Gunz 'N Boyz - Recap

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Player G has his Oliver Street gang bring in a young boy, Bobby, to convince him to sell crack cocaine and offers to get him a gun. He asks Bobby to sell drugs at the Challenger's Club despite the prohibition against it.

At the Club, Regina Jeffries stops her sons Brian and Kelvin and sees Player G harassing Bobby. Regina calls in MacGyver and tells Brian to keep his word not to get involved, and then calls the police. MacGyver goes over and Player G quickly hides his guns. Regina comes over and Player G hits on her, then asks where Brian is. Brian comes over and a fight breaks out. Player G draws a gun but the police arrive and the gang takes off. Officer Mullins comes over and notes that Brian is with a rival street gang, the Ice Boyz. Brian stalks off and Mullins warns MacGyver that he's in the middle of gangbanger hell and he doesn't know what he's in for. He figures Brian will never reform and watches MacGyver to watch his back.

Regina invites MacGyver to the Jeffries home and Brian complains that the Oliver Street Gang will soon be moving in and recruit Kelvin. She figures Brian is looking for an excuse to quit the Club and MacGyver wonders when Brian will get Kelvin killed the same way that his older brother Eddie died in a gangbanger. MacGyver goes to the window and sees the Oliver Street Gang drive by and opening fire. He yells a warning but Regina is hit in the shoulder. Brian grabs a gun and goes after them and MacGyver tends to Regina's injury. Later, the police take statements and Regina tells MacGyver and Kelvin to find Brian before it's too late.

At Stumpy's Bar, the Oliver Street gang hang out and Player G meets outside with his gun supplier, Minton. Minton wants his $3,000 and Player G threatens to shoot him if he doesn't give Player G a cut. Brian arrives and listens in, and sees Minton shoot Player G as he examines the merchandise. Brian slips and alerts Minton, who opens fire. When the rest of the gang comes out, Minton claims that Brian shot Player G and drives off. The police arrive and quickly capture Brian. MacGyver and Kelvin arrive as Brian is taken away, and Mullins figures it's an even split with one ganger in jail and one dead.

MacGyver and Kelvin meet Brian in jail and ask him if he shot Player G. Brian finally admits that he didn't do it and Minton was the only man in the alley. However, he doesn't know Minton's name and insists it doesn't make any difference. The police are satisfied that they've got Brian for the murder.

MacGyver goes back to Stumpy's and talks to the owner as he comes out to the alley. Stumpy tells him to leave but MacGyver explains that someone has been delivering arms hidden in Stumpy's liquor shipments. The owner still claims ignorance and goes back inside. MacGyver finds a shipping label for Minton's Liquor and goes to the company shipping office. He breaks in and goes through Minton's desk. He finds some Soldier of Fortune magazines and an urban black magazine, Black City Beat. He then finds a box filled with shotgun shells. Minton knocks him out, takes his knife, and IDs him from his wallet. He drags MacGyver into a storeroom and locks him. When he wakes up, MacGyver takes out a piece of heating pipe from the ceiling and fits a beer keg inside. He then makes a fire using kindling and alcohol, heats the beer, and the pressure fires the keg into the door, breaking it down so he can escape.

MacGyver goes back to ask Stumpy about Minton. Once he points out that kids are going to die and Stumpy is partially responsible, the owner admits that Minton supplies guns to the gangs. Stumpy provides MacGyver with a phone number, and MacGyver invites him to a meeting at the Challenger's Club for concerned neighborhood parents. Stumpy says he won't be there and has enough troubles of his own.

Back at the Club, Regina says she isn't having much luck getting people to come. MacGyver has tracked Minton's cell phone to a white-only neighborhood and figures he can track Minton by seeing who in the area subscribes to it.

Outside, Kelvin is playing basketball with the Ice Boyz when Hard Rock, an Ice Boyz ganger, comes by to tell them that Minton is meeting with the Oliver Street gang at a brewery the next day. Hard Rock figures that they can get all of them for payback.

The next day, MacGyver checks out the few magazine subscribers in Minton's area. He finds one address with discarded Minton Liquor boxes. Minton is inside and sees him. He comes out and says that he used to be a cop and got shot at regularly by the gangs. They cost him his family and his job so now Minton figures that he'll get some payback. Minton insists that no one cares about the gangers but MacGyver insists that a lot of people care and they need time to do something. Minton takes MacGyver prisoner and reveals that he tipped off the Ice Boyz and he'll let them kill each other. Once they're done, he'll finish MacGyver off and leave him with the others.

Regina comes home to find Kelvin driving off with the Ice Boyz to take care of the Oliver Street gang. She goes to the neighborhood meeting and tells the other parents that they know trouble is coming but they just turn a blind eye to it. While Regina insists they need to get involved, Stumpy comes in and the parents accuse him of playing up to the gang. He admits he has four grandchildren and tells the parents that there's a bad fight coming between the two gangs at the abandoned brewery. While the other parents prepare to call the police, Regina says that it's their responsibility and it's time to take care of their own children by themselves. The other parents hesitate for a moment and then go after her.

Minton arrives at the abandoned brewery and rigs his delivery van with explosives. He arms the detonator and goes with the remote, leaving MacGyver manacled to the floor and gagged. MacGyver manages to kick open a box of champagne bottles. Minton watches from an upstairs windows as the two rival gangs arrive and face off. Meanwhile, MacGyver uses the wire from a champagne bottle cork to open the lock on the manacles.

The two gangs get out of their cars and approach each other, while MacGyver tries to get into the van's cab to turn off the detonator. It's locked so he runs up to stop Minton from using his remote to detonate the explosives. MacGyver tackles Minton, who drops the remote down the stairs. They fall down the stairs in the struggle but Minton gets the upper hand, grabs the remote, and goes to the window. MacGyver shoves him out and as the gunrunner dangles from the ledge, the gangs spot him. They're interrupted when their parents arrive and they watch as MacGyver pulls Minton to safety. He takes Minton down and explains that the gunrunner set them all up. Stumpy arrives and points out how easy it was for Minton to turn them all against each other. Kelvin and then the others put down their guns. Finally only one ganger is left. He puts down his gun and walks away.

Later, everyone in the neighborhood is planting trees at the Challenger's Club as part of the Phoenix Foundation's Project Green the Scene. Brian has been cleared of all charges and released. Regina admits that now that the kids have some role models, there might be a chance for them.