Eye of Osiris - Recap

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In the Taurus Mountains in Turkey, MacGyver treks through the snow and arrives at a remote tavern. Beth Webb is playing dice. Hakim and his men notice MacGyver come in and Hakim tells his man to dispose of MacGyver if he gets in the way. Meanwhile, Beth wins against her opponent, Kurush, but when he tries to leave she taunts him and says she's there to play for the Egyptian amulet around his neck. He accepts her dare and they roll again. Beth rolls a six, but Kurush rolls a four and loses. As she takes the amulet, Kurush snags the cord with his knife. MacGyver intervenes to try and calm things down and Kurush slugs him. A fight breaks out and Beth grabs the amulet, fighting off Kurush and the others. A shorter man comes at MacGyver with a knife and he hangs his opponent up on the chandelier, then uses him as a shield against a torch-wielding local. Beth has been expecting MacGyver and they make a quick escape. As they leave by Snowcat, Beth explains that Professor Axford has long suspected that Alexander the Great was buried in Turkey. Axford's workers think they've been cursed by the Eye of Osiris.

Axford is working at the site when MacGyver and Beth arrive. They're unaware that Hakim is also at the site. Beth gives the medallion to Axford and MacGyver turns over the second of three pieces, which the Phoenix Foundation purchased. As Beth goes to get the third piece, Axford lectures MacGyver on the fact that the three pieces were given to Alexander's three greatest generals, who used it to seal their ruler in his tomb, the Eye of Osiris. Axford has Alexandra's last will and testament, revealing that the tomb was built in Turkey, in the birthplace of the gods. The hieroglyphics on the fully assembled plaque speak of a heavenly battle where Osiris dashed his eye to the Earth, bringing light to the world. MacGyver notices that the eye on the medallion is blue and it's in an upside-down sun symbol. An inscription says that the person entering the tomb must pay tribute to Anubis, and then find the Keys of Life. However, only the pure of heart can pass through the Maze of the Eye. Axford checks the medallion and determines that those who would enter the tomb must earn the favor of Ra.

In the morning, the workers bring up a statue of Ra from an underground chamber. The statue was facing west and holding a staff that points in that direction. As the workers lift the statue by crane, Hakim uses a remote device to sever the cable, causing the statue to smash open on the ground before. While everyone is distracted, Hakim slips into Axford's tent and takes Alexander's will and the assembled plaque. However, when Axford suddenly yells at the workers, a startled Hakim drops the plaque facedown into the dirt. He picks it up and slips it out, while a worker reports seeing something nearby. They find the Eye inscribed on a stone panel and the workers warn it's the curse. MacGyver realizes the cable was sabotaged and Axford runs to the tent. Hakim goes to his jeep and tells the driver to leave, only to discover that someone has shot him dead. The killer holds Hakim at gunpoint and demands to know why he's interfering in his plan.

Beth and her father discover the artifacts are gone. MacGyver finds where the medallion fell into the dirt and uses sugar water to harden the impression enough so they can make a plaster mold.

The killer introduces himself as Nicholas Von Leer and explains to Hakim that he arranged for MacGyver to join the Axford expedition so he could get revenge for the death of his brother and acquire the Eye of Osiris. Hakim shows him the plaque and explains he can read the hieroglyphics.

MacGyver successfully makes the plaster mold but Axford warns that it may prove of little use without Alexander's will. As Axford stalks off to check on the workers, Beth admits that he's her father, and her mother raised her in the states. After her mother died, she begged her father to take him on the expedition but Beth admits that Axford is obsessed with finding Alexander's tomb. As she leaves, MacGyver compares the plaster mold and the statue staff to the map of the area. He gets an idea and prepares to leave in the Snowcat. Axford returns and insists that he treats Beth the same as everyone else, and is offended that MacGyver is trying to interfere.

