High Control - Recap

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MacGyver breaks into a toy factory to sneak into a semi and recover a hidden vial of bio-toxin from inside of a teddy bear. As he leaves, two men spot him and MacGyver is forced to flee over a fence. As the men go around, MacGyver finds himself in a dead-end alley. Only one door leads out, into the rear entrance of a bar, but one of the men intercepts MacGyver as he goes through. The other one arrives and draws his knife, but a biker comes out of the bar and slams him onto a wall, and then takes out the other man as he swings at MacGyver. MacGyver recognizes the man as Earl Dent, who explains that he's changed since the last time they met. Police sirens sound in the distance and Earl makes a hasty exit.

The next day, MacGyver arrives at the Phoenix lab as Pete is putting in some eye drops. He tells MacGyver that they've been itching enough and dismisses his friend's concern. Pete has the research department trying to get a fix on who is producing the stuff. As MacGyver leaves, he finds Earl waiting outside. Earl insists that he's clean but he's only been out of prison for two days. He asks MacGyver to come along with him to vouch for him when he meets with his new parole officer. MacGyver notes that he doesn't know Earl really well but Earl convinces him to come along.

Earl and MacGyver arrive at the Corrections Department and meet with Earl's officer, Montana. She's less than receptive to Earl's explanation that he's had a lot of bad breaks. MacGyver can't help but suggest she give Earl a chance but Montana insists that she's heard it all before. He suggests Montana listen and Earl says that he plans to get a job and he has reconsidered his life. However, he's forced to admit that once he goes through his old gate money, he'll be back on the street with his own gang. MacGyver braces himself and then offers to let Earl stay with him. When Earl says he needs a job, another ex-con overhears him. Meanwhile, Montana offers Earl a job at a Chicken Habit restaurant. The ex-con calls his boss, Kluge, and tells him where Earl is working.

Earl goes to work and MacGyver stops by. A man comes in to complain about his sandwich and tells his son to shut up. Earl takes offense at that and tells the man to let go of his son. He does so and then makes a hasty exit. Earl admits to MacGyver that his father was the same way when he was a boy. MacGyver leaves and that night, Earl departs and finds Kluge and his men waiting for him. Kluge wants payback but Earl says he's going straight. The gang leader draws a gun and says he wants revenge on Hinkley, the man who put Earl in prison, but Earl disarms him, tosses the gun in the garbage and leaves. Once Earl is gone, Kluge tells one of his men, Rote, to impersonate Earl and use the gun that Earl just handled.

Later, Earl goes back to check in with Montana and finds Kluge and his men outside. Kluge tells them that the Chicken Habit got robbed, the manager was shot, and he claims that a big man like Earl robbed him. The gang leader has the gun and tells Earl to get his bike and call him later or he'll give the gun to the police. Kluge gives Earl a phone number to contact him at and leaves.

Earl goes back to the houseboat to pack and MacGyver arrives to tell him that the Chicken Habit was robbed. MacGyver soon realizes that something is up and wonders why Earl missed his appointment with Montana. Earl explains how his fingerprints got on the gun and how Kluge set him up, and that he's to call him that afternoon. He tells MacGyver that Hinkley ratted on him and Kluge, and Earl is the only one who knows where Hinkley can be found. Earl plans to ride with Kluge long enough to get the gun back but MacGyver insists it's a bad idea. Montana arrives to find Earl, and MacGyver insists that he's being set up. Montana doesn't believe him while Earl slips out the skylight. However, he slips off the roof and falls onto the porch. He runs away and MacGyver and Montana go after him but lose him. Montana accuses MacGyver of hiding Earl, but MacGyver insists he wants the system to work. She plans to send him back to prison but MacGyver defends his new friend. Montana admits that her parents were junkies who kept claiming they wanted to go straight, and she's no longer impressed by talk. MacGyver convinces her to give him 24 hours to find Earl and bring him back.

MacGyver calls Pete, who sends him Kluge's record and gives him the name of a Pete Dash, a known associate that is in prison and whose name MacGyver can use. Pete has also tracked the phone number to the Handle Bar, a biker hangout. MacGyver gets his motorcycle out of storage and drives off, unaware that Montana is following him.

MacGyver goes to the Handle Bar and overhears Rote and Kluge talking. Rote warns that they need at least six people and they only have five. Outside, Montana goes to MacGyver's bike and tapes a transmitter to the underside. Inside, Kluge gets a call from Earl and tells him to meet him at an address, but MacGyver can't hear it. MacGyver goes outside and sabotages the fuel line Kluge's bike. When the bikers come out, MacGyver works on his own bike. Kluge can't get his bike started and MacGyver offers his help. He fixes the fuel line and drops Dash's name and says he met him in prison. Kluge offers him a job hijacking pure crystal meth and MacGyver accepts.

The gang drives out to meet Earl, who recognizes MacGyver but doesn't give him away. Earl calls him over and demands to know why he's there. Meanwhile, Montana has followed the gang using her radio tracker and spots Earl and MacGyver together. MacGyver explains that they have to stop the hijacking before they go to Montana, and Earl figures Kluge plans to hijack the crystal meth bound for Hinkley's lab. Before they can leave, Kluge and the others come out and tell Earl and MacGyver to take them to Hinkley's place.

The bikers arrive at a deserted warehouse and go in. They find one worker who tells them Hinkley and the others went into town. Kluge prepares to shoot him but MacGyver manages to convince Kluge to leave the man alive to tell Hinkley he's after him. However, once the man runs outside, Kluge changes his mind and shoots him down.

The bikers find Hinkley's stash of money and crystal meth. Two of them bring the bikes in and find the radio transmitter on MacGyver's bike. They alert Kluge, unaware that Montana has snuck in and is preparing to take them all prisoner. MacGyver denies knowing about the radio but Kluge figures he's a cop. Earl wonders what Kluge got him into with the police, earning Kluge's trust. Kluge gives him the gun but Montana arrives, sees Earl with the gun, and tries to arrest him and the others. Earl tries to get through to her without success and Kluge shoves Earl into Montana, knocking her over and getting her gun.

The bikers tie up MacGyver, Earl, and Montana in the storage room and load up the drugs and money. Once alone, MacGyver tells Earl and Montana to talk loudly while he breaks a beaker and cuts his ropes. As they start arguing for real, MacGyver gets free and tells them they can stop. They finally do and he gets them free. MacGyver then peers out the transom and spots Rote standing guard outside. He fills a spray bottle with ether and uses a rubber hose to spray it out the transom window at Rote, knocking him out. Earl gets the door open but the bikers are between them and the way out.

MacGyver mixes a paste-like chemical that will explode on contact and spreads it on the floor. When one of the bikers, Hawkins, comes back, they take cover. However, the substance doesn't explode. Hawkins finds the unconscious Rote and calls the other biker, Wally, over. MacGyver kicks the gun out of Hawkins' hand and struggles with him. Montana distracts Wally and Earl gets close enough to knock him out. MacGyver knocks out Hawkins with a barrel lid. Kluge opens fire on them and then runs for Hinkley's van. MacGyver grabs an air tank and tapes it into the dish where he made the chemical explosive, He sticks it into the front of Earl's trike, drives after the escaping Kluge, and jumps clear as it rams the van. The van blows up, scattering the money everywhere and stunning Kluge. Earl is left to mourn his trike's destruction.

Later at the Chicken Habit, Earl is cleaning up when MacGyver and Montana come to visit. The police busted Hinkley, but they're there to tell him that the Phoenix Foundation is providing a grant to finance Montana working with a partner to deal with her high-control parolees. The two start arguing and MacGyver makes a hasty exit.