Jerico Games - Recap

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At the Jerico Games, an international hockey exhibit sponsored by the Phoenix Foundation and Jerico Broadcasting, MacGyver stops by to see Coach Sergei Litminov. Sergei introduces him to Nikolai Rostov, a top player who is being sought out by scouts. Nikolai comes over and mentions that he's now MacGyver's roommate. Sergei shows him the list that has MacGyver on the name of as a volunteer and MacGyver gives in. As MacGyver waits for Nikolai to change, he goes to see who put his name on the list. He comes face-to-face with Ellen Stewart, an old girlfriend from high school. She explains that she's there helping out and they go for a walk. He realizes that Ellen signed him up to host Nikolai and she admits she did it so he'd come to see her. She explains that she's been with Jerico Broadcasting for the last few years and is currently in PR. Ellen mentions their breakup but says that she's had 20 years to get over him. Still, she says that he's one of her favorite memories. As she takes his hand, a private detective takes pictures of them together.

MacGyver takes Nikolai to his houseboat. The Russian is impressed at all of MacGyver’s electronics gears and goes up to the bedroom while MacGyver sleeps downstairs. Ellen stops by to give him the official housing package and tells MacGyver that she can find another host family. MacGyver demurs just as Nikolai comes down, half dressed, to ask for towels. Embarrassed, he quickly retreats and Ellen tells MacGyver that Nikolai needs to be at a photo session that afternoon. He invites her along and Ellen eagerly accepts.

At the photo session, Nikolai talks about competing for his country while MacGyver and Ellen take a walk. She asks if there's anyone in his life and he admits there's a girl but she's on assignment. MacGyver admits he's not sure if it's serious and Ellen says that he's pulling back as always. He admits that everyone he loved died, but Ellen points out that she didn't die. By the time he met her in high school, he'd already put up barriers. He directs the conversation back to her and Ellen admits she's been married three times. She thanks him for explaining since she was worried that she had done something wrong. As they talk, the same person from earlier takes more covert photos of them. Ellen admits she missed MacGyver and moves in to kiss him. He kisses her back as they're captured on film.

In the broadcast studio, Ralph Jerico flirts with his assistant Lorraine. When she jokingly comments that she has him wrapped around her finger, Ralph warns her not to count on that. The photographer, Reese, arrives with the photos of MacGyver and Ellen together. Ralph snaps at him and tells Reese to get MacGyver's name.

Nikolai is having a hot dog when Ellen arrives with Jerico Game pins that she designed herself. Ralph arrives and pulls Ellen away and MacGyver tries to intervene. Ralph informs MacGyver who he is and warns that he doesn't want to mess with his wife Ellen.

Back at the houseboat, Nikolai observes that MacGyver didn't know that Ellen was married. The boy goes bicycling and Ellen arrives to apologize. He points out that she lead him on and Ellen insists she didn't mean to hurt him. She shows him bruises on her neck and admits that Ralph has enough money to find her no matter where she goes. Reese arrives to make sure Ellen meets him at the studio before the opening ceremonies. When MacGyver tries to intervene, Reese punches him and leaves with Ellen.

MacGyver goes to see Jerico at his office building and confronts the broadcast magnate as he leaves. He demands to see Ellen, accusing Jerico of beating her. Ellen arrives and denies it, and Ralph warns MacGyver that he's in over his head.

At the houseboat, MacGyver discovers that Nikolai has left for the opening ceremony and left a message for him to tape the ceremony. As MacGyver watches the live broadcast, he notices someone in the background and plays it back. It's himself. Realizing something is going on, he leaves for the exhibition.

Jerico and Ellen arrive and Jerico speaks with the newscaster, while Nikolai and Sergei look on. A man looking just like MacGyver arrives, shoots Jerico twice in the chest, and runs. Nikolai chases the killer and sees Reese remove a plastic MacGyver mask. Reese spots Nikolai and shoots at him and the hockey player ducks for cover. MacGyver arrives just as Reese drives off and Nikolai runs away.

The police arrive and arrest MacGyver for the murder. They ignore him when he insists they have to find Nikolai and handcuff him. MacGyver uses the Jerico Game pin Ellen gave him to pick the lock and then slips away holding onto the bottom. The police realize that he's escaped and put out an APB.

At a warehouse, Ellen meets with Reese and says everything went like clockwork. Reese tells her that Nikolai saw him remove the mask. She figures Reese can't identify him and will be back in Russia, but Reese insists that they kill the boy. Ellen balks and Reese tries to touch her, and she warns that they're just business partners. She knows Nikolai has her number and figures Nikolai will call her.

MacGyver walks down the street and sees a broadcast where Ellen is promising that the Jerico Games will continue. She appeals to Nikolai to give her a call. MacGyver goes to the stadium to see her and enters her office. He finds a plaster mold of his face along with photos. As MacGyver plays the answering machine back, he hears Nikolai's message from earlier. Ellen comes in and MacGyver demands to know what's going on. She admits that Ralph was a brutal man and she used makeup to bring out the bruises he left on her throat. She snaps at him, saying that he dumped her when she was eighteen. Ellen blames him for her failed marriages and admits she killed Ralph. They had a prenuptial agreement that would have left her with nothing if they divorced. When he goes to call the police, Reese arrives to take him away at gunpoint. As they leave, Nikolai calls and Ellen tells him to take a taxi at the studios and to come alone.

When Nikolai arrives, they easily capture him and take their captives to the incinerator room. Ellen insists that it's all MacGyver's fault and Reese ushers them into the incinerator. He locks the door and starts up the burner and then leaves. Once they're alone, MacGyver tries to pull up the floor grate without success. As the flames grow hotter, MacGyver uses a stray metal rod to break the glass observation port and turn off the fuel switch. MacGyver then borrows Nikolai's sweatpants drawstrings to lasso the release valve.

Reese disposes of the mold and photos and goes to dispose of MacGyver and Nikolai's body. MacGyver sends Nikolai to call 911 and then knocks Reese over with a camera cart. Ellen arrives and picks up Reese's gun and prepares to shoot MacGyver. She insists that he never loved her but MacGyver insists that he did. She finally drops the gun, sobbing, and he embraces her as she wonders why he couldn't love her.

Later, the gold medal-winning Nikolai is leaving with Sergei and MacGyver assures them that Ellen is undergoing a psychiatric hearing. Once they've left, MacGyver gets out his high school yearbook and looks at a photo of Ellen, with her writing that they were the perfect couple.