MacGyver drives out into the wilderness and finds a small creek. Black rocks lines its sides and MacGyver examines the plaque again. There's a reference to the mountains dancing when the Eye fell and MacGyver realizes what it means.

Beth goes to her tent and finds Von Leer waiting for him. She knows who he is and insists she only agreed to sell him photos to pay off the debts her mother accumulated. Von Leer figures that Beth plans to upstage her father by showing her photos. Axford calls her out and apologizes for how he's been snapping at her. Before he can say anything further, MacGyver returns and explains he found a field of tectites fused by heat, He figures that whatever caused the Eye of Osiris generated enormous heat. He takes them to see the field while Von Leer listens in.

MacGyver believes the reference to the mountains dancing refers to some kind of seismic shock generated by a meteorite. When he lays out the topological maps, they indicate an impact crater. They conclude that the ancients mistook the impact for Osiris casting his eye to the earth. MacGyver calculates the distances and pinpoints where in the crater the Eye of Osiris would be. They take the Snowcat out and find a rock formation that resembles the Pillars of Osiris. Axford finds an eye marking and a hole where the pupil is. MacGyver inserts the staff and a door opens in the pillars. They enter and find a hieroglyph representing the Tree of Life, containing the four elements. Beyond is a tomb with a statue of Anubis watching over Alexander's sarcophagus. Von Leer and Hakim arrive and Von Leer explains that MacGyver was responsible for the death of his brother, Erich. Beth admits that he agreed to sell Von Leer photos of the tomb, but Von Leer wants more. He orders MacGyver to open the sarcophagus and the others to help. They discover its empty and a slab comes down, sealing off the only exit.

When Von Leer prepares to kill the others starting with Beth to conserve their air, MacGyver says he can find them out as long as Von Leer agrees not to kill them. The black marketeer agrees and MacGyver examines the statue of Anubis. Axford remembers that one must pay tribute to Anubis. MacGyver spots some nearby jars and one has a painting of Anubis on it. He places it in the statue's outstretched hands and a door opens to reveal a passage. Von Leer sends MacGyver first into a large chamber and he tells them to come see. Inside is a vast room with a golden statue of the Tree of Life at one end. A vein of quartz lets in sunlight from the surface. When Hakim comes through and gets stuck, Von Leer kills him and figures that MacGyver will help him as long as there's any hope. Axford warns that opening the coffin could unleash forces beyond his comprehension and Von Leer sends MacGyver to examine it. Meanwhile, Beth apologizes and explains that her mother was sick and she needed the money to pay the debts. Axford admits there was no reason for her to ask for his help.

The Tree of Life is surmounted by a cagelike mechanism and several jars. MacGyver realizes each jar holds one of the four elements. MacGyver starts the fire, which heats the water in the next ring. When the water boils, the steam condenses on the stone at the top and then drops down into a basin, opening the coffin and revealing Alexander's corpse, holding a enormous sapphire that was formed when the meteor struck the earth. Von Leer takes the sapphire and the corpse seemingly reaches out for him. The door seals shut and the walls start to close in. Remembering the reference to the Maze of the Eye, MacGyver looks up at the quartz eye and takes the sapphire from a reluctant Von Leer. Racing across the chamber, MacGyver places the sapphire in the center mounting and the resulting beam of sunlight reveals a disc that opens a doorway. MacGyver gets Beth and Axford out while Von Leer goes for the sapphire. He pulls it out and the walls stop moving. However, the sunlight suddenly is cut off as an enormous block slams through the quartz, crushing Von Leer. MacGyver, Beth, and Axford run down the passageway as the block slides down after them. They get to the end where a shallow depression provides them shelter as the block slides over them. Another hieroglyph of the key of life is on the bottom for the block. Pressing the four discs causes the floor to drop out underneath them, dropping them into a cavern. They get out just before the block comes down, sealing off the tomb forever.

The trio returns to the camp and Axford says it's time to put the past behind them. MacGyver reminds Axford that he once wrote an article about finding the truth, not artifacts.