Little Sister, Big City - Recap

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The scene opens with Ben, Larry, Kate and Connie at a café and Kate and Ben split sandwiches. Kate says that her sister, Julia, is coming for a visit and she has tickets to Annie already. Larry suggests that they do something more exciting and allow him to show her the Larry Munch Experience. Connie says that would be a horrible idea and says that Julia is going to want to do things that she can’t do in a small town. Kate gets ready for her sister to come and Kate warns Ben that her sister is shy and was always picked on. However, when Julia gets there, she is none of the things that Kate said, but Kate doesn’t see it.

They go to the bar and tell Connie and Larry that she could only get three tickets. Larry says that Annie sucks and Ben asks to talk to him. Ben tells Larry that he can’t say that Julia’s favorite musical sucks if he is going to make a good impression on Kate’s family. He says that he can’t be swayed from Julia because is really cute. However, Ben turns his head and Larry is distracted by another pretty face. Kate tells Julia that she has the whole day planned out. She says that she is going to take her to the zoo. Julia says that it would be fun. Ben comes over and says that they don’t want to be late. Connie sees Larry get rejected by a girl at the bar and laughs. He walks over and asks how Connie and her “friends” are and then laughs that there are none. He says that they need to join forces to be able to get people. She agrees on it as long as he helps her too. They agree.

At the theater, Kate is still treating Julia like a child and she tells Ben when Kate leaves that she hates Annie. She tells him that Kate always treats her like a little kid and wants to go do things fun. Ben tells Julia that she needs to tell Kate how she feels. Kate comes back and Julia pretends to be happy and then mimics getting hung by a noose. Back at the bar, Connie tells Larry to go to a girl and ask for the time. He says that it won’t work, but does it anyways. Like predicted, it doesn’t work and Connie laughs. She goes up to the girl and asks if she is with Larry and then tells Larry that she is pretending to like him and then tells him to act not interested. The girl sees this and is immediately interested.

After Act One of Annie, Julia says that she wants to go back to the bar and Ben tells Julia again to tell her sister. Kate comes up and Ben says that Julia has something to tell her. However, Julia backtracks and says that Ben has a migraine and wants to leave. He plays along. At the bar, Connie watches as Larry hits it off with the girl. She tells that she has to “freshen up” and Connie asks for his turn. The guy that Connie has been eyeing gets up and Larry blurts out that Connie likes him. He looks and walks away. Ben, Julia and Kate get there and Julia says that she is going to stay with Ben and Larry after Kate says that she is tired. When Kate leaves, Julia orders some shots. Larry says that tonight is going to be a big night. The next day Julia and Larry are in the same bed together and Connie comes out and sees that they had sex with each other.

Larry gets out of bed and Connie slaps Larry. She tells him to get out and Ben comes out and sees Larry. He says that he can’t let Kate see this. Kate comes out and asks why Larry is there. Julia blurts out that Connie slept with Larry. Kate is shocked and Ben tells Larry to get a beagle with him. He asks how it happened and Larry tells how Julia saw Larry dumping the girl that he had and she came over. In order to get what Julia wants, she tossed his phone. Ben says that she was the one person who was off-limits. Kate says it is like finding out that the Yankees slept with the Red Sox. She asks how it happened and Julia says that Connie booty-called him. Larry comes out and says that it was not surprising. Connie and Larry take digs and Larry thanks Connie for a good time and grabs his sweater from Julia’s bed. Kate asks why that is and Larry confesses that he slept with Julia. Kate is even more shocked and Julia says that she is happy that Kate found out about her and Larry because she is not a little kid anymore and then she walks out.

Connie goes to the bar and meets Ben and Larry. She tells that Kate is not coming out of her room still. Julia comes up and says that she is leaving. Larry tells her to look him up if she wants to sleep together again. Ben tells Julia that she shouldn’t leave with the way she left things with Kate. Julia says that Ben and Kate are perfect together. He is a lecturer and Kate is the over protective one. Julia goes back to Kate and says that she is there to get her stuff. She goes in and Kate apologizes to Julia for treating her like a kid. Later at the bar, Larry tells Connie that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hook up. She rejects him and then sees that another guy is looking at her. He says that she is welcome and walks away.