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Mad About You

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 23/Sep/1992 Romantic Improvisations 9
2 1x02 30/Sep/1992 Sofa's Choice 9
3 1x03 07/Oct/1992 Sunday Times 9
4 1x04 14/Oct/1992 Out of the Past 9
5 1x05 21/Oct/1992 Paul in the Family 9
6 1x06 28/Oct/1992 I'm Just So Happy for You 9
7 1x07 04/Nov/1992 Token Friend 9
8 1x08 11/Nov/1992 The Apartment 9
9 1x09 18/Nov/1992 Riding Backwards 9
10 1x10 09/Dec/1992 Neighbors from Hell 9
11 1x11 16/Dec/1992 Met Someone 9
12 1x12 06/Jan/1993 Maid About You 9
13 1x13 13/Jan/1993 Togetherness 9
14 1x14 27/Jan/1993 Weekend Getaway 9
15 1x15 06/Feb/1993 The Wedding Affair 9
16 1x16 13/Feb/1993 Love Among the Tiles 9
17 1x17 20/Feb/1993 The Billionaire 9
18 1x18 27/Feb/1993 The Man Who Said Hello 9
19 1x19 01/May/1993 Swept Away 9
20 1x20 08/May/1993 The Spy Who Loved Me 9
21 1x21 15/May/1993 The Painter 9
22 1x22 22/May/1993 Happy Anniversary 9

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
23 2x01 16/Sep/1993 Murray's Tale N/A
24 2x02 23/Sep/1993 Bing, Bang, Boom N/A
25 2x03 30/Sep/1993 Bedfellows N/A
26 2x04 07/Oct/1993 Married to the Job N/A
27 2x05 14/Oct/1993 So I Married a Hair Murderer N/A
28 2x06 28/Oct/1993 The Unplanned Child N/A
29 2x07 04/Nov/1993 Natural History N/A
30 2x08 11/Nov/1993 Surprise N/A
31 2x09 18/Nov/1993 A Pair of Hearts N/A
32 2x10 02/Dec/1993 It's a Wrap N/A
33 2x11 09/Dec/1993 Deconstructive Criticism (a.k.a. Edna Returns) N/A
34 2x12 06/Jan/1994 Paul is Dead N/A
35 2x13 13/Jan/1994 Same Time Next Week N/A
36 2x14 27/Jan/1994 The Late Show N/A
37 2x15 03/Feb/1994 Virtual Reality N/A
38 2x16 10/Feb/1994 Cold Feet N/A
39 2x17 14/Feb/1994 Instant Karma N/A
40 2x18 24/Feb/1994 The Tape N/A
41 2x19 10/Mar/1994 Love Letters N/A
42 2x20 07/Apr/1994 The Last Scampi N/A
43 2x21 28/Apr/1994 Disorientation N/A
44 2x22 05/May/1994 Storms We Cannot Weather N/A
45 2x23 12/May/1994 Up All Night N/A
46 2x24 19/May/1994 With This Ring... (1) N/A
47 2x25 19/May/1994 With This Ring... (2) N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
48 3x01 22/Sep/1994 Escape from New York N/A
49 3x02 29/Sep/1994 Home N/A
50 3x03 06/Oct/1994 Till Death Do Us Part N/A
51 3x04 13/Oct/1994 When I'm Sixty-Four N/A
52 3x05 20/Oct/1994 Legacy N/A
53 3x06 03/Nov/1994 Pandora's Box N/A
54 3x07 10/Nov/1994 The Ride Home N/A
55 3x08 17/Nov/1994 Giblets for Murray N/A
56 3x09 08/Dec/1994 Once More with Feeling N/A
57 3x10 15/Dec/1994 The City N/A
58 3x11 05/Jan/1995 Our Fifteen Minutes N/A
59 3x12 19/Jan/1995 How to Fall in Love N/A
60 3x13 02/Feb/1995 Mad About You (1) N/A
61 3x14 02/Feb/1995 Mad About You (2) N/A
62 3x15 09/Feb/1995 Just My Dog N/A
63 3x16 16/Feb/1995 The Alan Brady Show N/A
64 3x17 23/Feb/1995 Mad Without You N/A
65 3x18 09/Mar/1995 Purseona N/A
66 3x19 30/Mar/1995 Two Tickets to Paradise N/A
67 3x20 27/Apr/1995 Money Changes Everything N/A
68 3x21 04/May/1995 Cake Fear N/A
69 3x22 11/May/1995 My Boyfriend's Back N/A
70 3x23 18/May/1995 Up in Smoke (1) N/A
71 3x24 18/May/1995 Up in Smoke (2) N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
72 4x01 24/Sep/1995 New Sleep-Walking PLUS N/A
73 4x02 01/Oct/1995 The Parking Space N/A
74 4x03 08/Oct/1995 The Test N/A
75 4x04 29/Oct/1995 The Good, the Bad and the Not-So-Appealing N/A
76 4x05 05/Nov/1995 I Don't See It N/A
77 4x06 12/Nov/1995 Yoko Said N/A
78 4x07 19/Nov/1995 An Angel for Murray N/A
79 4x08 26/Nov/1995 The Couple N/A
80 4x09 17/Dec/1995 New Year's Eve N/A
81 4x10 07/Jan/1996 Ovulation Day N/A
82 4x11 14/Jan/1996 Get Back N/A
83 4x12 04/Feb/1996 Dream Weaver N/A
84 4x13 18/Feb/1996 Hot and Cold N/A
85 4x14 25/Feb/1996 Fertility N/A
86 4x15 10/Mar/1996 Everybody Hates Me N/A
87 4x16 17/Mar/1996 Do Me a Favor N/A
88 4x17 24/Mar/1996 The Glue People N/A
89 4x18 31/Mar/1996 The Sample N/A
90 4x19 14/Apr/1996 The Procedure N/A
91 4x20 21/Apr/1996 The Weed N/A
92 4x21 28/Apr/1996 The Award N/A
93 4x22 05/May/1996 The Finale (1) N/A
94 4x23 19/May/1996 The Finale (2) N/A
95 4x24 19/May/1996 The Finale (3) N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
96 5x01 17/Sep/1996 Dr. Wonderful N/A
97 5x02 24/Sep/1996 The Grant N/A
98 5x03 15/Oct/1996 Therapy N/A
99 5x04 22/Oct/1996 The Clip Show N/A
100 5x05 29/Oct/1996 Burt's Building N/A
101 5x06 12/Nov/1996 Jamie's Parents N/A
102 5x07 19/Nov/1996 Outbreak N/A
103 5x08 26/Nov/1996 Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge N/A
104 5x09 17/Dec/1996 The Gym N/A
105 5x10 07/Jan/1997 Chicken Man N/A
106 5x11 14/Jan/1997 The Recital N/A
107 5x12 21/Jan/1997 The Handyman N/A
108 5x13 04/Feb/1997 Astrology N/A
109 5x14 11/Feb/1997 The Penis N/A
110 5x15 18/Feb/1997 Citizen Buchman N/A
111 5x16 25/Feb/1997 Her Houseboy, Coco N/A
112 5x17 18/Mar/1997 On the Road N/A
113 5x18 01/Apr/1997 The Cockatoo N/A
114 5x19 15/Apr/1997 The Touching Game N/A
115 5x20 29/Apr/1997 The Dry Run N/A
116 5x21 06/May/1997 Guardianhood N/A
117 5x22 13/May/1997 The Feud N/A
118 5x23 20/May/1997 The Birth (1) 3
119 5x24 20/May/1997 The Birth (2) 2

