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Faith, Hope & Charity - Recap

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As MacGyver tracks an endangered gray wolf through the forest using a radio tag, nearby two old women, Faith and Hope Lacey, look for berries for preserves. They find a bear trap set by poachers and set it off.

MacGyver follows the wolf through the forest and spots another bear trap. Avoiding it, he steps in another one and collapses. Faith hears him and takes her sister along to investigate. They find MacGyver but aren’t' strong enough to free his foot. They put him in their wagon and pull him to their boarding house where they have tools to get him free.

The women arrive at the house with MacGyver as an old man, Leo Burns, is preparing to leave. They ask Leo to help and introduce him as a regular guest at their home. Once MacGyver is free, they take him in the house and treat his wound. However, as MacGyver recuperates in a bedroom, he sees Leo remove a suitcase from the trunk of his car and take it to a nearby tool shed. The Lacey sisters bring food in for him and insist that he eat.

In the tool shed, Leo removes some money from a large amount in the suitcase and then hides the suitcase in an old lawnmower bag.

The Laceys tell MacGyver that the local doctor had an emergency appendectomy to deal with and couldn't come, but doesn't believe MacGyver's foot is broken. The sisters insist on putting MacGyver up in their home at no charge. They insist on taking his motel key and provide a crutch belonging to their great-grandfather, who helped runaway slaves during the Civil War. As they go, they tell him that he'll have to stay for a week.

Three mobsters, Gorman, Abe, and Bobby, drive up near the house and spot Leo. They prepare to go after him but the sisters go out. and Gorman, the man in charge, stops them. Leo wonders who MacGyver is working for but Hope admits she doesn't really know. As they leave for town, Leo gives them a letter and tells them not to open it unless something happens to him. Once the Laceys leave, Gorman orders his men to move in. They pull up to Leo, who knows them. He wonders why they are there and Gorman tells him that they're to get the money. Leo denies it but Gorman insists that the boss knows he's been skimming money. They beat him and then tie him up in a hammock. Leo warns them he has a heart problem but they spin him around anyway. He finally dies of a heart attack and Gorman realizes they have no way to find the money. Bobby goes to check Leo's room while Gorman and Abe search his car.

In his second floor room, MacGyver hears Bobby come in but doesn't know who it is. He gets up and sees Leo by the hammock, and then uses the crutch to hobble out and investigate. He tries to negotiate the stairs but the crutch breaks and he falls down, hitting his head and passing out. Bobby finds him and figures it's perfect.

The sisters come back and find MacGyver. He asks about Leo and they insist that the old man checked out. They figure he's hallucinating and make him a cup of tea. MacGyver passes out and wakes up 45 minutes later. He looks outside but Leo has disappeared. However, MacGyver does notice drag marks leading away from the hammock. Using a coat rack as a crutch, MacGyver follows the drag marks to a barn and goes down into the cellar. Hope and Faith are burying Leo. They claim that Leo's last wish was that he would never leave the place and they were his only family. MacGyver points out that it's against the law but the sisters insist that it was Leo's last wish.

Gorman and his men wait and wonder why the sisters haven't called anyone. They figure the sisters are up to something and move in.

MacGyver notices a cut on Leo's face left by Gorman beating him, and marks from the hammock that weren't caused just by him lying down. He looks at the will that Leo left them in the envelope but it's been torn in half. MacGyver insists on bringing in the police and Faith reluctantly agrees to call them. Gorman and his men capture her as she goes out and takes her down to the cellar with MacGyver and Hope. They demand the money and MacGyver has no idea what they're talking about. Gorman explains that Leo had a million dollars. When the Laceys refuse to hand it over, Gorman orders his men to beat them and MacGyver says that he saw Leo go out to the toolshed. The mobsters tie them up and go up, bolting the cellar door behind them.

Once they're alone, MacGyver demands answers but the Laceys have nothing to say. MacGyver cuts himself free on a bandsaw and figures that the cellar has a secret escape route left over from the abolitionist days. MacGyver frees the sisters and has them cut through the support beam on the stairs leading up while MacGyver looks for the escape tunnel. MacGyver finds an old cart that he uses as a wheelchair.

Gorman and his men finally find the suitcase hidden in the lawnmower bag but discover only a single bill. They realize the Laceys have double-crossed them.

MacGyver finds the escape tunnel entrance, hidden by a cupboard. They open it and the sisters wheel MacGyver away while the mobsters come down and fall through the weakened stairs. Bobby spots the footprints leading into the cupboard and realizes there's a tunnel on the other side. Meanwhile, MacGyver the sisters get to the other end and discover it leads to the kitchen. They slam down the trapdoor back down just as the mobsters get there, and the men have no choice but to go back the way they came. The Laceys realize the mobsters cut the phone line and the keys to their car are back with Leo. Before they can get to the car, the mobsters cut them off.

Gorman tells his men not to shoot MacGyver and the sisters until they can find the money. The trio barricades the door and Gorman comes up with another idea.. He sends Abe and Bobby around to find another way in. Bobby climbs up the patio to an upstairs window while Abe breaks through a kitchen window. MacGyver hits him with the mop, knocking him down and blinding him. He hears Bobby get into the upstairs sewing room through an unlocked window. They pull up the carpet strip on the stairs and when Bobby comes down, pull it out to trip him and knock him out.

Abe reports back to Gorman, who tells him to get in the car. MacGyver and the Laceys watch as Gorman drives his car onto the yard and prepares to ram through the wall. MacGyver spots a pot of preserves and has Faith bring him a vacuum cleaner. He sticks one end into the preserves and sprays the liquid into Gorman's face, while Hope knocks out Bobby with a rolling pin. In the chaos, a jar falls down and the missing money spills out. Faith and Hope try to look innocent.

Later, MacGyver prepares to leave and asks why they didn't tell him about the money. They figured that since Leo had skimmed the money from the mob, they could claim it for themselves. The Laceys plan to use the money with MacGyver's advice to save the gray wolf. He says that the Phoenix Foundation will do what it can. As they leave, the gray wolf with the radio tracking tag watches them go.