenny leave on the train.

MacGyver wakes up to find Maria kissing him. She tells him that Pete has an assignment for her in Rio during Carnival and she admits that MacGyver was right: she'd miss the excitement. When MacGyver asks about what she was saying last night about commitment, Maria says they'll talk more when she gets back.