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The 'Hood - Recap

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MacGyver pulls up in a moving truck at his new garage as his landlord Mel Krasney, a sculptor and former lawyer, comes by. MacGyver admits that he managed to salvage most of his stuff after his houseboat burned down. A girl, Kelly Dobbs, comes running up and introduces herself as an aspiring actress. She invites MacGyver to dinner and then asks Mel to borrow some money so she can get take a bus to fill in her for her roommate Molly at a manicure appointment. Mel gives in and loans her the money.

Kelly provides a manicure for tycoon J. Leland Knox. Knox's brother Tyler and a hired killer, Bobbie Lee, comes in and Leland hastily pays off Kelly and sends her on her way. Leland takes Tyler into the next room and Bobbie Lee hits on her. When she turns him down, Bobbie Lee takes her (Molly's) business card and she says he can call her. Leland calls him in and Kelly goes out to her car. However, she realizes she's forgotten her sunglasses and goes back in. She walks past the study while Leland tells Bobbie Lee and Tyler to eliminate Victor Nesbitt, an accountant at one of their holding companies who can testify that they have been using pension funds to corner the platinum market. Kelly overhears them talking and Leland spots her. She runs out the door and barricades it and runs off the estate before they can capture her. She jumps onto a passing truck and makes good her escape. Bobby Lee produces the business card and figures he can eliminate her.

As MacGyver unloads his stuff into the garage, Mel explains that Molly and Kelly work odd jobs while waiting for their big break, and that MacGyver will soon meet his newest project, Robo.

Billie Lee meets with his cousin Willie at a motel room and says they have a new job and he's going to let Willie handle it.

Mel describes how he ended up defending drug lords in the 80s and ended up quitting and becoming a sculptor. He gets a call forwarded to MacGyver's number and takes it. The police inform him that Kelly had an accident and he needs to go to the morgue. MacGyver goes with him and the medical examiner explains that they found her in a car at the bottom of a cliff and ID'd her from her purse. However, MacGyver and Mel realize that it's Kelly's roommate, Molly.

Kelly is on the bus when she hears a radio broadcast about the case of mistaken identity and the death of her roommate.

Leland and Tyler realize that Bobbie killed the wrong person and called him. Bobbie Lee admits he let Willie handle it and Leland tells him to clean it up. He hangs up and Bobbie Lee assures his cousin that he can fix it.

MacGyver and Mel go to Kelly's home and they meet Mama Lorraine, who runs the beauty shop where Kelly works. He also explains that Mama Lorraine is a voodoo priestess. Mama Lorraine says that she had a dream that Kelly is in danger. Mel and MacGyver go to the police and Mama Lorraine goes back into Kelly's house. Bobbie Lee has obtained her address from the card and is watching the place.

Kelly contacts a meter maid in the neighborhood and explains what happened. The meter maid tells her to go back home while she gets a detective, but Kelly warns that they'll look there for her first and she's going to the theater where she works.

Mel and MacGyver meet with Sergeant Rudley, who warns they can't file a missing person report for 48 hours. He finally agrees to listen but all Mel can tell him is that Mama Lorraine had a dream. Rudley agrees to put out a general alert and MacGyver goes to the theater while Mel checks her other hangouts.

Rudley hears from the meter maid and calls Mama Lorraine to tell her that Kelly said she was going to the theater. Mama writes down the message and Bobbie Lee breaks in to knock her out.

MacGyver goes to the theater and discovers the front gate is locked. He goes around to the side and calls out to Kelly. He finds her inside, wielding a rubber gun. Kelly explains what happened at Knox's manor. Bobbie Lee comes in and holds them at gunpoint, then tells Kelly that he only kills who he wants and he plans to keep her alive awhile. He ties up MacGyver on a prop medieval rack and gags him.

Mel finds Mama Lorraine, who insists her dream was real. She describes Bobbie Lee and says they have to get to the theater.

Bobbie Lee tightens the ropes fastening MacGyver to the rack and tells Kelly someone will find him in the morning. He goes to lock the back door and reminds her that he has the gun. When she tries to move toward MacGyver, he fires a shot. He then secretly uses a book of matches as a fuse to burn through a support rope holding up a rack of lights above MacGyver and then leaves with Kelly. MacGyver watches as the support rope starts to burn through. He grabs a poker and tries to reach the lever tightening the ropes, but falls just short. Reaching overhead, he manages to hit a prop skeleton's hand into the lever, loosening his ropes and letting him escape just in time. MacGyver examines the matchbook and then picks up a candle.

Bobbie Lee returns to the motel with Kelly. Willie wonders what he's doing and Bobbie Lee secretly explains that he wants Willie to loosely tie her up so she can escape, and see if she really wants to stay with him.

MacGyver uses candle wax to cement the ashes on the matchbox so they can read the name. It came from Cadillac Jack's, a diner on the outskirts of town. They go there and spot the nearby motel. MacGyver spots a pickup truck with Texas plates and figures that Bobby is inside.

Once Bobbie Lee has left and Willie goes into the bathroom to shave, Kelly starts to free herself while Willie watches her in the mirror.

MacGyver and Mama Lorraine examine the pickup truck and find the inside covered with good-luck charms. MacGyver spots Kelly inside and realizes that Willie is armed. Kelly gets free but Willie draws his gun and stops her. MacGyver notices a passing maid with a laundry cart and gets an idea. Mama Lorraine takes the cart, knocks on the door, and barges in. She claims she's a housekeeper but Willie tells her to get out. When she leaves the laundry cart and Willie starts to shove it out, MacGyver emerges from hiding inside of it and knocks him unconscious.

Nesbitt checks in to the hotel, unaware that Bobbie Lee is nearby disguised as a tree surgeon. Nesbitt goes up to his room via the elevator while Bobbie Lee climbs a repair scaffold and prepares to shoot him with a rifle.

Kelly wakes up Willie and MacGyver demands to know where Bobbie Lee is. When Willie refuses to talk, MacGyver realizes that Willie is the one with the good-luck charms. He takes Willie's lucky rabbit's foot and gives it to Mama Lorraine, and she begins a voodoo ritual. Willie quickly gives in and tells them who Bobbie Lee's target is and that he's making the hit in a half hour. Mama Lorraine bursts into laughter and tells him it was all a trick. MacGyver has her call the police while he goes to the hotel.

Kelly follows MacGyver to the hotel and Bobbie Lee spots her. He prepares to shoot her and MacGyver spots the laser-targeting dot on her neck. He pulls her down behind cover and then grabs a fire hose. He wraps it around the scaffolding while Bobbie Lee prepares to shoot Nesbitt. A maid temporarily blocks his shot, giving MacGyver enough time to fasten the hose to the elevator. When the elevator goes up, it pulls the scaffolding down and the security guards take Bobbie Lee into custody.

Later, MacGyver returns home with Kelly and Mel and finds a new mural. The street artist who did it, Robo, comes in and Mel explains that he helped him out once and Robo does paintings for him. Mama Lorraine and the other neighbors come in to honor Molly, celebrate Kelly come homing safe, and welcome MacGyver to the neighborhood.