Hind-Sight - Recap

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MacGyver goes to the hospital to visit Pete, who claimed he was on vacation but was actually going into the hospital for surgery for his glaucoma. MacGyver figures Pete knew he would figure it out. Pete doesn't want MacGyver's help, insisting that MacGyver has never really needed him. MacGyver reminds him of the time he rescued him from the Chinese embassy. However, Pete insists it's different because MacGyver wasn't helpless. MacGyver reminds him of the time he was trapped in a mini-sub, helpless. Pete notes he didn't do anything and MacGyver admits that's true but it still matters. Pete apologizes, saying he's not good with people.

MacGyver notes that when he was in a coma after falling from a parking garage, he was helpless. MacGyver admits he'd made his peace and was ready to let go, but something held him back: Pete, who wouldn't let him die. He insists that Pete and Harry gave him the will to live. Pete doesn't understand what he's talking about and MacGyver explains that he had a near-death experience where he met his grandfather and parents aboard a ship. Harry told MacGyver that Pete's life was in danger and he made his escape with Harry's help. Pete figures it was a dream but MacGyver says that whatever it was, they both survived. Pete gets the point and thanks his friend for coming. However, he hates anyone seeing him like this and admits he's scared about what happens afterward and who he'll be when he's dependent on each other. MacGyver points out that it was Pete who helped them escape when they were trapped in a cellar by terrorists. MacGyver has to leave to meet Willis at the lab but promises that he'll return. However, Pete asks MacGyver to drop off a letter at the Foundation: his resignation.

Later, Pete meets with the surgeon who will be doing the operation. MacGyver returns and Pete explains how they'll be releasing fluid from his eyeballs. MacGyver suggests he might be premature about resigning but admits he delivered the resignation. He sees a vase of flowers on a table and reads the note. It talks about Pete never being there for the person who sent the flowers, and is signed "Brainwashed No More." Pete figures it's a practical joke sent by Jack, who was brainwashed into becoming an assassin. MacGyver notices that the card smells like perfume and figures it's a woman with a score to settle. Pete isn't so sure but MacGyver reminds him of Santina, the guerilla fighter they stopped from taking over her country. However, the last they had heard she was teaching school in the barrio.

The nurse arrives with a note delivered by messenger. It's from the same person and she talks about how she can't stay away despite the harm they've done each other. She plans to pay Pete a visit. The nurse asks MacGyver to leave.

A woman tells a cabbie to take her to the hospital.

MacGyver goes to the Phoenix Foundation and meets with Willis. They go over all the female suspects in the file but can't find anyone at large. MacGyver wonders if it could be Murdoc, the master of disguise. Willis concedes it could be Murdoc and MacGyver has him call the hospital to make sure that Pete gets no visitors.

The woman enters Pete's room. Pete can blurrily make out someone entering his room but doesn't recognize her.

MacGyver arrives and the nurse tells her that Pete's only visitor is his wife. MacGyver points out that Pete's been divorced for 20 years and has the nurse call security. He runs into the room and finds Connie with Pete. Pete explains that Connie now owns a travel agency and Connie admits she couldn't deal with losing Pete to the Phoenix Foundation. She explains that she didn't sign her notes because she was afraid he wouldn't want to hear from her. They've finally reconciled their differences.

As Pete is taken to surgery, he assures Connie and MacGyver that he's feeling great and that it's what he feels that count. With them in his corner, he feels he'll be able to pull through. Connie walks him to the elevator but as they take him away, Pete asks how the Foundation took the news of his resignation. MacGyver tells him that he left the resignation on his desk.