MacGyver (1985)

Ep. # Air Date Title Images
1x02 06/Oct/1985 The Golden Triangle 3
1x04 21/Oct/1985 The Gauntlet 5
1x06 10/Nov/1985 Trumbo's World 5
1x08 27/Nov/1985 Hellfire 4
1x09 08/Dec/1985 The Prodigal 6
1x10 22/Dec/1985 Target MacGyver 8
1x11 15/Jan/1986 Nightmares 6
1x13 29/Jan/1986 Flame's End 5
1x14 05/Feb/1986 Countdown 6
1x15 12/Feb/1986 The Enemy Within 8
1x18 12/Mar/1986 Ugly Duckling 6
1x19 02/Apr/1986 Slow Death 8
1x22 07/May/1986 The Assassin 7
2x01 22/Sep/1986 The Human Factor 9
2x04 20/Oct/1986 The Wish Child 9
2x05 27/Oct/1986 Final Approach 8
2x06 03/Nov/1986 Jack of Lies 6
2x07 10/Nov/1986 The Road Not Taken 6
2x08 17/Nov/1986 Eagles 8
2x09 24/Nov/1986 Silent World 7
2x10 15/Dec/1986 Three For the Road 9
2x12 12/Jan/1987 Family Matter 7
2x13 19/Jan/1987 Soft Touch 8
2x14 02/Feb/1987 Birth Day 7
2x15 09/Feb/1987 Pirates 7
2x16 16/Feb/1987 Out in the Cold 7
2x18 02/Mar/1987 Partners 7
2x20 06/Apr/1987 Friends 6
2x21 27/Apr/1987 D.O.A.: MacGyver 7
2x22 04/May/1987 For Love or Money 8
3x01 21/Sep/1987 Lost Love (1) 8
3x02 28/Sep/1987 Lost Love (2) 8
3x03 05/Oct/1987 Back From the Dead 6
3x04 19/Oct/1987 Ghost Ship 8
3x05 26/Oct/1987 Fire and Ice 9
3x06 02/Nov/1987 GX-1 8
3x09 23/Nov/1987 Hell Week 6
3x10 21/Dec/1987 Blow Out 5
3x11 04/Jan/1988 Kill Zone 5
3x12 18/Jan/1988 Early Retirement 4
3x13 01/Feb/1988 Thin Ice 9
3x14 29/Feb/1988 The Odd Triple 6
3x15 07/Mar/1988 The Negotiator 8
3x16 14/Mar/1988 The Spoilers 7
3x17 28/Mar/1988 Mask of the Wolf 6
3x18 18/Apr/1988 Rock the Cradle 7
3x19 02/May/1988 The Endangered 5
3x20 09/May/1988 Murderers' Sky 7
4x01 31/Oct/1988 The Secret of Parker House 8
4x02 21/Nov/1988 Blood Brothers 6
4x03 28/Nov/1988 The Outsiders 7
4x04 05/Dec/1988 On a Wing and a Prayer 6
4x05 12/Dec/1988 Collision Course 7
4x06 09/Jan/1989 The Survivors 7
4x07 16/Jan/1989 Deadly Dreams 9
4x09 06/Feb/1989 Cleo Rocks 5
4x11 20/Feb/1989 The Battle of Tommy Giordano 8
4x12 27/Feb/1989 The Challenge 6
4x13 13/Mar/1989 Runners 7
4x14 27/Mar/1989 Gold Rush 5
4x16 24/Apr/1989 Brainwashed 10
4x17 01/May/1989 Easy Target 7
4x18 08/May/1989 Renegade 6
4x19 15/May/1989 Unfinished Business 5
5x04 09/Oct/1989 Cease Fire 5
5x07 06/Nov/1989 Children of Light 6
5x08 13/Nov/1989 Black Rhino 7
5x09 20/Nov/1989 The Ten Percent Solution 7
5x11 18/Dec/1989 The Madonna 5
5x12 08/Jan/1990 Serenity 5
5x13 15/Jan/1990 Live and Learn 9
5x14 05/Feb/1990 Log Jam 6
5x15 12/Feb/1990 The Treasure of Manco 6
5x16 19/Feb/1990 Jenny's Chance 7
5x17 26/Feb/1990 Deep Cover 8
5x18 19/Mar/1990 The Lost Amadeus 7
5x19 09/Apr/1990 Hearts of Steel 7
6x01 17/Sep/1990 Tough Boys 5
6x02 24/Sep/1990 Humanity 8
6x03 01/Oct/1990 The Gun 9
6x04 08/Oct/1990 Twenty Questions 7
6x07 05/Nov/1990 Harry's Will 9
6x08 12/Nov/1990 MacGyver's Women 8
6x10 03/Dec/1990 The Visitor 5
6x11 17/Dec/1990 Squeeze Play 6
6x13 21/Jan/1991 The Wasteland 6
6x14 04/Feb/1991 Eye of Osiris 6
6x16 18/Feb/1991 There But For the Grace 6
6x17 04/Mar/1991 Blind Faith 5
6x18 18/Mar/1991 Faith, Hope & Charity 6
6x19 08/Apr/1991 Strictly Business 7
6x21 06/May/1991 Hind-Sight 7
7x01 16/Sep/1991 Honest Abe 7
7x04 07/Oct/1991 The Prometheus Syndrome 5
7x06 21/Oct/1991 Walking Dead 6
7x07 04/Nov/1991 Good Knight MacGyver (1) 8
7x09 18/Nov/1991 Deadly Silents 6
7x10 02/Dec/1991 Split Decision 8
7x12 30/Dec/1991 Off the Wall 7
7x13 25/Apr/1992 The Stringer 7
7x14 21/May/1992 Mountain of Youth 8

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Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 1985
Ended: May 21, 1992
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