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
120 6x01 23/Sep/1997 Coming Home N/A
121 6x02 30/Sep/1997 Letters to Mabel N/A
122 6x03 28/Oct/1997 Speed Baby 3
123 6x04 04/Nov/1997 Uncle Phil and the Coupons N/A
124 6x05 11/Nov/1997 Moody Blues N/A
125 6x06 18/Nov/1997 The Magic Pants N/A
126 6x07 25/Nov/1997 Le Sex Show N/A
127 6x08 09/Dec/1997 The New Friend N/A
128 6x09 16/Dec/1997 The Conversation N/A
129 6x10 06/Jan/1998 Breastfeeding N/A
130 6x11 13/Jan/1998 Good Old Reliable Nathan N/A
131 6x12 20/Jan/1998 Separate Planes 1
132 6x13 24/Feb/1998 Cheating on Sheila N/A
133 6x14 03/Mar/1998 Back to Work N/A
134 6x15 17/Mar/1998 The Second Mrs. Buchman N/A
135 6x16 24/Mar/1998 The Coin of Destiny N/A
136 6x17 31/Mar/1998 The Caper N/A
137 6x18 14/Apr/1998 The Baby Video N/A
138 6x19 28/Apr/1998 Fire at Riff's N/A
139 6x20 05/May/1998 Mother's Day N/A
140 6x21 12/May/1998 Paul Slips in the Shower N/A
141 6x22 19/May/1998 Nat & Arley 7
142 6x23 19/May/1998 The Finale N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
143 7x01 22/Sep/1998 Season Opener N/A
144 7x02 29/Sep/1998 A Pain in the Neck N/A
145 7x03 27/Oct/1998 Tragedy Plus Time N/A
146 7x04 03/Nov/1998 There's a Puma in the Kitchen N/A
147 7x05 10/Nov/1998 The Silent Show N/A
148 7x06 17/Nov/1998 Weekend in L.A. N/A
149 7x07 24/Nov/1998 The Thanksgiving Show N/A
150 7x08 14/Dec/1998 The Buried Fight N/A
151 7x09 11/Jan/1999 Farmer Buchman N/A
152 7x10 18/Jan/1999 Win a Free Car N/A
153 7x11 25/Jan/1999 The Honeymoon N/A
154 7x12 08/Feb/1999 Valentine's Day N/A
155 7x13 22/Feb/1999 Virtual Reality II 2
156 7x14 01/Mar/1999 Uncle Phil Goes Back to High School N/A
157 7x15 26/Apr/1999 Murray at the Dog Show 1
158 7x16 26/Apr/1999 Millennium Bug 2
159 7x17 03/May/1999 Separate Beds N/A
160 7x18 10/May/1999 Stealing Burt's Car 2
161 7x19 13/May/1999 Paved with Good Intentions N/A
162 7x20 17/May/1999 The Dirty Little Secret N/A
163 7x21 24/May/1999 The Final Frontier (1) 2
164 7x22 24/May/1999 The Final Frontier (2) 3

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Warning: Mad About You guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 1992
Ended: May 24, 1999
This guide is currently edited by:
Allison (Challenge)